Memes Kill

Third album in 3 months.  This isn't all of it.  There are four songs left to upload. 

I recently became irritable about a total lack of any positive return from releasing every song I ever made under Creative Commons.  After sleeping on it I decided that sequestering all the music I made, just in case I somehow traveled to a place with record labels  and then magically got a contract to release the music, was stupid.  If I were to ever find myself with a record company executive, they would ink the sweetest deal ever, and I would make new music to fulfill the contract.  Even at the slowest speeds imaginary I still couldn't take a month to make an album, and that includes recording every sample from scratch. 

As far as the imaginary deal I would like:  I just want to make people dance.  I absolutely don't care about money.  I make almost everything with dance in mind.  Some of it is isn't optimum for dance in its current form, because without a contract to get copies to clubs and DJ's, releasing larger, bulkier versions made for dance halls takes a lot better connection to upload than the WiFi I have had for a good while now (it often just gives up on uploads).  I also think the much larger files may deter some people from downloading.  In cringe-worthy fashion, some great dance tunes come out of here in abridged form.  It should be a crime.

Finally, with regard to lagging interest in songs uploaded to soundcloud, I have two things to say.  One, I filled up my primary account many times, and every time it bumped one of the really good songs I did in 2009-10.  I finally made a new account (which is almost full), but none of the followers from the old account transfer to a new account.  Nobody who just happened to know where to look knows where to find the music anymore.  It's problematic, but should have been foreseen long ago.  To counter this problem, my second point states the obvious, what I should have done in 2002:  Make a YouTube account. holds a copy of every song I ever uploaded, but archive only sees a fraction of the traffic YouTube sees.  So instead of getting mad at the world and going home with my toys, I will move forward sharing music at a new location and with renewed determination.

I also won't be uploading any shortened versions of new songs.  If it can't make people rage, then it needs to go in the garbage.  And if it can make people rage, then it sure as hell needs to be in the version that will do it.  This all started because of crappy WiFi.   I am sick to my stomach that instead of waiting for a good connection I abbreviated jams.  Never again.




Slivers of Realms Side Three

The end. This album got very good, especially at volumes that might normally result in criminal charges.

Update:  One song added.  It's a trap! Let's go!
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