Burned Words, Burnt Paper

Walked down a twisted and dusty path,
From a humble and leaning camp,
Beside it a cold stream gave birds baths,
Next to grass cool and damp.

At the bottom the sluice cut sharply away,
The valley opened up to the clouds,
Clover and bluebells grew from dark clay,
In the gravel in foamy shrouds.

Bees hovered over delicate plants,
Hummingbirds whisked their wings,
Goose bumps raised by her devilish glance,
And the feeling that only spring brings.

Out of the south the warmth blew in
Small animals capered out
Only two cats and one dog chased sin
And our hearts let go a quick shout.

Golden thoughts, golden sighs, blue, green and brown eyes
Wispy clouds in the sky
Shadows gray, shadowed glow, opened windows
Mating doves playing shy.

Across the bright valley, high up on a ridge,
A cabin opened its door.
A rooster perched on a lower cottage,
Squawked and mustered its store--d up call

(now if I could just remember how to read and write music *__*)
[brief discussion of digital music]

The Brixton Bustle

Performance art:

1. Carried a fiberglass mold of a bizarrely shaped yet unmistakably female 2.5 miles down a higway posing with it as waves of traffic passed. The mold is of a nude woman and has the makings of breasts, but there's nothing pornographic about it. Delivered a broken (the mold was heavy [had to breathe]) but running monologue based on the Monty Python skit about rappelling down the street. No innocents were harmed during the performance that took place during a school day. Some of the passing people may have had disquieted reactions though.

2. Walked around at night playing my bass guitar and singing. The guitar has reflectors on it. The reflectors are, of course, to keep from getting run over in the dark. The project was a success. That may have been disappointing to any who hope for your author's demise).

3. I cut up stacks of magazines, saving all of the flesh and eyes in the photographs. Making very large collage and leaving it outside in view of traffic after every five hours put into it. Soon to begin overlapping all the seams with cut out slivers of sentences and paragraphs in the shape of a large tree. Ever so slightly lewd, but very eye catching.

4. Drew a piece of pen and pencil art in a notebook I found on the steps of Peabody Hall on campus at our university. The notebook said Class of 2011. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, considering my graduate status. I just couldn't help myself. I signed it SQRB.

5. Read from Petite Madam, by Andre Lichtenberger, in French, until reaching the sexiest chapter (which is to say the most boring chapter). Read from a Spanish book of poetry, which I am much more fluent in (and felt violated), then attempted to switch back to French. Read from a lasciviously dull Italian work. By that time every third word was fairly hilarious. Nobody caught the sexy part, including myself.

6. [Very old] Fake coconut milk: Took one gag unsealed aluminum can. Filled it with camel milk. Added one teaspoon of coconut extract. Sealed the lid and labeled Coconut Milk. Waited for the reaction when virgin piña coladas had that extra little something. Made sure in advance nobody involved was lactose intolerant or allergic to camel milk.

300 Milliseconds

The quasi-magistral philosophy Schopenhauer produced rebutted self-realized optimism and idealism. His refutation of societal determinate human will reduced the duality of human nature to identity driven contemplation, which by design becomes chaotic and legally conflicted, even if such a thing never happens until the idealist's pinnacle of achievement.

Schopenhauer examined in grand scale the reduction of pain through aesthetic contemplation and building a life's work solely on ethereal art to conclude that basic human needs, sexuality and physical comfort, could never be achieved in such a fashion. He spent considerable time in psychology and grounded his work in the cynosure of hard, concrete justice.

I'm glad I cuold reduce Schopenhauer's life's work to a few sentences. The important thing to remember is that Schopenhauer finally got concrete justice. He manaed to die fair and square. Hope this cleared things up for someone. In this case essence was the key word.

Sorge and Existenz

Por la ultima hora de este dia:
For the last hour of this day, words and ideas from Martin Heidegger's Being and Time. He wrote very concisely and logically about a definitive life, the very essence of zen. The elucidation dismissed the idea of a life based on substantive conjecture and instead focused on the importance of being something concrete. To paraphrase his words can lead to confusion, but "being there" in a work oriented sense elevates realism.

Heidegger advanced another term, Sorge. Sorge means to have concern about the self throughout and during the phenomena of life. His philosophy rested on the concrete foundation that God requires no faith or belief, that all evidence shows that God is totally real. Existenze, existence, springs from self changes. Moods, Stimmungen, are a direct result of interaction with other people. The greatest gift in life has nothing to do with words, but without words all of life's great gifts can be missed.

Ice Skunk and Snow Panda

The baskets woven by the Coushatta Indians remain a thing of beauty for generation upon generation. Some of the weaving was tight enough to carry water, but doing so with any of the incredible cultural works of art would be criminal. They are known for the bands of color and tight necks, often with broader openings at the top. The tribe also created many small animal shaped baskets. The tribe should not be known only by the baskets, though. Countless handmade tools, totemic objects and jewelry were made by that tribe, and other tribes of the Mississippi delta region down through the ages.

ξ Acyclic Glotls: Sharma-Tasso-Olives ξ

[Short creative words based on the Journal of Physical Sciences, January/February 2010 and the Journal of Mathematics]

Adomian recomposition, tonguing the alphabet backwards
Closed co-diagonals, massive spring Renaissance Φ MARRED

--- Folds in data and inconsistent comments here possibly caused by a mother card security module elevated to a level completely out of step with the absolute cleanliness of mind, body, spirit and contemplation involved with this body of work.
(based on readings from Library Computing, Internet and Software Applications for Information Professionals.)

[Smart cards aren't read by eunuchs. There must be some sort of computing involved here somewhere, though. Many happy returns to those who spent the time working out that looking that last source up was so incredibly valuable.]

Sphinx Sick Shudders

A beautiful woman on side said, "I'm writing to protect myself from the history class." while a student passed the writer on the other and said, "I wonder if Josue' knows I'm coming." The air of danger was only palpable on the right side, where the man was, and pure honor was on the left side, where the young lady was. It was a momentous slice of sly spice.

Egret y zed

A couple picnicked on a lawn before gardens attached to a ruins, a temple dedicated to some long forgotten god. They partook of a ceremonial bowl filled with ripe dark grapes and small, tart plums. The mid afternoon repast tasted very good to the man as he ate the fruit from a tiny fork his lover clasped between her fingers.

The lady took delight in watching the young man accidentally miss a tiny drop of juice. It fell from his lower lip and left a little damp impression on his shirt. He was very subconscious about it and squirmed uncomfortably. The lass giggled silently, and he sensed it. That heightened his irritability, but only for a moment. He quickly recovered, and they laughed together in one of those small moments that make affairs of the heart so sublime.

The Fabled Giraceros

Ichor and sureties diverged;
Some confused thing in the cosmos cried foul.
Icharus never sought to fly with waxy wings.
The tragedy rebels.

This photograph was taken in Zimbabwe. Since 2010 the residents of that nation have been working to preserve their part of the Zambezi River Valley in harsh economic conditions. The Tashinga Initiative has focused on bringing plumbing, and in some cases electricity, to more remote locations. More rangers and protection officials were hired in ongoing improvements in law enforcement. The Tashinga Initiative has studied the mistakes of the past in an effort to make the future of the families there more stable and comfortable. The area depends on tourism to a large extent, and the project continues to improve the experience.


-Cobol and Fortran meet. They discover they are a perfect match. They attempt to take space shuttle cruise to a place with no operating system. Once arriving there the super-duper secure pressure sealed super-nova proof triangular windows glided smooth-wally out of the way, only to thrust them into a monitor full of nothing but empty Vim screens, IPcop discs and floppies full of spaghetti coed (gasp). Instead of existing as programs they decided to grow sexual bodies, human male and female ones!. Fortran became Fedora's swimsuit model and Cobol became a goofy, socially inept guy (who cheated used a Wang editor to communicate [scandalous]), used Python modules (still no physical connection) and longed for the era of electronics. Just then one of the awesome cool Mickey-soft people who had lots of money, Word Perfect, a personal trainer, a speech writer (who used Microsoft Word instead of openOffice), a car and a suave exterior {back on Earth} arrived and stole the girl *\/*. The villains name was obscured by the cloud of sand he kicked in young Charles Atlas' face (Borland escaped, the rogue!). C became the non-oracle of Delphi and C++ was born!

History Gem

General Winfield Scott initiated the "Anaconda Plan" during the Civil War. The Union Army intended to control the Mississippi River and remove Vicksburg from the battle by changing the course of the Mississippi River. The plan failed and Vicksburg held on, until the starvation became so severe that the men holding the area could no longer hold on. There weren't even any rats or bugs left in the town when the men finally surrendered.

Lake Providence, Louisiana came into existence because of the "Anaconda Plan." Port Hudson held on even longer than Vicksburg, defending the men and women of that lower Mississippi River region from a war that raged totally out of control. The existing history of the events are crystal clear to those whose grandparents were only one generation removed from Civil War veterans.

Science Humor

-Afterbirth in test tubes? Some of us thought it happened inside the test tube. Awesome. Science! There's nothing a perpetual thinker can't find a way to continue expounding upon.

-Sorry, science, somebody got filthy politics on a clean method. Thank goodness no humans were harmed in the process. Perhaps a Kaypro would have kept things cleaner, but only a short time ago the machine became part of the court reporting complex.

-Miracles happen: Old confirmed species eventually become forgotten so that a new Ph.D. can be approved. Your author still wonders how a Manta birostris could be named the Lesserdevil birostris and be considered new. Not all of the markings were visible in the pictures, and to be quite honest, becoming a marine biologist has, regrettably, never been one of my goals.

-Placentas make great omelets -- lower cholesterol and plenty of protein.

-Math humor: Show your work. Uh. Hmm. Oh, the numbers part. Say Pi!

-Concerning the heliocentric orbit of mars: It has been said that there were a great amount of mathematical equations involved with the theories of physical cosmology. Indeed there were. Astronomy can be resolved in real dimensions and with diagrams. Ultimately, proving all the theories becomes theoretically impossible. Stephen Hawkings has written a number of fantastic treatises on the subject. I just played with a spirograph and called it science.

-The Unified Field Theory: Making love is wonderful, but sometimes love play is better.


Why would anyone doubt that temporal abnormalities are possible? Who could possibly doubt that time can bend? Why would discussion of temporal anomalies at any point send up alarm bells concerning mental well being? The Law of Relativity, called a theory by those incapable of understanding it, is self evident in its proof. The speed of light is only a reference point to the truth behind the equations. The speed of electric current easily breaks the temporal barrier. Science and spirituality are not in any way at odds; neither is the concept that the progression of one's own lifespan can happen both in a temporally linear and curved direction in conflict with neither one. (changed either to neither - quite a mistake, seriously)

OpenBSD 4.9 was released on May 1. An operating system geared for network ability does not get any tighter. For the people who just have to watch Flash or use multimedia it would take... some work, depending on the age of your system. Everything else is hard as a rock, despite any rumors. If anybody out there gets bored with Linux code, there's always BSD to tap for more knowledge, and BSD users will often say that it is superior to Linux (every Linux).


AntiX Mepis 11, dubbed Jayaben Desai, was released today. For fans of IceWM (Rox) or FluxBox, the live CD carries everything you need. It includes Japanese, Chinese and Korean fonts. Anybody new to open source computing may want to know that starting with this one may require some patience. There's a lot of do-it-yourself to arrive at the awesome desktop. It makes me salivate, but there's just no way for me to work with it right now.


The boring: The other Windows, Ubuntu, just put another 10,000 machines directly into the workplace. Ubuntu remains very simple, easy to modify and very supported through incredibly active forums. Canonical's market share continues to rise, as if that means anything. Ubuntu is free to those know how to download and burn ISO's (that qualification eliminates a large percentage of prospective users). Microsoft still rules the market from far on high, and that likely won't change anytime soon.


Yawn. So this is what my posts are like when I'm not creating something. It's like a sleep aid. This makes me feel the need to create something, before my brain waves become so feeble I lapse into a coma and someone calls Jack Kevorkian, Jr. (the taxidermist).
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