Check Your Code Stacks

On March 19 the PHP wiki server was attacked and wiki credentials were collected. The attack involved a Linux rootkit injection and manipulation of a Wiki code vulnerability. The incident is still being investigated. The credentials of the wiki posters could only be valuable in an attempt to track programmers upstream and find zero day code exploit possibilities. Or, then again, it could have been a harmless inter-office prank (programmer foreplay or counting coup on an associate).

Missing Teddy Bear

A man in Langley, B.C, has offered $1000 for the return of his daughter's missing teddy bear. It may not be possible for you to find the actual teddy bear, but if you have one exactly like it you may be able to keep a young girl's heart from breaking. It's kind of a frumpy teddy bear, but it means a lot to the little girl. Here's a picture:

KDE Strikes Back

With the speed and agility of super ninja data assassins the programmers at KDE have provided all of the QT4 gzips anybody would ever need to install every point and click program imaginable. With their Trolltech™ documentation and their Developer Pages nobody should have any problem installing their excellent work. And in all honesty, if you don't go KDE you're a sucker of epic proportions. Now if Linux were just available on public computers in this part of the United States, or if there were no Cradamantium™ firewalls in place, it would be incredibly simple to either unzip the material or port it to a USB stick.

Cherry Blossom Pertest

As Arielle Fleisher (no relation to the wilted pansy who once roamed the halls of the White House) points out this afternoon, Cherry Blossom Season coincides with the Tea Party Protest this year. What better time to think of tea baggers than while nature is putting out fresh, new blossoms? The tourist display from Georgetown to D.C. will be jammed with oldsters dragging around huge amounts of flesh, clothing and odors. How wonderful to be in the nation's capital this time of year. No political aficionado should be able to stay away, considering the glorious scenery.


Somewhere on the other side of the planet a small marmoset leaped into the jaws of a crocodile, which was quite a disturbing turn of the events for the crocodile. the crocodile had finally cleansed himself of the bad karma from eating so many helpless creatures over the course of hundreds of years as a whale, and was about to achieve ultimate enlightenment. The tiny marmoset plunged down his throat, choking him, trapping him in a state between life and death. Such a state could only be described as purgatory and Australia combined. Luckily, because the crocodile died, pornography came to exist on the small prison island and a generation of young males were able to continue living with the stifling boredom, free from notions of jumping off of buildings due to lack of any sort of pleasure while females (safe in their whitewashed world with no information) condemned them for petty crimes.

Microsoft State to State

In the mega-corporation's never ending quest to throw out anti-trust laws and bypass all reason on its path to owning all global commerce, the executives have taken to influencing law on a state to state basis to make their business practices "legal." They want to make it possible to sue United States companies for receiving parts from overseas suppliers who use Microsoft software to produce their shipping orders. In theory they could use the tactic to sue General Motors for receiving parts from a supplier in England using Excel. In practice they want to make it impossible for computer makers to use any other operating system than their own in the production of computers domestically. No, Microsoft's not greedy. Thank goodness the punitive measures of our anti-trust laws here in the United States are so effective.

Pedernales Gurgles

In the summer one year, after camping on one of the tributaries of the Brazos River, a friend and I passed through a section of Texas very near to the area that becomes Pedernales Falls. There were literally hundreds of does and yearlings migrating through the open plains of hill country. The next evening we camped on the Neches River. The incredible beauty of that trip will never escape my memory. Bathing in the water left me feeling clean and exhilarated, and at the time the climate was just like being in the tropical highlands. One day I hope to see some of that part of the world again.
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