A Null Leak Age

The new lesserdevil album is called "A Null Leak Age."  A couple of tracks that spun off from the main body were already in circulation, but this is the first official song of the album.  I don't want to make too many comments about the work.  I figured I would try something new and STFU.

Description of song one, "Hoarded Lives:"
Sounds from a nightmare Kerouac had after drinking some of an "off batch" of corn shine, in order to come down from four days spent talking in short clipped rhymes while under the influence of biphetamines and tobacco. It was not the best time of his life, and the dream was memorably unpleasant. Strangely enough, the music in the dream was not what made it a nightmare. That was due to being chased by Neal Cassady wielding an iron ball peen hammer through a field of purple marshmallows.
The description may as well have read, "It is what it is."  At least the album did not receive the pretentious title "Reign of Quiet Violence," although the old ego almost sneaked it into existence.  Thank God Moo-Bun was around to draw my attention to the faux deep, holier than thou hipsterism such a title would have brought to people's minds.

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