The play by Jean Paul Sartre begins slowly, with ultra realistic descriptions of moving angles of perspective. The direction evolves into characterization after the picturing of one bare foot. The primary action of the play revolves around Nagaro, George and the only female character. The other characters play a centrifugal role to the brutal openness of the racist and sadistic speech Nagaro directs at the Malay George. Eventually it becomes clear that the worst villain of the play, the female character, intended to make millions off of the misfortunes of everyone else in the play. Jean Paul Sartre more than likely cut out the last page to keep the ending of his play positive.

I give it a "pleu." Arlette Elkaim Sartre wrote the introduction to the work. There was so much more involved with the play than can be described in one short evening. Also, the hard copy of the play is elusive, and I had no way to take notes when I read it.

The Pontchatoula Strawberry Festival

Like the Groovin' on the Grounds concert over the weekend, which had the best music I've heard yet at our own open music festival, the Pontchatoula Strawberry Festival is always a place of great fun and entertainment. Louisiana has the best festivals and food in the United States. Finding our free music festival might be impossible for outsiders, but there are plenty of great times for the family here. Anybody who wants to have a good, clean weekend getaway for the family can attend our very best events. Don't believe anything to the contrary.


I have no idea what this says. I just liked the amalgamation of still cells. I am an optimist who believes in the good nature of my fellow human beings, so my hope is that it says "Most wonderful words and pictures." I have no traditional education in Asian calligraphy and no translator, so I just feel it is sweet and beautiful, like the series I mention in the title, which is Love Hina. The series is so soppy sweet, as described by more than a couple of friends, that I could only watch it once.
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