Knocked Out

Some guy at Occupy Wall Street got his clock cleaned by a NYPD white shirt. It plays the scene twice just in case you missed it. One can only wonder what the guy wearing the green shirt said, because it is clear that it happened because of something he vocalized. Some of us were just born with the skill it takes to make somebody that angry using only words. O, also, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" & "Holy sh**!"

Chris Hedges wrote a fantastic piece about "progressive and liberal" orgs, and labor organizations, trying to ride OWS coat tails. Hedges very accurately described how those organizations failed voters and supporters and now look to people actually getting things done to stay in the spotlight (MoveOn's 2008 approach already showed their total irrelevance). It was a great article to wake up to and to help wake one up, in case you missed it, and that only means from sleep, not some implied haze of civil indifference.

The Yellow Sea is still coming to mind two days later. It failed to overtake Old Boy for best fight sequence of all time, but it came damn close. The escape sequences are believable and two of them dragged me to my feet. It was just that intense. Hong-jin Na directed the movie, and another well worth watching called The Chaser. "Never work for the mafia. They'll never let you go."
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