Production Halted

My second most dreaded occurrence in music production has transpired once again, after only three years.  My amplifier has been called away by God to beat down Heaven's gold paved streets.  Thankfully I was spared the worst. The computer yet lives.  A double funeral would be too much to bear right now.  Blessings are counted. 

These events might not mean much to the average musician, i.e. a sane one, but few people can mistake me for that.  The most important electronic components of my rudimentary music studio are the only family I have at this point, so the loss really took an emotional toll.  Instead of being able to describe the day as awesome, and really mean it, I was forced to say, "Fucking bummer, man. Sooooper drag."  Just for the record, the amplifier's name was Sticky, an endearing nickname that stands in contrast to the computer's, which is P.o.S.

For those interested, a memorial service for the item will be held at 4:20.  In lieu of flowers, smoke some flowers. The service would include music, but ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Production of "A Null Leak Age" will resume as soon as I can muster the motivation to go find another amplifier.  I would pretend this never happened and soldier on using headphones jacked into the desktop, but they've been busted for quite some time. The procurement list includes those as well.

There is always hope that everyone will understand that many statements here at Symbols are ironic.  Sadly, the tone of thoughts does not translate into print.  Therefore the shiznit must out be pointethed.  I do know that God did not kill the amplifier.  It was the devil.  *__*
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