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Breaking in the Newish Antennae
[uploaded again, this time in vorbis]

Samples Credits:
--(All samples were less than .25 seconds in length)--
Alex Kenji
Adrian Martin and Oliver K.
Virgil Enzinger
The Learning Channel
pink noise
found sounds
my own voice

Living Shrine


Reminds me of the Kamichu shrine. They encountered a poverty god. It was very sad for them, and for the god. They helped the god.

Listening to Mouse on the Keys -- Sezession 2007

Not an Ah Low

This painting strongly brings to mind the feel of the Art Nouveau generation, as evidenced by architecture and items from abroad and from that time period. This work may not be Pablo Picasso's, but it has the distinct feel of the passion he exhibited in his work. Likewise, it conjures the summary opposite of the cubist work of legends like Juan Gris and Georges Bracque. This image exudes the beauty of great artistry, regardless of the date of origin or the creator, and those facts are impossible to deduce without more information.

Moving forward: I rescued a Robin Masterman painting from Vermont Street. It is a work of pure genius, even though the Star of David has been emblazoned on it (that's an odd place for it [thoughts click into place]). "If I ever find the one who mocked the caged bird separated from its loved ones, then I will plunge myself dangerously into the breach from whence the knowledge came."

My long collage, reminiscent of a narrow train track in its layout, and my latest in visual production, needed support from the softer side of life. As I go along I've been layering out the copyrighted features of the models involved. When I got to the top layer I carefully placed pictures of men in ascent. One of them is half nude, the others would look great in the buff to some woman or another. Only an insecure man would forever produce, in the genre of multimedia, pieces that only other men could enjoy. I don't sell my artistic works. In addition to all the pieces of abstract art I've done, which have no value except that I created them, I have produced the visual equivalent of poetry for someone who can't read -- pictures of men over pictures of women. It remains incomplete, as of right now, and won't be until no photographer can stake a claim to any part of it.


I love communicating with people, but the posting here will very shortly be nothing but pictures and quips. The Internet is a very real distraction and hindrance to artistic production when it comes to audio and involved prose. As such there won't be much communication coming from me for some time.

I have shut off the back end of the house, and the former living room will now be the music studio. Have begun the process of moving all audio equipment into the new room, and will be lining the walls with mattresses and packing cushions to aid in the recording process. My novel will be in production concurrently with the album, and so I'm going to be very busy.

None of the music will be released until the finished product is complete in its entirety. I have not yet decided whether to release the novel's first four chapters when they are finished and progress in a serial fashion, or to release it in its entirety like the music. That's all empty planning until the material becomes available anyway.

I won't be leaving the house much. Nobody will find me at a coffee house or anywhere else, at least until the album is finished. There's no money to spend on the pursuit of companionship anyway, and so that's something that will just have to wait. I may be somewhat lonely, but a relationship won't help me get ahead in life. Furthering my artistic career will, or it will kill me.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate the moral support I feel when I meet people who have taken an interest in my progress. It means more than I can express.

Blessed be.

Intricate Animation Still Backgrounds

More than anything else the elaborate, meta-realistic backgrounds of anime feature films drew me into the genre. When first watching Akira twelve years ago I was blown away. I was looking at the things that had been missing from every American animation movie I had ever seen at that point. The vision of a nitty gritty reality condensed to deliver an emotional impact I had never experienced from cartoons, and in that moment I knew why cartoons and anime could never be considered the same thing.

Pixar, and DreamWorks, advanced computer animation to the point of hyper-realistic smoothness and clarity, but the edge of real life doesn't really enter into their equations. Darker Japanese animation, at least all the animation I consider high quality, doesn't leave out the broken glass, the drops of blood, the graffiti, the ash cans, the things most Americans consider less than ideal. Without that touch of flawed vision American animation has simply never struck me as meaningful in an adult world. Conversely, the more idyllic Japanese animation devotes massive detail to flower petals, interplay of light and darkness, spectral refractions, really the entire gamut of artistic heights. So many works are more like portfolios of artistic masterpieces than simple moving art.

Anime has proven to be more and more enlightening as I have grown older, visually, story wise and musically, at least as far as I'm concerned. There's still so much to be said for American animation and cartoons, but, as an artist, it has never satisfied my hunger for deep artistic lucidity. A lot of people have criticized my fondness for Japanese animation over the years. I have often wondered if they ever even attempted to watch any of it with an open mind.

I'm not sure where these backgrounds came from, but they do represent some of what I've been discussing. They are very appealing, and what I could come up with for free on short notice (I don't spend a lot of time planning my posts ["No!" You may exclaim]). Hopefully they will give a feel for what I intended to convey. There is a deep feeling of life in imperfections, and a deep sense of artistic integrity in intricately portrayed colors and light.

Babel on

"The Tower of Babel may have been something frightening to behold to become the object of 'divine anger.' By the time of the advent of the Babel fish intelligent beings had grown accustomed to understanding each other at a basic level, and that was never capable of being removed from human reality again. The only living entity to suffer horrific side effects from human understanding went through incarnations of many beings, including a whale and a potted flower plant. Compassionate beings may have been more concerned about that entity's suffering had they ever stopped to listen to whales or flowers." - ongoing analysis of Do Not Panic.


Johannes Keppler, an astronomer and a physicist, proposed a number of theories that, in my opinion, created controversy because of their completely neutral stance. The melting points of these elements can be said to correlate directly to how difficult it was for the man to stay cool under constant scrutiny of multiple royal courts in Europe. He credited God with all his discoveries, and was an incredible intellect. He both advanced the ideas of physical cosmology and demonstrated proof of the laws of astrophysics (he fell down at least once). [Pleasure doing education, education wrung science somehow grasped at star level. Dynamic entendre, yowza.]

Tuesday Deacon Festival

This image is obviously of someone flying a giant skull balloon.

Listening To: "Mercy Street" on So, by Peter Gabriel

In this image Leonardo has proven that he had a tactical parachute to save his poor comrade, Copernicus, who has just vomited out his entire soul over the abstract cliff after discovering pasta contains egg yolk, to which he was deadly allergic. The words, Be Free, were added by a vindictive former girlfriend of both of them, the one who invented the non-vegetarian pasta in order to slay Copernicus (in his nightmare). Sanpaku was originally under those words. Think. Dream. Imagine.

Mind Phone

Random piece of independent comic book art very reminiscent of the art from the Omega Men. In the late 1980's the corner on the market held by Marvel and DC eventually led to the death of Superman and the completion of the X-Men series. The market stagnated because of a lack of choices, and young men wanted more variety to choose from. Great series such as Judge Dredd and the New Teen Titans inspired an entirely new generation of artists. This piece of art is sexy, but the greatness of it is not sexual. The glossiness of the image makes it dynamic, and the sex appeal gives it a boost, but the unexplained imagery, the scene in the background, the mystery of the action, that's what makes this a great work. It begs so many questions, but at the same time makes certain the scenario is friendly with a simple smile on the character's face. Comic books have never gotten the credit they deserve from a lot of people in the adult world. Some people don't know the depth of the images they look at.

Saved by Hero

Backwards from -1 starts with zero, then 1...

Death by Vanity: The mirror killed every human's dreams in the United States. Delta Tri Epsilon, today, innocent of all but normalcy, greedy men as guilty as children: Love for the ownership society founded on human suffering died. That places human suffering far behind consideration of the self, which exemplifies the vilest of egocentrism. Ain't ONE grand? Or can children be guilty of rushing headlong into judgments?

The game: I hunt that. All trophy prizes remains unclaimed. Gelded and shorn of antlers, turned out as a hare, always still a Lion at heart. I tire of empty legal judgments.

Also, have a nice day. America loves YOU. Fuzzies are awesome. "... can speak and build a fire." - H. Beam Piper [Sometimes intelligent squirrels have pow-wows.]

[You can call me a nazi, a communist, an insurrectionist, an aristocrat, a self-resurrecting monarchist, but that won't make it true. Casting money and property aside was the only way I could be free of all trivial concerns. I proved to be guilty of being the very largest monster of all, a man who never considered himself worth anything. I took almost an eternity to forgive myself for other things, but have yet to get over that. My words become absolutely true beneath my own inspection.]

Animal of Some Sort

Fox in a henhouse in a giant tin barn in a hailstorm during a mass bat exodus during a plague of Metallica guitar solo, isn't listening. The fox is more concerned about the creepy thing with the camera. Also, less concerned about the eggs just eaten than the fur industry. Also, even more souped up. And then still concerned that having a sex may be unachievable from that point on (given aforementioned circumstances and the lack of sexual awareness among Fox's people).

Yet content and at peace, because some foxes are one thing this little fox will never be: Ugly.

Energy Arrival

The caverns and corridors of the 3D real-time engine programmed by a friend of mine seemed like an ideal place to exhibit my art. He used it to create a stunning, original first person perspective video game. I went into the code and placed poetry on every single frame of every sequence, quite independently of his work. The only obstacle to the task was the number of lines available.

When the engine went from bit-mapped graphics to super-charged bit map graphics, or bump mapping, the writing went from a large block font to a curvier font. The frames were ideal for haiku, but I never used it for that. As is always the case I struggled with the conventional poetic mold and instead only managed to get ten frames out of it. Later I deeply regretted not using the walls for haiku.

I was unable to fuse music with my project. Hypno while reading artistic CGI graffiti may not appeal to everybody anyway. My original poetry still exists in one of the compilations, and his video game design never faded. He became a prolific writer as well. I stayed a pure artist.

My friend later moved on to program NASA level astronomy rendering, but his computer was private. To perfect that rendering the computer must be wired into the government collective. This is just a brief history of the writing and programming that took place in 2001-2002.

Energy Arrival

Defense against Being Overmatched

Taught in the Mississipi River Valley and elsewhere, blow a whistle repeatedly. If that fails the desperate cell phone defense is widely known. It's only used in the event of a complete lack of protectors. Try to call someone. Run away screaming. Use keys to gouge eyes if the attacker closes. Kick the attacker in the nads. If help has still yet to arrive, use fingers and teeth while continuing to scream. Quit if you are punched. Justice will prevail.

Foiled Zounz

Uploading every old file left in music database for albums and songs. The following is from Rasputin's Body. Nobody wants to hear such normal stuff, but it's coming anyway. My centrifuge owns loopsville, also coming.

Before you go past this all the way, you should know that after this link is done the last song from Drowning in Stupidity is available. Tonight. It's called Senatorial Ass Rape. I am not putting it together, because the Senators do frighten me. They can wish people into oblivion. So, instead of one song I have sequenced all verses by track and number c ode. The combo is self evident.


Working political jangle. It's set to "Punk Rock Girl." (Minutes....

Le'Ass Rapagier
One at a time, please.


Glissman sat down to read the bad news he received in the mail. " We regret to inform you that your account with our company has been terminated. There is no longer a need for you here, or anywhere else." It could only mean he had to go back to work again. The job that never stops and never ends...
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