The Second: Jain Pilgrimage

No one loses their special idea of freedom. Religion does not burden those who do not want it. We are all free to spin our wheels in the darkness, throwing grime or failing climbs. The images we see, the tastes and smells, the hunger for truth and knowledge, these things concern some people more than the things they feel. Deep down inside of you their is no alarm, because the base never wavers or falters. It will always be there, and none have ever fallen.

Scripting Nautilus [Update]

Payload on Nautilus scripting from Paul Ferrill via Scott Ruecker:

Environment variable
paths for selected files (only if
::Newline-delimited URIs for selected
::The current
::The position and size of the
current window
In Python, you obtain the value of these variables with a single call to
the os.environ.get function as follows:

selected = os.environ.get

This call returns a string with paths to all the selected files
delimited with the newline character. Python makes it easy to turn [snip]
into an iterable list with the following line:

targets = selected.splitlines()

Here's the link to this valuable Gnome tool. Of course I'm not a big fan of Gnome. I like the code better. Gnome is ghastly to anyone with insight into operating systems.

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