Conclusion of Gadget Duress

14. Promiscuous Multivars
15. Moral Disintegration
16. Laughtermath

Gadget Duress did not end after the second part, Sexy Bamanation, although it was not made clear that there was to be a third part. The conclusion of the album is a short collection called Gadgets in Duress. Recording is in progress. The completed works will be posted along with the rest of the album, as a complete collection, along with a good deal of extra material. This is just an announcement. The songs will not be, as so often in the past, simply linked to the announcement post. {that is a blatant fucking lie; expect them}

* added 10 new soundfonts for production, and counting. If anyone wants a torrent of my 40+ original soundfonts, then drop me a line.
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