"Sleep, those little slivers of death."

Another epic dream that took place at the edge of consciousness made those last three hours miserable. It deserves 40,000 words. Some places give home to kind spirits who have only benevolence in them. Some places provide home to kind spirits that are not averse to causing mischief. And in some places dwell bad spirits. Something evil in a dark place shouted at my fleeing, sleeping ghost. Pain reverberated through the core of my being, waking me up into Friday, December 4. Of course that was probably just my mind screaming at me to ignore the dream and LET IT SLEEP.

Murderface Press Conference

"You don't think we gave him too many pills, do you?"
"Yeah, I think we did."

Murderface still turned in a better presser performance than many carefully crafted disasters put on by career politicians. His twitching eye and incoherent responses were reminiscent of many real life press conferences, except funny instead of depressing. I'm putting together a Draft Dethklok drive for the 2012 GOP dream ticket. Idiotic wealth and violence... hmm.

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