Liza Garza

I learned about Liza Garza through Kaitlyn Foley. Incredible sound and production value on this track. Breathtaking.

The all or nothing rule on signing posts is very irritating. Either they all say a name I provide or none of them do. I hate rules.

Friday Night

Crash city. When I took the screen capture everything was fine, for about 5 seconds. I may unjack the cable modem just to try to isolate the problem. It may be the frakking plasmoids...

The Giant Apple in the Room

Apple computers are not discussed in this web journal. The operating system of even the early Macintoshes provided almost instantaneous response to commands. They haven't been discussed here in opposition to Windows because they don't enter the business picture in Net competition. Market share, when referred to in this web log, only refers to Net market share.

The closest open source operating system to Apple are the BSD's, which differ from Unix only in originality, the same way Linux differs from Unix. The language of BSD is less diffuse than high end graphical interface Linux systems, but, as in all things, how a person takes to learning it depends on individual backgrounds.

Hacking the BSD kernel and compiling for installations is intuitive at a computer language level. The file system resembles Linux only minimally. It could be considered more instinctive based on naming, if someone wanted to nitpick. However, the responders might only do so, or participate in nitpicking, to make fun of the originator.

The debate over BSD scripting vs. Linux scripting doesn't get ugly. Debating object oriented semantics amounts to versioning and debugging. The history of programming languages and the learning of them provides all of the mental fuel anyone could need on the subject. Apple computers, while astonishingly good, don't enter into the world of pure networking platforms and programming-only computers.

"The Divider"

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