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Mozart (Deadmau5) -- PiRSquared
Deadmau5 composed a classical transition from instrumental violin and harpsichord and later engineered one of the world's great dub-step albums. Song One, entitled "Some Chords," brought sneezes to the nose, however, and was blunted by the lack of comfort available to the ears. Song Two, "Sofi Needs a Ladder," dedicated to St. Sophia, brought in a much higher energy level with pure hypnotic vocals and mind piercing accuracy. Song Three, "A City in Florida," was too terrible to listen to, even for a veteran of the Moldavian chronicles. Song Four, "Bad Select," conjured the best of a live performance DJ show without any of the fuss of having to listen to the entire thing, which is what DJ's are best at. The black vocalist was uncredited, however, and that is simply inexcusable. Song Five, "Animal Rights," featured Wolfgang the Gardener. It was a yawn. I give this album 1 yellowish-brown star, even with the technical music mastery involved. I'm no Sally-ear-ay, but the vinyl sucked.
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