A Pound of Sick Sinse: Post-Glitch Neo-Industrial Hypno

Victory! I forgot all about Wine while I was trying to install a SoundFont editor. So freaking simple... and now I has my very own (new) SoundFonts!

Something else: I hadn't opened the song outside of the production environment before this morning. It's, uh, 2 minutes longer than the program said. Well, huh. Meh, moving on...

leak - finally - A Side, no vocals, pre-fx (B Side, single batch file with versions, album art and cue sheet later this weekend) - this genre is real as a muh. I'll put the bigger release in a new post. When the whole album is done, weeks from now, I'll release the entire audio library used.

Thursday Night: I have to stop composing. I've still been making the first song denser and denser. I sure as hell don't want to quit right now, but sleep is not really optional at this point. My job is impossible without down time. My big plan is to make the B Side song a really long one. This one, despite being heavily layered, is still very minimal. I'd like the second song to be as jammed out as possible. All that must wait though. [sigh]

A few words about licensing before I step out: I've recently been going through other people's licensing violations, just to hear the current state of audio engineering, and it hit me, like a sledgehammer in the chest, that what I was listening to was very nearly identical to percussion samples I released in 2009 and 2010. I went through hundreds of sounds that may very well been sounds I created; the resemblance of some is so uncanny I have a deep suspicion about it. These sounds have been on sale for over a year, for budding music producers. My releases weren't on the restrictive Non-Commercial Creative Commons license back then, so I have no legal claim, but a claim against me would be laughable, except that I can imagine a corporate attorney suing a legitimate creator on behalf of the thieves. No names mentioned.

Thursday Morning: Since daybreak have been putting sample banks into kits for the B Side song. Am very anxious to get the first single released. I'll have a name for the album when that happens. Before leaving for work I'm actually going to back up my data (crazy talk) so there's no way it can be lost.

Wednesday Late Afternoon: Rather than waste another minute trying to get a Vienna substitute to work (I already spent several hours to no avail) I'm moving on with what I have. It's a pain in the ass that I have no way to go inside SoundFonts, but going off on that tangent could waste huge amounts of time. I'm going to finish Side A tonight and start on Side B.

out of time, and as suspected, compiling the editor triggered a domino effect in missing dependencies. Fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Wednesday Morning: Passed out after only being home a couple of hours last night. Working on this before daybreak, I can get a feel for why people get their heads bitten off sometimes. Anyway, editing is taking way too long the way it's set up in my VST. If you don't keep something in it's original state things get complicated. To bypass the current aggravation, caused by the closed nature of the instrument banks once they are loaded at song stage, I'm compiling an editor this morning...

This the reason I used a placeholder. I knew I'd have a lot of comments, and creating a new post every time is conceited and selfish. It just works so much better to do this.

Note: The download counter on Archive audio can be manipulated. The top download numbers there were manipulated by an sql injection. I manipulated mine like that one time, and I don't think that went over well with the staff. All my audio said zero for like two years after that. lol - that's what I get for inflating numbers for no reason. It's not like there's any money involved. [stupid stupid stupid - also not entirely true, but didn't feel like going into the method, which was just a script kiddie thing and not a system intrusion]

Tuesday Evening: Title is evolving. Sixth Sinse doesn't make much sense, so I changed it to Sick Sinse. That feel when you have a pound of sick sinse... that's what I was thinking about while I started working on the song. Track evolving as well. Loading down samples now. Inserting negative space. Creating a third drum kit to flush out the depth, as if it weren't deep enough yet. Not changing major flow, however.

Tuesday Late Afternoon: Can, almost, finally, start working on the project again now that it's almost evening and nightfall. Having four to six hours a day to work on a music project is way better than nothing (could be more if I cut way back on sleep, but that isn't a good plan). At least I have a situation where I can do such a thing, unlike hundreds of millions of other people in the world.

Tuesday Morning: Slept. Sounds great although incomplete. Instead of what I said below, plans changed. Going to put "Pound of Sixth (Sick) Sinse" with another song, burn it as a single, create cover art, rip it with EAC and release cue sheet, music and art together. If I didn't have the track I wouldn't be able to say that with utmost confidence, but it is sitting here waiting only for vocal audio.

Monday Night:
This whole post is going to be taken down and moved when the song is posted. It's nothing but production side notes, really. Time filler.

Monday afternoon
Song is called "A Pound of Sick Sinse" (now) - Song is done except for vocal track. There's literally no way to finish it tonight. It turned out really fucking good. Hopefully the computer won't melt or something before it's done. It would be finished but I had to sleep and go to work last night and this morning, sort of like now. I must have forgotten how long it takes for me to completely master a song. There will be no blown mind, before it's time...

Monday morning:
I have like no freaking extra time during the week. Here's a discarded take. I restarted the song about five times. This is just proof of advanced aspies. The final version isn't even in the same ballpark as whatever this was. There's sort of a haze surrounding my recollection of uploading this...

Sunday afternoon:

Check out the Melodic trumpet soundfont at the top of the page. That was a long time ago, and I had nothing to do with ripping off any circulating synth collections for that soundfont, that year, and especially not using Napster. In case anybody is interested I may post the 4000 new ogg samples, but that's not music production. Gonna get all the heavy work done after it gets dark...

Sunday morning
Further Procrastination: Got a digital Nikon. Took a picture. First ever real life picture of me on the site.

Note: I realize that using a placeholder is a piss poor way to market something, even if there is no money involved. That really didn't cross my mind. I just wanted to write about something, and this is what I've been doing.

Progress and Incidents Report (Sunday): As anybody who has sat around with me during production knows, I am all about the glitch. I'm having a problem incorporating glitch into the overall harmony without making the whole thing glitch though [trying to make the genre true here]. Considering just downsampling the wide array of noise transitions, but it feels like a cop-out to do that. Meanhwile, the VST set-up is the best ever, and in addition to my own 4,000 original samples and 1,500 loops, there's a gajillion royalty free samples and loops lying around in the audio folder, as well as the obligatory licensing violations which I will not identify. All of it just waiting for the creative process to do something with it. Just sitting there. Just waiting. Yeah, this is wasting time...

Saturday night:

-Was a placeholder for the first of the week. If you're familiar with this place then you know that when a placeholder appears content will follow. This rule has never been broken, and only death or dismemberment will break it now. Of course it's increasingly unlikely that there are many people familiar with this place since it has been idle for long periods of time. Stop inciting hatred and discontent, lose readers. Stop creating beauty and start appreciating it in other places, lose readers. Another vicious reality... sometimes discovering those becomes bothersome. Regardless, it may be a long time before I can boast 24,000 hits a week on Twitter again, and the spillover here that came along with it; that took too much work and returned too little reward, on the scale of social change with which I measured reward.

Friday night:
Post-Glitch Neo-Industrial Hypno: Impossible, you may think, considering glitch has yet to lead a full life. "True story," I respond. I'm glossing in glitch components with melody while at the same time paying tribute to it, restoring the hard hitting roots of organic electronic mimicry and packaging the work in heady relay sequences.

The last time I started on a new EP the whole world fell apart, but a few tracks made it out anyway. Hopefully such a thing will not happen this time, but tracks will be making it out no matter what happens, beginning here. Unfortunately I'm not in Louisiana, so I'm not using the piano or the garage warehouse back at home, or my bass, or my guitar, or the condenser mic, or the, aww f**k it (lol - you may be getting a feel for why this is Neo-Industrial).

That's enough talk about the music until it actually occupies the placeholder, erm, early Sunday morning...NOPE, Monday more likely. No title until completion this time; that may be a jinx. Moving on.

The "Blood Red Mist" novella will be out by Christmas. It needs the air of the deep south to be revived. Still boycotting poetry [fuck love, fuck poetry, nuff said]. Any lyrics will reflect that. Lest I become too positive I must remember that I do not actually exist, and nobody will ever witness any of this. There is no tree, it does not fall, and sound is an illusion, even that loud crashing shit, which, could it be music? Likely.

February 8, 2012:

"Blood Red Mist of Gouache" will be laid to rest with a novella to tie up loose ends. My entire life changed not long after beginning work on the novel. I've lived in three states and four towns in the past year, and continuing writing on the work was literally impossible for a variety of reasons. My life outlook changed significantly as my surroundings shifted, and I no longer feel the plot outline can serve as a vehicle for the statements I'd like to make. One thing that can be said about it: I wrote the entirety of it as it now exists in crowded public areas.

Best Anime List Part 2

Forgotten during first listing:

1. Malice Doll
2. O Ren Ishii Sequence, Kill Bill
3. Neo Tokyo
4. Strait Jacket
5. Blue Gender (camp)
6. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
7. Tales from Earthsea
8. Return of the King
9. Vampire Princess Miyu
10. Parasite Dolls
11. Blame
12. Sky Blue
13. Bubblegum Crisis
14. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
15. Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin)
16. Armitage
17. Osama Tezuka Experimental Short Films
18. Iria - Zeiram the Animation
19. Robotech The Shadow Chronicles (American anime)
20. Tokyo Revelation

This could be added to, but I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel...

Best Anime List

Similar* to the books lists here in the past, the title of the anime applies not just to one series, OVA or movie, but exists as a category, where applicable.

1. Cowboy Bebop
3. Ghost in the Shell
3. Samurai Champloo
4. Akira
5. Spirited Away
6. Tekhnolyze
7. Bleach
8. Vampire Hunter D
9. Hellsing
10. Witch Hunter Robin
11. Elfen Lied
12. Soul Eater
13. Kamichu
14. Death Note
15. Darker than Black
16. Appleseed
17. Princess Mononoke
18. Ah! My Goddess
19. Durarara
20. High School of the Dead
21. Ninja Scroll
22. Black Lagoon
23. Rurouni Kenshin
24. Clannad
25. Canaan
26. Frozen
27. Level E
28. Howl's Moving Castle
29. Escaflowne
30. Gosick
31. Ergo Proxy
32. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
33. Mononoke (Ayakashi)
34. Nichijou
35. Steins;Gate
36. Pale Coccoon
37. Genius Party
38. Usagi Drop
39. Battleship Yamamoto
40. Haruhi Suzumiya
41. Steamboy
42. Honey and Clover
43. Potemayo
44. School Days
45. Gintama
46. Dead Man Wonderland
47. Evangelion
48. Love Hina
49. Togainu no Chi
50. Full Metal Alchemist
51. Monster
52. Wizards
53. Wolf's Rain
54. Tekkon Kincrete
55. Rainbow
56. Perfect Blue
57. Godfathers of Tokyo
58. Black Butler
59. Trinity Blood
60. Wicked City
61. Dirty Pair
62. Panty and Stocking
63. Berserk
64. .hack//
65. Read or Die
66. Mind Game
67. Golgo 13
68. Scryed
69. Strike Witches
70. Detective Conan
71. Lupin III
72. Xam'd
73. Planetes
74. Gallery Fake
75. Galaxy Express
76. Final Fantasy
77. The Animatrix
78. Summer Storm! Open for Business
79. Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge
80. When the Seagulls Cry
81. Bakuman
82. Michiko and Hatchin
83. Natsume's Book of Friends
84. Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san
85. Moshidora
86. We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day
87. Freedom (really this is like #1, and #86 is like #2, etc.)
88. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
89. Paprika
90. Kobato
91. Memories
92. 5 Centimeters Per Second
93. Spriggan
94. Laputa
95. Metropolis
96. My Neighbor Totoro
97. Only Yesterday
98. Cromarty High School
99. Paranoia Agent (almost does not make this list)
100. Blue Exorcist

I keep thinking that some of the really great stuff is late on the list. This is just personal opinion. I refuse to list a very large number of anime because THEY SUCKED [Intentionally left off: One Piece, Naruto, Dragonball, Samurai Seven, Basilisk, Gunslinger Girl, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Trigun, Gundam, Fate/Stay Night, and many others. I'd be willing to take these apart episode by episode to prove that my intense dislike was not from a failure to let a series develop] but just because it isn't here doesn't mean it's not good. I may not remember it right now. I may even have not seen it, although I try to remedy that when good things circulate...

* [On the books lists only one book was listed by each author, although every book by that author was usually fantastic]


The same people and corporate entities that backed SOPA, that horrible piece of legislation that would trample on Internet freedoms and innovations based on falsehoods and misdirection, also strongly support ACTA and TPP. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) are secretive, backdoor trade agreements that would criminalize Internet behavior, globally. The wording of the agreements continues in the same vein as SOPA and PIPA, that is: vague, ill defined and designed to effectively trample on the rights of average, everyday citizens.

The law as it now stands is well thought out and efficient at combating threats to the interests of copyright holders. No new laws were required to arrest and jail the people involved with Megaupload. That case clearly shows no new initiatives are needed to counter online copyright violations. The FBI has all the tools it needs to perform its duties with the utmost diligence.

A lucid and conservative approach to law easily shows ACTA and TPP for what they really are, a radical and dangerous power grab on the part of giant media and multimedia conglomerates, the MPAA and the RIAA. The sane, commerce friendly course on these matters is to trust in the well functioning system as it now stands, and refuse to allow dangerous changes to the way the Internet works. Conservatives should be just as outraged by these shady maneuvers as liberals and progressives, or more so, as ACTA and TPP would radically alter a major facet of our lifestyle, in direct conflict with conservative values.

Please do everything in your power to spread the word about these secretive trade agreements, and help stop them. We don't need government mandates encouraging our ISP's to spy on everyday citizens. We don't need our sons and daughters running the risk of being branded as criminals, if they ever make the mistake of file sharing without full knowledge of the consequences of their actions. ACTA and TPP would create legal pitfalls for an entire generation of youth that simply do not need to exist. There's nothing positive about these agreements, and we, as thoughtful, competent citizens of the world, should not stand for this sort of shenanigans on the part of politicians in the back pocket of big money.

Thank you for your time, and please, please consider speaking out and contacting your representatives. They do listen. You can make a difference. Your voice does matter.
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