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Another horrific ankle injury left me stuck in my room all week. Here's five new songs I created. It was way overdue for me to make some more music. All those music lessons go to waste when you don't work on anything.

[spent too many hours per day on this-- 19 or so, from the bed]

The first tracks I ever made, two years ago, were created using only LAME using BeSweet as a graphical interface. Everything created existed as only one track from start to finish. I got a lot better since then.

There's no way for me to record good quality instrumental tracks, but I finally got around to learning multi-track recording and mixing, to what extent I have done it so far. Hopefully the future will allow me to do this a lot more. This was a blast, as usual.


And MSWord on this computer won't convert Open Office documents. Now counting to ten. Okay. No writing upload today. I had a fantastic thing I wrote about Cylon Raiders and the use of feminist principles in their programming. Damn. You'll have to catch it later then.

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