A Speedmath Dilemma [Updated]

After I spent considerable time working on Get Bent, it came to my attention that there was no genre that accurately described the style of music.  The album features quick transitions between unique beat arrangements and sometimes dizzying tempos.  In places the sound is reminiscent of glitch, but the beat arrangements play just long enough to make glitch an inaccurate descriptor.

I decided to get creative and label the sound either speedmath or tweakcore, although beat puree works just as well. None of those terms are in use as genres by anyone else, but the sound needed to be called something. I'm neither pretentious nor pompous enough to stake the claim that I created a new genre.  The terms exist only for convenience' sake.  This has nothing to do with the dilemma this post addresses.  Nevertheless, it seemed appropriate to explain my ongoing flippancy with assigning previously non-existent terms as genres for my music.

The dilemma rising out of Get Bent surrounds the necessity that different versions of the album be released.  The speedmath songs feature transitions between dozens of beat arrangements that can easily be extended to create typical beat driven electronic songs.  I have final say over all of my creative work; nobody is telling me what to do.  However, I claimed that the songs would be comprised of frenetic shifts in direction and attitude.  So the headline version of Get Bent will adhere to what was promised.  I am borderline OCD about sticking to plans.  But there will be a third version.

The A side of the first version of Get Bent is sitting in the Internet archive.  When the speedmath version is complete it will join that work there.  But there will also be a third version of the album.  There are fantastic beat sequences that only last a couple of seconds.  It would be akin to creative criminality not to expand a good number of those sequences into normal, run-of-the-mill tracks.  So that expansion will take place, and be called Get Bent 3: Straightened.  Problem solved, although once again reporting on the project rather than presenting it does rub me the wrong way.

I am not a patient person. I'd like to begin releasing these works right now, one track at a time.  I feel doing so would greatly diminish the artistic impact though, and so I have decided to curb my desire for instant creative gratification. I suppose it is possible I can be patient.

Anyway, dilemma dispelled.  Progress on the project reported.  Many words written and no music given. -※Sigh※-  Soon...

[Note for Clarity:  I did not like the initial version of Get Bent.  I found it repetitive and mediocre.  I deleted the post in which I tore it to shreds, but it should be remembered that my complete disdain for it led me to begin the "speedmath" project.  That disdain is also the reason I have not posted the B side of the original.]
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