The Dreaded Phan Cat

Chiara Bautista meets Sean Kirby
"I miss that painting so much..."


The roses left the garden hoes unbroken.
Too many words unspoken
Never; and left again.
Your blooms will return,
Though the pruning hand has gone,
The sun still burns.


Prince Water's Gun

High Resolution

Another True Great

The vampire movie The Hunger, with Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie, shattered the time barrier with it's graphic portrayal of a descent into betrayal and madness. The direction failed to earn as much respect as it should have, but that failure by cinematic peers was decimated by the film's imagery. The film also deals with more than just betrayal. It reveals the deep seated mortality that follows every being, living or undead, and makes horror filled regret something that can be felt at a gut level. The solemn blessings of the Beatitudes, it could be argued, could barely pierce the gloom of the awareness necessary to understand the film from every angle, but nobody need fear it. It's just a movie, after all.

Nursery Times

Hello sushi
Hello planet
first cut blowfish
and then can it
there's a reason
it's well seasoned
but if you don't know how to cook
then damn it

(Music discussion follows)

Hello mutter
Hello fodder
Here I am in
Camp Granada...

[a great song:
Vue Foghe una Candella -> il Soffio del Vento
only heard in mono, however]
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