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AS Badassitude:
Bleach movies two Saturdays in a row. Memories of Nobody was the best Bleach since the climax of the first plot. The shortage of my favorite music sequence was totally eclipsed by a fantastic plot and Senna's character. Gina Bowes was great, even if Michelle Ruff has no equal (Her Majesty). [Even so, Ms. Ruff super-hotness and all, the English versions pale in comparison to the Japanese, always, in all things anime. And Fumiko Orikasa owns. She just owns.]

I did not care for Flomp. I also wondered what the hell was going on. Who are those characters anyway?

Now if I could just get MOAR uncensored Hellsing [cease and desist letters have been sent to anime sites regarding fansubs]. Wince -- somebody had to tell me the secret of Alucard's name. LOL -- seriously, I never noticed.

S'Bigots' Revile


Phemerific Kanalation

Gap Dimension Stringlets

Break Neck Broker

Starship Primitive

Sangre de KiKi-san

Reloadable Motion Cartridge

Bullet Train Blues

Strafinal Mixtestucee

Witch Weightedego

Grirls Nigh Tout

I'm going to upload all song code and all beat libraries as soon as I have a connection at my "palace." Everything should be easily modifiable at that point. If somebody doesn't like something, feel free to change it.

The next album is almost finished. It's called Master Peaches. Those songs are also beat based. It will be uploaded the very next time I jack into a real connection.

Further down the road is a compilation I am calling Drowning in Stupidity. It will feature a 100 verse song about United States Senators entitled something I have decided to keep secret for now. I have 16 verses of it done. Also included are the classics "Mengele Smiles on the APA," "Doctor Drug Dealer," "F***ing Useless" and "Make It Stop." Moving on...


I miss politics.



My comments about modern communism had nothing to do with the system of governance in communist nations. I find labels of economic systems inadequate because people mostly want the same thing. Most people want some measure of material comfort and economic equality. The governments are not a joke, and if I had been able to sooner clarify my statement later, after the oversimplification slapped me in the face, I would have done so.

Reducing foreign systems with simplistic terms is ridiculous. Almost everyone likes creature comforts. Most of us like to be comfortable. Everywhere you go people like creature comforts. Labels create misconceptions.

There was absolutely no intent on my part to slander the people, government or leaders of China, or any other communist state.


In the spirit of Ambrose Bierce, again:

Hospital administration- the field that deals with maximizing profit from suffering patients and calling it better service.


My biggest fan's name is Lasko. Actually, he's my only fan. He only comes on when I hit him though, and works best when high. I mean on high. I think it's a he. Shes don't normally come equipped with five blades, and I've never met one called Lasko.


I had a dilemma the other day. I decided to take the bull by the horns, but then I couldn't get out from between them I decided to tell the bull, who was driving me ever backwards, a vague and tasteless joke. While the bull was puzzling it out I slipped away. The bull figured out the joke was about him and slammed forward in rage, thinking I was still there. It knocked itself out cold on a fence post. That'll teach it to steer me wrongly.


I was drinking coffee last week. It occurred to me that if I had been the person who made coffee for Karl Marx there wouldn't have been much talk of revolution. He and everyone else who drank it would have gotten intensely knotted shoulder and neck muscles punctuated by giggle fits and shaking.


Self deprecation has already been written [ so fonnee ] - world's least funny person comments


Walking was the first test I ever had to pass in life. I failed it about 10,000 times. I was passed to the next exam out of concern for my well being. "There he goes. I think he's gonna make it this time. Oh, no! He's down again... Wait, he's up! No, he's not.

"He learned to ride a bike. Thank goodness. Oh, no, he tried to walk again. Just let him go. He'll get it one day. Maybe." Or not.


My whole grown up---ish life I've hurt myself when I lost my temper. I would usually punch things. "I. never. want. to. write. again." It wouldn't stop me if I lost the use of my hands though. I would use my tongue. I could get flavored keyboards. "Tyhmisd keeeeerybosrd gtashhhhtes gggudrd." Slobber, lick.


Tropical Hatter - melted processed American cheese on a cheap toasted, buttered white bread sandwich with peanut butter, banana slices and strawberry jam. Go heavy on the peanut butter and cheese, and especially the jelly. Frost with large amounts of powdered sugar if available.

[Part of the sugar-fat bomb heart stopper diet.]


Friday the 13th - A day during which I assume Final Destination is a real phenomena. I hole up in a room and attempt to not move very much. The electricity and glass windows still create grave concerns.


A nose sticking out between the fingers of a live long and prosper hand salute, with fingers covering the eyes: My new symbol for blindly brown nosing. It can lead to prosperity for the wriggling worms who practice the ritual.


If anybody knows where to find the sex part of Being and Nothingness please make a note of it. I have been trying to find it for quite some time. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Shades of Two-Fisted Tales:

"Then Murdoch drove the dagger and his arm deep into the man's belly and pulled out his appendix, dripping with blood and intestinal goo, which lay unmoving and extra in his hand in the red moonlight, as appendices all do. No pulsing or throbbing accompanied the grisly event, and the only witnesses were the sorrowful stars and occasional flying night predators."


The other day while dragging my butt across the floor it occurred to me that dogs might do it because it's lazier than walking. Then I remembered they don't have tp. The thought made me uncomfortable, so I made an effort to pick mine up a little as I moved. It made me feel superior to the dogs to do so.


Prosecutor - one who believes they are a judge without the accompanying responsibilities and legal moderations of actually being in that position.


Infinity- sometimes represented by the lazy eight instead of writing out the word, can also be summed up as the process of rolling double zeros on a pair of 20 sided dice. [That's considered a divinely critical but unquantifiable hit, or a strikeout (based on pov), just as this definition will be. The event, however, exists beyond the ability to be repeated three times, or ever.]


Make peaces, not pieces. Make evil love with flowers watered by the tears of pain filled hearts and time weary souls. Forsake only the soft spoken moderation of uncaring ideology, no matter the path that you choose. If one doesn't care enough to care deeply, why bother living at all?


Thinks, rubs eyes

Considers rubs, sighs

Still wants love -- tries

and never stops trying


Outdated Military Tactics 101: Run directly into the cannon and gunfire. Repeat until troop force is exhausted.

Further Music Credits

Brozman, Simpson, Bhattacharya, Hendrix, Clapton, Johnson, John Gilbert Day: Guitar work sampled with Audacity.
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