Hussy [Updated]

The song really is finished now. The image is a link. So many words here. Maybe I could hit this post with a blanket strike-through... Aah. Better.

Happy Halloween!

It is somewhat embarrassing when I make claims that later are demonstrably false.  This track was nowhere close to being finished when I posted it, in my opinion.  Every mix could easily be called the completed version, but what I want to present is something so much more, so much better, than the music I uploaded in haste and joviality.  I should probably never go anywhere near the Internet when I am experiencing euphoria. Something embarrassing always winds up prominently posted on the front page of Symbols.

Here's what I said earlier today:

"Fixed, or, that is to say, the transition problem was corrected. Listening to it again, much later, I decided the short sequence of synth pad notes one minute in were ghastly.  It sounded like I imagine overly sweet soda pop containing Clostridium botulinum would taste.  I have since corrected that, the final problem.   Those few notes really were ruining the entire vibe of Hussy.  The song is absolutely finished now."

I mean well, but I suffer from acute perfectionism.  The end result is that I am still working on this song.  Like I said, I need to stay away from the Internet when I am feeling good and overly impatient to share.  I can effortlessly make myself look bad.  The link is dead right now.

Skank We'd

This song is still rough around the edges.  There is one transition that just does not work, a few seconds after the sample of Hannah Murray saying, "Think quietly." I'm not really sure how I would fix it.  I'll probably just chunk that entire sequence.   

Skank We'd

I felt pressured to show some real progress, so I posted sumpn.'

lsrdvl Soundfonts 2/3

"Here on the map, traced out by spiders, there be monsters of the under-earth;  another 40 unique and original soundfonts, free for the taking.  Har, ye maties! Neither the yanks Beloved Presidente nor Herr Royale Mage-stye will catch even the slightest whiff of the caper before we're long gone with the booty."

- crazy drunk and doped up music pirate guy (known to his friends as Captain Broken Foot)


Note on Get Bent:  I'm having so much fun working on it.  I really don't want it to ever be finished.  But there's that law, "All good things, and whatnot."  I tell you what.  You best get off the six square feet of grass I call muh lawn. Damned urban wasteland...

lsrdvl Soundfonts

Thought it would be nice to make some of my sf2's available to the public while I continue working on Get Bent.  These sample collections are ancient in Internet years, not to mention the fact that I pretty much burned them up.  One never knows, however, what use other people may find in something given to them. 

I hope these files will help somebody advance their artistry in music.  Maybe somebody will have a "Eureka!" moment, like I did when I first discovered BeSweet.  Maybe these will help create a musical superstar, who will toss a quarter to me, lying wasted in a gutter, as they walk to their limo at the Grammy's.  That would be awesome! (/sarcasm)

This first post is only one third of the soundfonts I have created.  There is a 2 gig limit on uploads, so this is the best I could do to share for the time being.  It's a start, at least.




A Speedmath Dilemma [Updated]

After I spent considerable time working on Get Bent, it came to my attention that there was no genre that accurately described the style of music.  The album features quick transitions between unique beat arrangements and sometimes dizzying tempos.  In places the sound is reminiscent of glitch, but the beat arrangements play just long enough to make glitch an inaccurate descriptor.

I decided to get creative and label the sound either speedmath or tweakcore, although beat puree works just as well. None of those terms are in use as genres by anyone else, but the sound needed to be called something. I'm neither pretentious nor pompous enough to stake the claim that I created a new genre.  The terms exist only for convenience' sake.  This has nothing to do with the dilemma this post addresses.  Nevertheless, it seemed appropriate to explain my ongoing flippancy with assigning previously non-existent terms as genres for my music.

The dilemma rising out of Get Bent surrounds the necessity that different versions of the album be released.  The speedmath songs feature transitions between dozens of beat arrangements that can easily be extended to create typical beat driven electronic songs.  I have final say over all of my creative work; nobody is telling me what to do.  However, I claimed that the songs would be comprised of frenetic shifts in direction and attitude.  So the headline version of Get Bent will adhere to what was promised.  I am borderline OCD about sticking to plans.  But there will be a third version.

The A side of the first version of Get Bent is sitting in the Internet archive.  When the speedmath version is complete it will join that work there.  But there will also be a third version of the album.  There are fantastic beat sequences that only last a couple of seconds.  It would be akin to creative criminality not to expand a good number of those sequences into normal, run-of-the-mill tracks.  So that expansion will take place, and be called Get Bent 3: Straightened.  Problem solved, although once again reporting on the project rather than presenting it does rub me the wrong way.

I am not a patient person. I'd like to begin releasing these works right now, one track at a time.  I feel doing so would greatly diminish the artistic impact though, and so I have decided to curb my desire for instant creative gratification. I suppose it is possible I can be patient.

Anyway, dilemma dispelled.  Progress on the project reported.  Many words written and no music given. -※Sigh※-  Soon...

[Note for Clarity:  I did not like the initial version of Get Bent.  I found it repetitive and mediocre.  I deleted the post in which I tore it to shreds, but it should be remembered that my complete disdain for it led me to begin the "speedmath" project.  That disdain is also the reason I have not posted the B side of the original.]

Pry Favers [Update]

Note:  I did openly post the link discussed below in IRC.  With that in mind I have considered creating a channel linked to Symbols so that I can be reached.  I am extremely withdrawn when it comes to the general public.  I have never allowed comments on my work, here nor anywhere else.  An occasional public appearance might be in order after all these years.  Maybe.

It was promised that the second version of Get Bent would be finished and available within a matter of days.  Since then the project expanded and lengthened.  This assured Get Bent would most definitely not be available in a mere smattering of days.

To dispel the snowballing illusion of empty words, a post featuring the original version of side B was considered, and discarded.  A post featuring a fundamental part of the arranging process would more accurately intimate the work involved and in progress.  Therefore it was decided that an original lsrdvl sf2 file would be made available to the listening audience in general.  That file:


Obviously this post would be more visually attractive if the file were directly linked.  Unfortunately, linking to the file violates that aspect of digital security which is more important than all others:  Common sense.  In order to avoid being mistaken for the average trusting person, an incomplete link has been posted.  The binary is there as an incentive, although originally it was intended to be a challenge. 

The original challenge for the reader was to replace the binary of the hyperlink with the correct digits (originally the binary was easier to replace).  I planned to promise a unique article about national security and encryption for every out of the ordinary Internet incident I encountered between October 8 and October 14.  The article would be introduced with a complete description of the incident, and downloads of the sf2 file would qualify as out of the ordinary.  The challenge was judged "fail" before it ever left the drawing board, because there was no way for ordinary music producers to get the sf2 file.

After that neat (but totally unworkable) little game got tossed out the window, there was nothing left but a tired out trick employed by lonely old shut-ins. The ploy intended to lure naive souls into online correspondence after getting them into conversations via email.  That email address is...

Nobody is ever getting the sf2 file.  All methods of procurement have been rationalized as too risky at this end.  [funny, but obscure and overly twisted, pop references redacted]


Status: Ice Cold on the Horizon

Get Bent should already have been released in its entirety, but since it is the last beat driven lesserdevil album for the foreseeable future I wanted to leave a lasting impression.  Although yet to be deleted from "Archive," the original A side has been scrapped.  With more than enough completed material available to simply push out one or two hours of music sitting on this hard drive (and on tape backup), holding off on delivering the payload is somewhat frustrating.  Looking back at the last few years of releases, however, it occurs to me that much of it would have been epic, or nearly so, if impatience had not won out over perfectionism.  Luckily I consider this album important enough to quiet the little voice in my thoughts that forever wheedles about how much more should have been accomplished by now, needs to be accomplished, before age and time makes accomplishment impossible.

Setting aside a significant amount of finished music, I initiated a side project to flush out the idea behind Get Bent and create something profoundly polished.  While I have compiled dozens of original instrument kits and soundfonts since 2009, I sometimes cut corners with the samples involved, editing existing sounds rather than creating them entirely from scratch.  From 2006 to 2009 I used no samples for drum kits, instrument kits or SF2's that were not absolutely a product of my own labor.  After the release of Empty Warehouses the difference in the quality of sound between those years and more recent years struck me as horrifyingly apparent.  Without going that extra mile the sounds involved fail to be staunchly impeccable, in my opinion, and do not satisfy my drive for brilliance.

At the current rate of production all of the homegrown instruments and beats should be assembled for use within a day or two.  Since I always say that and it is never as quick as promised, realistically it will be several days.  At that time the songs will be freshly arranged in the fashion that makes my best work teeth chattering, ice cold, frozen blue* mini-dynamos of beat motion.  That's quite a claim to make, but those people who understand what I just said know that it is true.

Thank you for your time.  There's nothing left to be said.  The next thing you find here will be what has been promised.

* Breaking Bad reference
** I do not get along well with deadlines.  They have the opposite effect. Get Bent will be finished when it is finished.  If not for the promised release date it would probably be out already.

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