Sorge and Existenz

Por la ultima hora de este dia:
For the last hour of this day, words and ideas from Martin Heidegger's Being and Time. He wrote very concisely and logically about a definitive life, the very essence of zen. The elucidation dismissed the idea of a life based on substantive conjecture and instead focused on the importance of being something concrete. To paraphrase his words can lead to confusion, but "being there" in a work oriented sense elevates realism.

Heidegger advanced another term, Sorge. Sorge means to have concern about the self throughout and during the phenomena of life. His philosophy rested on the concrete foundation that God requires no faith or belief, that all evidence shows that God is totally real. Existenze, existence, springs from self changes. Moods, Stimmungen, are a direct result of interaction with other people. The greatest gift in life has nothing to do with words, but without words all of life's great gifts can be missed.

Ice Skunk and Snow Panda

The baskets woven by the Coushatta Indians remain a thing of beauty for generation upon generation. Some of the weaving was tight enough to carry water, but doing so with any of the incredible cultural works of art would be criminal. They are known for the bands of color and tight necks, often with broader openings at the top. The tribe also created many small animal shaped baskets. The tribe should not be known only by the baskets, though. Countless handmade tools, totemic objects and jewelry were made by that tribe, and other tribes of the Mississippi delta region down through the ages.
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