Eribazezan Perrod:

Thwarth-db Myxile


Carnivorle Peauxrque


Braykink Cylgouin


Lossless is too big for Archive open source, or that's what I keep getting anyway. I tried once again to upload everything in FLAC. That's just not going to happen. I'll look into file hosting like Rapidshare or Megaupload when I'm on my own computer.

Last post there was a link to a couple of MP3's that had major level problems. I copied the wrong files on my way out the door (I backup too much), and of course did not listen to them after uploading. I corrected it, but I didn't like it that much to start with so I didn't re-upload.

These files were created using Audacity and lots of hardware. I always overclock my CPU when doing music production (it's too simple not to), so sometimes I am hearing a quality of sound that can't be transferred to other systems. I built the computer with music production in mind. Until I experienced it first hand I wouldn't have known what a huge difference the right computer makes. Also, I use old cassettes, vinyl, digital and microphones in sampling, creating and modifying.

other: There's a Metalocalypse episode where Squizgar says, "It's like he is slowly unlearning how to plays the guitar." I wondered how Brendan Small found out about my guitar career when I saw that (that's a joke...). Over the course of three years I went from making slightly enjoyable music to the most horrific out of sync crap ever conceived, and it never got better. I quit making music for 18 years because of it. [Years of piano and violin were not enough to keep me interested. Ever the spoiled fucktard in those days, I quit when I couldn't get my way with Loosy.]

It broke my heart not being able to play my custom 1956 Les Paul with ivory inlay and gold frets, so I sold it [for $600 -- yep, I'm a genius]. Then I sold my dead father's Martin D-28 to a friend for $300, because he played fantastic bluegrass and because I didn't know it was valuable (nobody told me). I am the stupidest man alive. My friend knew though, yet he still let a woman steal it from him. We all win blue ribbons.

Uhh... Carnivorle Peaurxque -- everyone in the hardcore world knows the beat from Psalm 69. I recreated it super clean. However, I sampled modified riffs from 8 bands into that song. Somehow I wound up with a shout that sounds exactly like Jourgensen, but it's not. Unless it's a vengeful ghost of one of his former lives guarding the fucking beat. I have no idea which recording it came from. I didn't hear it until after I tinkered with amplification and had already mixed, rendered and somehow lost the project data. So it sounds like a complete ripoff. That's okay. I also have two lines from a NIN ROIO in Carnivorle. It's only because I love the shit, not because I'll get anything out of it. NIN folks will have to send a CND if they have issues with that. I will willingly CND if they do. [I'm the one shouting "March" though.]

Duhh... Worked on this stuff until all I saw when I closed my eyes were waveforms. I know it's been a good day(s) work when my vision is swimming with data. As I always say, this may be the worst music ever recorded, but it's still mine. I'm going for a grand slam on the arts: Worst writing, music and visual arts. Yeah!!

[Oh, it was like 40 minutes here, but the last song of this "album" wouldn't ever finish uploading. So it's not quite as much. Next week I'll put up the rest. I won't be able to keep this production pace up, so I'm spacing out releases a little.]

[Last note: The song that says "weed" a bunch of times has nothing to do with marijuana. I really like John Digweed's intro at Transitions at Kiss 100 FM. The song originally had more sampled. I toned it down, but kept the last half of his last name. Any Digweed fans would know exactly where the sounds came from.]
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