The 2012 Scottish-Iberian War

In the summer of 2012 a band of happy, considerate netizens worked diligently to create a new online community, one based on high ideals and the realization of a better tomorrow:  Ika-Chan.  Their Utopian vision was shattered by a conflict that quickly grew out of control.  The Scottish founder of Ika-Chan found himself subjected to repeated abuse and mistreatment by a low born Spaniard. who knew only one phrase in English: "U wot, m8?"  From that moment forward, the 2012 Scottish-Iberian War, oh, it was on.

Never mind the Scotsman fled the battle like a little girl (please contact your friends, Mc-McElhon-McKing), abandoning his companions to suffer the horrors of war all alone.  Never mind the largest campaign of the conflict boiled down to a great many pizzas being delivered to the Spaniard, even though he did not order them.  Never mind neither side ever managed to dox even one person among the opposition.  It was still a war.  A very small, inconsequential, almost forgotten multicultural conflict, the likes of which North Umbria has only seen 2 or 3 times since.

This song recounts in graphic detail one grisly facet of the conflict - when Spanish people used the word "puta."  It is not for young ears.  Neither is this song for anyone who has somewhere important to go, like the laundromat or down to the shop for some fags, and who doesn't have headphones, nor any desire to hear Spanish insults spammed at 180 BPM.  It's just a song.  And, also, we would have kicked that Spanish dude's ass, but it was, like, far.
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