There has been a prank effort afoot to convince the gullible that a secret society of Catholics actually get three lives instead of one. We simply become invisible to mere mortals after using up the first life, goes the lie. The world's most gullible person recently came into contact with this tall tale. The results were hilarious, not at all. My dignity was shred to pieces, and I looked like a fool very recently. So not new. The sad part of this story is that it caused me to question my belief that we can die hundreds of times. I caught myself thinking stupidly, and so I am blowing the whistle on the only person I know for sure to have been at fault here. But to be clear, we only die once. Once. [wink wink say no more]

Off to the Races

There was a little shindig here, on camera, five days ago. One of my few surviving family members, God bless his soul, decided to teach me a lesson. With the cooperation of every contact connected to me that he could produce, and the help of a nearby neighbor with underworld ties, they threw me a party. It seemed like a fun thing, until it became apparent it wasn't a party in my honor. Of course I was aware of none of the details at the time.

A large retinue of bongo beating Asian martial artists arrived just as all the fun started to take on a sinister tone. Fights broke out outside in about a dozen places. There were people who barely made it away from here with their lives, but some of them may never be the same again. I was lucky. My closest friend in the underworld, and a few of my close friends who are nothing but intelligent and righteous, happened to be here. Thanks to their assistance I did not join the casualty list.

By morning there was almost no evidence anything happened here, but I would stake my life on the fact that a few people died out in the street here that night. Their brethren carried the bodies away, just as police began locking down all the streets. As far as I know nobody was arrested. It happened so fast all the major carnage was over before the first siren could be heard. All participants vanished into the woodwork before the hammer of justice could fall.

If it weren't for the close friends I had here who were witnesses, I would say I dreamed the entire thing. That and the fact that there were ongoing confrontations in broad daylight the next day between neighborhood attendees. I would never question the validity of any of my memories on the subject, except for some extenuating circumstances.

I ate some food that some people brought. I did not know, but it was laced with high content THC. I have not partaken of weed voluntarily in a good long while, but I found myself laughing like a school kid at the stupidest things, for days. That sort of clued me in. There were other substances involved in lacing the food and drink given to me (none of which was alcoholic – I no longer drink).

Late that Saturday night, after the streets were empty, the evidence that I had also been dosed with a hallucinogen piled up so high it became impossible to ignore. Demons and devils and vast enactments of a damned infernal play paraded through my studio house. This was not some average, run of the mill, childish foray into seeing pretty colors and watching moving objects leave tracers. This was a divine “comedy” (read “horror”), and the subject matter had at its heart a concerted effort to take me down to hell.

I called bullshit on the whole thing. I disbelieved and conquered all fear. I time and again changed my surroundings to prove the hallucinations were just that, but they just kept coming. I'm not going to go into the details of all I saw and heard, except to say that Tuesday night, October 7, I did finally lose my composure and walked as quickly as I could to the nearest Catholic church (2 miles away). I spent the entire night hunkered down in the vestibule, waiting for dawn for what by then was evil incarnate and a huge entourage of minions to be burned away in the sunlight. One must never look at them by choice, but by the time it is very difficult not to see them one is in very real danger.

Today, five days later, it finally stopped. I don't know who did that to me, but they should know something. Dosing somebody with a pupil enlarger is the lowest, most cruel thing somebody can do to a former user. I harbor them no ill will. I just hope that one day they realize the absolutely wrong nature of their actions, and that the full weight of guilt opens their eyes.

[edited... note: It could all have been opiate hallucinations.]

I wanted to open a portal into the underworld in order to learn secrets kept there, and I did open the portal. I entered but was not able to leave unscathed. I barely retained my sanity. I learned enough to fight against the power of evil when it comes looking for me, although when the oldest evils come there is no way to fight, flight is the only option. Either that or absolute motionlessness until the sun is well above the horizon, and I am too crippled to remain motionless that long.

I tried not to learn chants and calls and counter calls for games devils play, but I learned that damnation is a very real thing. I was forgiven for my actions, and then I was absolved, but I still feel the need to atone and continue making amends, because the things I did were the weightiest, most dangerous things a human being can do. If I had not been either innocent or in good graces, each time something like this happened, there is no doubt in my mind the best that could have been hoped for was that my body would have been found later.

I could not give a rat's ass if readers believe me. I hope you don't. I hope you think this is a hokey, assed up attempt to get attention, or that I am simply insane. Because that means you won't try to do any of the things I did. I will never give clues about how I learned, nor will I ever provide any assistance of any kind to imperil another person's soul. Also, just to be fair, there is a 99.9% chance this is mere insanity, and even if it isn't me who is that, the entire thing is definitely crazy. I call it life.

I urge you to cast aside any immature problems you may have with religion, and at least make an effort to get in God's good graces. You never know when something might happen to you, some accident, if there is such a thing, or some act against you. What could it possibly hurt to give yourself a little insurance? Nothing. It could only help you, at the worst.

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