The meerkat jerks off furiously, until at the slightest noise, which is every couple of seconds, he is startled by the sound. Poking his head up quickly and looking nervously around, he ensures that all is safe and goes back to the activity. Finally he is exhausted from the effort and passes out on his back in the wide open, still as yet having reached the final climax.

It's a medical condition that always leads to his "demise." The meerkat's little shoulders eventually rupture from the frantic motions and stops and starts. [Poor little guy] That's the easy part. It's being eaten with a spoon by the female meerkats, who finally catch him prone and helpless, that really makes it a moving, life and life spectacle.

Public Safety Issues

All talk has to be silenced on any issues right now because there is a public safety problem outside in the streets here. I am not sure what is causing it, but the area is filled with vehicles.

Interesting typo: There's always something going on like this, and I never know what it is (not that it would matter). Fixed. Red lettering turning up on post correcting version. "Weird, wild stuff." My computer is possessed, bwahahaha.


"What about the money? Are they saying the official recognition papers didn't come through?"

"Oh, no, you're recognized. There's just a... liquidity issue," the accountant said as if he were afraid for his life.

"Don't worry, Marty. I'll protect you."

"No, Marty's dead. They. Did. Things. They want to know if you want his head to say hello."

"No, no, we'll just send a card. Make sure they get, uh, what do we have?"

"Hope and guts. No, really, guts. A little hope."


Rabble rousing is not as deprecated as it once was, it having been discovered that rabbles are good for nothing else but to be roused and roused further. At the point of ultimate rabble rousertude they become hurrahbles.


The old spirits in the desert thrive off of the pain and desolation they are capable of causing when they inhabit human forms. They are almost impossible to locate or pinpoint, are impossible to catch without luck and God on one's side, and can not be killed by anything the average human has knowledge of.


"What is that?"
"I don't know, but whatever it is sucks at being whatever it's not."
"Maybe it didn't know what it was."
"That's hard to believe. Look at that grotesque -- what is that? And the color... it's like vomit mixed with blood."
"Okay, Okay, no need to study it. Let's just get it out of sight somewhere."
"You mean touch it?"
"Yes, I mean grab it and bring it with us."
"I had the sinking feeling." Moves to grab hold of thing, "It'salive!"
"Hit it with something! Kick it!"
Both men commence to kicking and beating barely moving corpse.
Suddenly it reared up its head and shouted, "WTF?"
"It's a drunk! Run before it gets our change!"
Both men exeunt stage right.

Embalming Fluid

We really should stop filling corpses with it and putting them in the ground, for all the right reasons: Metal boxes filled with slowly leaking poisons. It hurts the soil, the earth, everything.


heer iago

Wonder if the pun killed anyone.

And it only took three distinct attempts [Wednesday, Thursday, Friday] to get sound out of the synthesizer. Answer: Turn up the front volume on the newly installed KMix for KDE 4.3. Reset upon upgrade. Master volume still allowed other programs to output sound, but the synthesizer depends on the front channel.





I recommend pony and Degrassi.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

More sounds.

I always write stream of consciousness. Very often I touch on subjects too briefly (poetry messed me up, main). Sometimes readers are left with the wrong ideas. Once I've posted it's too late to take it back. For example, I preempted character attacks by spilling the beans on everything in my life that could be damaging (politics gets nasty). I did not spend the time on it I should have.

I also said I gave up music, and that's not true. I've always loved music. I did not abandon music for any years, although I did not make any for a long time. When I grew three feet in two years my fingers never worked right again, a coordination problem. Not being able to play strings again really did break my heart. So I just listened to everything I could get my hands on instead.

I've been trying to get a production level system like the one I have now since 1994. Being able to make music has been a long time coming for me. ((Now if I could just sing...)) Now I can sing and play an instrument, finally (apparently needed to get beaten up by a girl for it to come out), and everything to record with is FUBAR. *__*

August Dreams


The name originates in recognition of the work of August Derleth, without whom many very talented writers of the macabre would never have seen the light of day.



I attempted to post some song code. First of all, it's enormous. Secondly, I would have to comment out every single line so Blogger won't treat it as XML. Nope. Sorry. Maybe a fix will come to me.

Hydrogen users:
I'm sure you know what to do if you want to use something. If you don't, then Add Instrument, go to layers on the instrument panel, add layer, voila.

LOL- My account says I only played Johnny Cage once. I think I tripled the DiFranco with Johnny Cage. I should remember to scrobble to give a better idea...

Decided to never post a cracker how-to. I like freedom. Read Kaspersky.


And here

I said 1000 samples. It's way more than that, but a lot of it is distinctly heard in the songs (long, not basic beats or sounds). I've already given permission to rape those. Still working. Lots of uploading.

Thanks to the Internet Archive.
Ruh-oh, Shaggy. Reality hurts.

Mashter Peaches

Liquified Erassers

Swallowed by the Stripped Naked Mix

Swallowed by the River (4trancers)

Rasputin's Extra Body

Sever the Strings

Cobbler in Cream

In Heavy Syrup

My upload speeds yesterday were abysmal. The sound libraries will be uploaded when I forget the 6 hours it took to upload these songs, or tomorrow or something.

The Code:
It's all Hydrogen. Everything was done with Hydrogen. I have to post the xml files only because there is no file hosting here.


You has founz mies eidos!


We has cr8z weapons! Focus only on zee weapons... Focus only on zee weapons... Zair are no defenses heere... Zair are no defenses heere...

– Military technology limited only by advance directives. Cry havoc and set loose the dogs of geek defensive intelligence!


Pray to the almighty dollar, for soon the dollar cometh and grace the pockets of those who have been faithful. This concludes your materialism sermon. That'll be $4,500, cash only.


Stealth plane: The bottom is blue. Big savings on stealth. Also, play really loud heavy metal to jam enemy radar. [Cut to scene of enemy radar operations officer: Observing incoming plane, heavy metal comes through radar screen, glass bursts, sending glass into his face and eyes. He runs falling and screaming from the building as Chaos AD plays and the building explodes.]


After much, much data collecting, the facts show even the most vanilla orgasm in the world can still cause sexual religious guilt.




Improving the Modern Drug Business:

Problem -- How would you conduct the business given the permeation of intelligence gathering capability in phone and net communication?

Two methods of doing business stand out as parts of the overall idea, and hinder many current tactics employed to combat the trade. The first method would be to go primitive and cease use of all modern communication methods, at the crucial stages of physical movement and surrounding heavy figures. The second would be to employ highly skilled networking and programming experts to conduct business in super-hardened Linux with proxying, tunneling and religiously paranoid encryption using foreign nations to house the servers and routers involved with data transmission. Mobile private, pirate cell networks figure heavily in the midrange physical distribution (primitive is too slow from there). There's a lot of money involved and no shortage of computer and technical talent all over the world.

As above, the best idea uses both, a fusion of highly technical and primitive. At the top it would be highly technical. Placing primitive data exchange between upper and midrange level distributors would be a technological firewall. Private, mobile, temporary cell networks would bypass any top-down commercial cell network monitoring.

Some law enforcement hindrances: Intercepting those communications would depend on monitoring cell communications everywhere, and is presumably doable. But catching encoded discussions would be a small success. Voice analysis would be the only way to identify some of the people if the discussions were encoded (I would encode them). Of course we mostly know everyone at the top already, so it follows... (trails off-- not interested in writing a howto).

So how much and where are all the drugs? Don't think the upper level cartels don't have intelligence too. Sometimes they give up juicy busts to draw heat off of what's really going on. There were some Las Zetas members busted in Houston not long ago. Do we really know how much of a dent that made? We can estimate, but knowing is much harder.

Of course we have a lot of eyes at the supply end in a lot of places on the planet. Then, how far does our control and knowledge go in hostile territory? It is impossible for us to know everything going on with the drug trade, even with all our technology. We still have assets who can and do get killed. It's far harder to track or control than any strategist would like.

Still working idea... (and taking the money out through rational legalization is definitely out?) ...after all these years.

[None of this is original - just food for thought.]


Toasted MS! My favorite!

via Schestowitz
[views and opinions not necessarily mine]

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If you want politics, it's down on the far right. It's under the FLCL wall, where the header reads "What is she looking at?"

Tried to upload Mashter Peaches. Archive doesn't like my Nix. I've had problems before. Will do everything in my power to upload through my system. If that fails, then (sigh) I'll have to use a Winblows installation.


"Sleep, those little slivers of death."

Another epic dream that took place at the edge of consciousness made those last three hours miserable. It deserves 40,000 words. Some places give home to kind spirits who have only benevolence in them. Some places provide home to kind spirits that are not averse to causing mischief. And in some places dwell bad spirits. Something evil in a dark place shouted at my fleeing, sleeping ghost. Pain reverberated through the core of my being, waking me up into Friday, December 4. Of course that was probably just my mind screaming at me to ignore the dream and LET IT SLEEP.

Murderface Press Conference

"You don't think we gave him too many pills, do you?"
"Yeah, I think we did."

Murderface still turned in a better presser performance than many carefully crafted disasters put on by career politicians. His twitching eye and incoherent responses were reminiscent of many real life press conferences, except funny instead of depressing. I'm putting together a Draft Dethklok drive for the 2012 GOP dream ticket. Idiotic wealth and violence... hmm.

[Note: Posting of image was not sanctioned by the Cartoon Megalopoly or any Cartoon Net-Totality affiliate.]
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