Hussy [Updated]

The song really is finished now. The image is a link. So many words here. Maybe I could hit this post with a blanket strike-through... Aah. Better.

Happy Halloween!

It is somewhat embarrassing when I make claims that later are demonstrably false.  This track was nowhere close to being finished when I posted it, in my opinion.  Every mix could easily be called the completed version, but what I want to present is something so much more, so much better, than the music I uploaded in haste and joviality.  I should probably never go anywhere near the Internet when I am experiencing euphoria. Something embarrassing always winds up prominently posted on the front page of Symbols.

Here's what I said earlier today:

"Fixed, or, that is to say, the transition problem was corrected. Listening to it again, much later, I decided the short sequence of synth pad notes one minute in were ghastly.  It sounded like I imagine overly sweet soda pop containing Clostridium botulinum would taste.  I have since corrected that, the final problem.   Those few notes really were ruining the entire vibe of Hussy.  The song is absolutely finished now."

I mean well, but I suffer from acute perfectionism.  The end result is that I am still working on this song.  Like I said, I need to stay away from the Internet when I am feeling good and overly impatient to share.  I can effortlessly make myself look bad.  The link is dead right now.

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