lsrdvl Soundfonts

Thought it would be nice to make some of my sf2's available to the public while I continue working on Get Bent.  These sample collections are ancient in Internet years, not to mention the fact that I pretty much burned them up.  One never knows, however, what use other people may find in something given to them. 

I hope these files will help somebody advance their artistry in music.  Maybe somebody will have a "Eureka!" moment, like I did when I first discovered BeSweet.  Maybe these will help create a musical superstar, who will toss a quarter to me, lying wasted in a gutter, as they walk to their limo at the Grammy's.  That would be awesome! (/sarcasm)

This first post is only one third of the soundfonts I have created.  There is a 2 gig limit on uploads, so this is the best I could do to share for the time being.  It's a start, at least.



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