Pry Favers [Update]

Note:  I did openly post the link discussed below in IRC.  With that in mind I have considered creating a channel linked to Symbols so that I can be reached.  I am extremely withdrawn when it comes to the general public.  I have never allowed comments on my work, here nor anywhere else.  An occasional public appearance might be in order after all these years.  Maybe.

It was promised that the second version of Get Bent would be finished and available within a matter of days.  Since then the project expanded and lengthened.  This assured Get Bent would most definitely not be available in a mere smattering of days.

To dispel the snowballing illusion of empty words, a post featuring the original version of side B was considered, and discarded.  A post featuring a fundamental part of the arranging process would more accurately intimate the work involved and in progress.  Therefore it was decided that an original lsrdvl sf2 file would be made available to the listening audience in general.  That file:


Obviously this post would be more visually attractive if the file were directly linked.  Unfortunately, linking to the file violates that aspect of digital security which is more important than all others:  Common sense.  In order to avoid being mistaken for the average trusting person, an incomplete link has been posted.  The binary is there as an incentive, although originally it was intended to be a challenge. 

The original challenge for the reader was to replace the binary of the hyperlink with the correct digits (originally the binary was easier to replace).  I planned to promise a unique article about national security and encryption for every out of the ordinary Internet incident I encountered between October 8 and October 14.  The article would be introduced with a complete description of the incident, and downloads of the sf2 file would qualify as out of the ordinary.  The challenge was judged "fail" before it ever left the drawing board, because there was no way for ordinary music producers to get the sf2 file.

After that neat (but totally unworkable) little game got tossed out the window, there was nothing left but a tired out trick employed by lonely old shut-ins. The ploy intended to lure naive souls into online correspondence after getting them into conversations via email.  That email address is...

Nobody is ever getting the sf2 file.  All methods of procurement have been rationalized as too risky at this end.  [funny, but obscure and overly twisted, pop references redacted]


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