Falls' Idylls

It Is Done: Completed August 24th, 2011.

Arcs, lemniscate qualia tangents,
Sparks, equal and oppposite ricochets,
Dually skift robber of death, rejoice, yin hypocrisy,
Revolving passage of breath, om, unvoiced,
Needless pejorative, honor douses blue flames,
Accusation to sink social grace plops down impudent,
No fluid to quaff want, potion, vanished insolence,
Flushes, covyre flesh, heaves, thrushes,
Witless orexis never quenched,
Brims with esculent vacuuity.

All Accounts Become Clear

The sadness returns again and again
And one still can't stop the madness
of other mens actions.

The Sirens sounded like seagulls.
The withering saxophone reel
Like a normal man tarnished by commercial wisdom.
Freed: The umbilical chain.

Lara speaks, "I am the hospital convict."
St. Joan of Arc lives free.

insulin quartered by morphinium
becomes thorazine and restful sleep
chemical taste comforts only through the will of the people
megalomania and monomania rejected
The Schism heals.

Declination attitudinal-
Trajectory: comfort.
18 minutes to UTC.
4 minutes to lend.
3 minutes to take a dream into the light.

Full ahead stop in the arctic
The beauty under the ice brings reminiscent cold greens and blues
Lake Baikal opens into the Arctic Ocean.
Lake Tenochtitlan opens into Pangean splendor.
Lake Atitlan bubbles while Angel Falls doubles.
Aryan mysticism woos Latin romance,
And the beautiful face was a woman's.

Separation of Church and State
never amended
Pan was no faun
A lyre named Venus' itch
The glass contains only memories
The Stags Club castles the lion's den.
Characteristic traits never vanish, tell all,
Deep personality grows from imperfection cleansed unto purity.

The world's knowledge is a vast continuum.
Intelligence never gives away the answer.
Patriotism understands sacrifice.

The silver case and the platinum star
begin shredding of thoughts and air
paper dices
neon liquid communication

nosotros circulos en nuestro circolo
the sun

Jeet kun chi
Jeet kun know



Cavort is a simple word. Words do not convey damnation {again: why ? why}. Understand: The silver cage and the platinum star begin. The shredder underneath begins to turn. Liquid communication goes first, and then the light turns aether. Pureed paper falls through into a rainbow cavern, hollow and radiant.

Brain Root Skit

wren terror visions
tea leaf

thought transcription
slides between honor
as the globe circles the bowl
coo unifies
between mysterious lures
ricochets in Tripoli
guard high passes in Syria
spring of 1824 sings
settle down quiet dragon fruit mother
the mission horn flew when bazaars
asphyxiated on the strange.


A child plays with string: the cat's cradle.

Esoteric - Inconstant Dilemma
Cross position (client) against (agent's) predisposition to thrice.
Innocent saved from the vilest of plans
With the most egotistical of intentions.
Written words spin reactions
For still born throat,
Open sesame is no recipe for communication.
Southern shores guard baffled meanings.
Verbal constructive narrative
Lends punctilious premise.


Hunting falcons
Olga roars raw


Orthodox savalos methodical
never convert wisdom.
Two hearts fly sweetly
And two children receive their mother's
Eternal caring.
Achieved integrity
Disregards all lack of forbearance.
Freeing the ego comes with great responsibility.


The Justice Divination
Above flagrant malice


cathedral in a corner stone
sheltered from the storms and blown foam
The ocean spray flicks debonair
Envy is not of despair -
The golden flame circle of Balboran.
The wall can be broken
But not by one
And none can break the diamond trust
Between everlasting life and earth.

Tableau confession:
Colossus variance
Humongous android antonym
unseen existential


warm energy swooned dove
mates in mid dare
aloft over frozen lake

A minstrel would not know how to save an older woman,
And the troubador saves only the younger ladies.
Writer's just find love and play.


Apostrophic estudinal
Malice escardium discard
Gypsy caverns diadem


The never ending eros chasm
Cannot always be an oh
And backwards thick pea.
Blessed flesh never stripped
by artificial
Trampling of innocent intentions under greed's hoof
Freezes time
In unending

Ire carries numbers
Nun never forsook
In witness tesitmony
Truth always found.

Grande maleficum tempered by ancestry:
All circumstances unique under free will.
That's (left) right [left]
The smarter are quicker, men.
That's left.
The dumb candle flickers.
Who needs a candle to load anyway?

If the thinker seeks virtue
The orator mouths false menace expose.

The humble seek refuge
Warrior's seek solace
In perfect trust and loyal honor,
And the pure shall find it.

Aggressive essence placement
Self defeats at pinnacle point.

Justice Tips
The names of the guilty weigh 11.
Nombre male stickiness
Non recordar dictionariste.


The musician brought back many tones
To sentry the safety of love songs,
Hymnals no comfort in solitude.


Publico adjunctivo grande
primal adjunctivo permissimo (pr.)
Further tainted innocent by
Kindling malice aforethought
non-realismo conjunctivo
human animal
capital, penitente, cultura
sexual -/- oral
degradal -
civil penaliste
pronunciation pura tops
dominion awry
solucion quatre distilucion
escapal trigantinum
Pain in escalation reverso.

Sol's people glow.

Pain of mind grows infinite
By the love of she who wears
suffering from long neglect and uncaring.
I would stop the pain of a fierce mother
Who would not give up on two young cubs
And was murdered by malice and wicked intentions.
One cub a lion, the other a tiger, guided to safety
By the Jaguar Nagual.
The weak one always must become the lion.


A woman is not wracked on a man's pain.
Comfort is undying.
Child birth pain can only be stemmed,
Not vanished,
Yet another fails at trying.


Lies are petite to gargantuan evil.


England, home to mine own language,
Would that I had seen it.

Non aggressive angels own the astral plane.
Cross discipline myths are not anonymous
Nor omnipotent.
Such follies put lives at stake
and souls in
Divinity loathes arrogance.
Spirits rebuff demigods
From atop celestial ramparts.
The neoluddite condemns technology
for selfish safety,
Yet reaffirms to insure public comfort.
Luddic fundamentalists crave a return to open communities.
Commisserate, Omniscience.

The little wizard labels all Sorcerors' sounds,
Devoured where oxygen found.
Echoes bounce off of cold holiness,
And aspersions self attack.
Flaming false messiahs
Died for the wrong reason, zealots,
Shoot arrows wide of the mark.

Marriage between a man and a woman
Can be ended
And remains untarnished
By the ultimate secret cult
of the warriors.
Justice never bends.

Thought trappers all cede to the epic pageantry of creativity.
Making love with big rhymes
rubs only speech.
Lion cubs in safety keep
Time's citadel.
Derision bringers end no majesty.
The royal bastard falls behind
sands currency.
The spoilage of dry runoff
Swirls, errant see.
Fatal errors swallow breath
To close the damaged cleft.
The brave take vices
into themselves
To save unseen children
And the unborn live
Through collective pain filled sacrifice.

State law drops the yardarm,
But courageous men pin themselves
beneath it
to rescue national dignity.
Buds in the garden of Eden
Wave in smoke wafting from bloody flesh
As paradise collapses.
Adam and Eve ate meat.
Flying loons look backward
Filled with sense of loss
as they watch Adam's colitas fade into the distance.
Eve looked at the birds
And rolled here eyes and sighed.

Poems are not pipe dreams,
My droogies,
And the Icelandic Asian saves the blind soul singer.

Dreams sleep away
Shivers of inconstant death
Breath burns color blinded fission
Far sight returns
2 only 1 under 100
unsilent omission

-Golgotha fell at 9:11 a.m.
Neuro synaptic universal
none fell

Cross parish dissertation
repels character assassination
with excellence.

The epidural notary unbalances profligate wisdom.
Pain returns doubled to malingering sycophant

The Burn Around

Softly the whippoorwill sings to the morning star.
Ice cold water rains unexpectedly,
Breaking basalt still hot from the sun.
In the eyrie the silence is deafening,
Hope has nothing to do but run.
The tourniquets fall off
From the hanged men and flee
For climates with so much less blood,
Wounds all close over and heal back through time,
And sentries forgot all their lies.
Spools of golden thread turn and spin
Singing nursery rhymes in the head of old men
As the hour gets nearer to five.
Sew knot so soon
The condor feeds loons
And a yacht rocks in a lagoon.
Details delivered
Precise unbespoken
Objects all merely tokens
Live strong
In humbling motion.
Give God his great bows
Bite deeper the plows
Nothing unsafe in devotion.
Red marks
The best part
A catastrophe starts
Zen waves goodbye
To Dao's weeping eyes,
A villa,
A top,
A commotion.
Lightning strikes twice
In a family too nice
Lights come on in the nightmare.
Rescue descends
From the base to the win
And birds feed air to Sinn Fein
Hunger strike
All from wires morsels
To oysters and torsos
Abdomens fade from view
meaning and Reason imbue
Crown of Thorns,
I thought of you.

My Planet

"And turning to face me the creature
The least human thing a human has ever witnessed
Grew angry at its impotence over the world of pleasure
Of which it knows nothing.
It attempted to fly out from the body into the light
But was turned by the five spheres
Woven deftly and with practice
By the one who dreams the dreams
And writes the words.
Wroth the creature went into air
Gathered forces for an attack
But the windows only rattled
Blood only quickened, never spilled.
This is that planet
Where the pleasure kings hold sway
Over the forces of alien anger.
It is not an easy battle,
But it is always won."


The Top

walks the 1300 steps to the
grand house, a center of attention
that block, houses on top of giant uprisings
heritage and history layered beneath their four corners
holds out a hand as the raw comes
rubs the wrong way, chafes and reputation left :: raw
a handshake: true identity, violet identity
nobody, but eternity knows
people passing within inches
or miles
a grid in the sky
frozen in sediments and rocks
molten fire deep below
resonates with the truth of things people do
that devil green for that she devil white lady
she loves money more than life
ice cold on fevered brows, her touch
the world shakes its head, ashamed
he who had none, he who
tilts his head back and pours the essence
of her into every corner of his mind
defiantly, so freedom will remember free will
justice looked on
blindly hearing the tattle tale whispers
millions outraged by lack of concern
they perceived, lack of control
1300 steps
back, electric fried neon hair
throws sparks into the sky, the heat of thought
the lights all turned off
every reason for it
deep red glow radiates from every window
home heart, beating strong
back to which woman [witch? hope so], which time
when life breathes, kicks, dreams, screams
beautiful in every way,
see the outside, see the inside
it's all the same side
loser, scorned hypocrite, the man:
hurts, and doesn't it so?
that man
with the big swinging vocabulary
and tongue so silky, words glide
into inexorable extinction,
perished by the sheer bliss
of originating in his mouth.
he claws at his face
pulls skin evenly away from his nose,
tugs and stretches,
pulls it down over his chest,
steps out of it, free of restraint;
it's only the beholden who want,
only the beholden toss condemnation
onto a stranger's broad shoulders.
hypocrisy knows its own
and casts the rest in for
the hell of it.
this time he loves her
as every time, as always
she can't always see it or feel it
and its only a miracle she knows
idiot prideful man of few words
which fool, which man, every one
[warlock? she ponders, amused].
horror at the sight of him
exposed to the world and nature
mixes with a desire so strong
consumed by love's energy
blooming inside like heat waves
rusty, ragged edges for thoughts
where did this lust hide all this time
that want cuts humility jagged
bleeding more satisfaction, more
breathing oxygen, change
age and experience, define another act
grapes ferment on the bed, so saucy,
bodies slide into one another,
touch every place possible,
foam froths in the chalice,
our cups run over.
somewhere near the top
the world shakes its head
a smile trapped beneath the skies,
happy nothing ever changes
the more it changes the same ways.
That she devil, that worldly lady
never looked redder,
blistered with the truth of it
satori, satori.
She gets what she wants, and
Gives what, and gives it well,
the man has to laugh
because nothing, no everything,
always wicked held up to the light,
it's just more of the same.


takes a trip
into a back yard wonderland.
time passes slowly.
tangibles held in place.
seconds drip down from the sky.
moisture condenses to the touch, on
cool surfaces in the shade,
[so lucky].
in the sun heat swells, boils.
the rabbit hole went south.
not all leaves do the same thing,
colored things so pretty,
promise glittering out of reach
lies, release never comes.
is trust a hard pill to swallow?
only the afternoon sun knows:
place governed by reason;
here, another place, another matter,

the pleasure will convince

the best and the worst

wrong never possible
between the lovers

the sweat tingles

it drips between us

the seasons changing see us

measure the come and the... go

the sun dial misses attention

the cobbled path wants to run

the plants grow up for more light

sway breeze, lift all life, sweep limbs

shuffle feet, mover and dance

the motionless must stir

life is intercourse, a discourse on love

moving faster and faster

touching all the same places

all the same concepts

feels so good

lifts you up

we are beings of light

we are beings of the energy

we are beings of that love

one word

one life

means everything

shows it all for free

humility and vanity had a cat fight

nobody has any hair left

nothing hidden grows in the dark

no shame in tight hygiene

plenty wanton known only by you

rethink, reform: show
me, alone
casting words into the void
where nothingness really lives
beside me on the bed
pulls thoughts into the emptiness
dreams appear and vanish
alarming clarity
never makes sense
until its one's own sense
never understand, or always,
nothing grows there,
should we leave?
[nods, winks]
look the other way lest it strike you
the end comes
all a fire
ashes, burning cinders hollowed
the agony survives
on the memories
never lost in a divine fragment
shapes, falls, breaks, rights, the curse
become one with one's self
the real life
the rust of unloving sexuality
wouldn't leave a fleck of gold dust
minds empty of mindfulness, mindlessness
neither and ever not

left, it's all behind
right, the future is on my mind
wants in

my eyes devour you

you look so good

that's every day from
the quietest place inside

the thirst for beauty
drinks every part of my body

the heat goes both ways
in and out of us

a circle of surest trust
nothing bitter in surrender

This Pleasure Exists Beyond and Within
Every Wave: Us.


L.A. got no hotter
when boiling man ran screaming through the streets
another random thought
hunted down and murdered
stop the noise, boiling man
over soon, there, there,
there you go down slow
[that thought deserved to die]

sometimes the language even leaves
nothing but letters playing twister
one on top of another
blisterine F-ect, noiz cone tract
chaces kliks, we-zez
turbines flood, dynamo hum
earsome nugentiliversalist
flick it, unsolence regigitology
nada boom outta-nonotranationalismo,


wasn't it
wouldn't it be


we stand on ground
built on the lives of millions
the Americans here fell
the grim sickle syphilis
lusts of Spanish men killed thousands
at a fling and worse rape
children died in the slaughter
by the thousands and tens of
medical crisis, hell on Earth
suffering and fevers, dementia and pox
invasion's home warming gifts
endemic mutation spread like a flood
a hidden black plague
dwarfed modern imaginings
vast civilizations erased
some never seen, nothing heard
dikes through the countryside
earthworks and middens
the land hasn't forgotten
the West knows hardship


I knew a man
who drank 11 pints a day
disappeared weed by the queue pee
hung tight as blew go, bye-bye
kissed the sky with blood dripping
held his toes in orgasmic breathlessness
reason forgotten and destroyed
the idiot never
had a clue
ides wedded to censure
but the vision is bad, right?
“bad, bad, bad. wrong, bad, wrong”
and tomorrow and to-horror and to-foraverr
plagiarism is too kind, mutilation
picked up women by the fives
never gave them what they wanted
do you know Scorn?
so bemused, the hurt from it
where it does go dungo
how incomplete jaw enforcement info


the 3 wizards' mother
watched listless
the three babies melded into a bullet
shot her right in the womb
she knew
they woke
the birthed
awoke anew, and again, ad infinitesimal
earth->water->fires->airs heirs Blairs layers of lairs
the melded grew thickest
conceptual warfare
the alien has spawned
among you
it's you
pretty baby eyes

(pwn 123)
Fever Dreams in the House of Madness

Sequence 5a.

A small rat came out and ate
all of the words of the dying body's days
until grown full from the verbiage it shuddered and grew still
it laid on its stomach, but could not digest
the letters of all the words came loose from its skin
and the fur fluttered into the air as words
all of the letters of the alphabet floated through in multiples of threes, fives, sevens, and tens

Sequence 6a.
We've achieved a new specimen
choking down quivers
remnants of the first passage into the land of pried open dreams
the shudders begin in the lungs and move outward
the fingers and toes are the last parts to be still
the darkness descends
more of a dive into icy water than a leap of no faith
limbs go dead and memories shutter past closed eyes, wasted
there's a sense of disturbance
and the dead body reawakens
colors are crisp and the air filled with energy
what justice happened?
what no end?
morning sound prompts and then grows louder
hesitantly then persistently
denying return to oblivion
in the darkness the specimen died
when found the silky whispers of its existence
whims, jovial banter, fun and love of life
denied by even the most compassionate
true joy never admitted
the morning says it all
another small mountain to climb
the bed no easy thing to escape
all that's left is a memory of the night
and a longing for something closer to love.

Sequence 7a.
Hounds at the Bay II
Once the hounds cornered the fell beast all the men of the village fell upon it with their knives. The animal died, but in its baleful final cry many men lost their sanity, and nobody who remembered it ever spoke of it again.

Sequence 7b.
birth, minimize overcast, clouded memories, pulsing from a place where warm water and dirt floors never uttered the word love, but were instead filled by it, and the miracle that entered into the world exemplified it, and how beautiful life is, and no matter how ugly and painful a gray morning as it spits moisture in our faces, the mood can not be extinguished, and we are free.

Sequenced: 4?a.
The light refracted
Giant mobile magnifying glasses
Heated the air in the massive aquarium
Containing the city
While the water bubbles and the steam rose,
The swimming writhing content,
Snakes and minnows, tropicals and uniques,
The proprietor stopped to think.
"What could be better?"
The serpents went on hissing.
The little fishes come and go
And the big fish all know
So safe, so easy,
So perfect and pure.
A great big aquarium
Full of all our people...
That must be the cure
For our social ailments.
It takes a lot to trust
The pH balance to a salesman,
but the alternative was a pool cleaner
Who smokes way too much indo.

Solar Battle Slingshot
two words spinning closer at the ends of strings
essence evolves and devolves
from nothing into infinity and back
by the second universes created:
so boring now, so ho-hum
shouldn't there be something with more oomph, more gusto?
the sucker's bet scores another mark.
everything exists in everything else
yet one says everything is free
and everything suddenly costs too much
wants too much,
desire overflowing like waterfalls' cascade
into deep, in too many ways, it means
the stars go inside to shine
squealing sirens sound time's alarm to the peaceful
forced to swallow dignity
subdued by the powers of war for whatever written laws
while no money and all bills
piled up all the concrete concerns
there's no way to pay
plenty of ways to burn
bridges over rivers filled with
hunger, pain, need
the victims often only wonder why
why has this happened
and the news is on when they
who are they?
why they are us.
this one must be crazy or obscene
this is the backward dream
of care and decency in a world
policed by money and the all powerful ME;
There could be so much more.

Two Little Girls

One hears the truth and says it's magnificent
One hears the truth and says it's blasphemy.
One is awake to the light.
The other isn't.
The consciousness barrier breaks through the walls of sleep.

The truth can't be swayed by little girls,
Or their mothers
But lives hang in the balance
Every single thing
And all that you bring
To life must find a way to reach peace,
In the innocence of a child.

((a. the Gateschadylle
Marlorat's apocalips draws you near
screen of glass
eyes morass
Herie imperdible forestress
for the Foxes

drags on
The dragon that breathes under water
Never knows the comfort of drink.
The snake that slides across the sands
Knows guilt or innocence.
One who quenches thirst
Without thought of the thirsty and in need
Must learn to suffer their own carelessness,
If they ever want to
understand wrong.
External reality only provides hints.
A hungry dragon swallows.
[I heard an angry child, upset with the inhumane world
and throwing a tantrum at the madness]
The one who fails is rescued by the one who sees
When the dragon regurgitates.

Clean Viridian Fringe

Ishtar married Ahasuerus
salvation from Zamenhof's fold
that carnivorous obeisance
no more swine
fuse candlelight
To Spartas

of dessert
Fiat lux
Axillary clusters
Evergreen white and pink beauty
Fettered by a watery vase
on a table
as violins play
we look over them at each other
High arched walkways
Led to the dining room
Tropical highlan leafy salad
with chocolate pomegranate vinaigrette
Pheasant dressed with pine nuts
This Romance in its time
a short walk up from the cobblestone byway
soirees and sorties
no placement, forays uplift
taming the dragons shrewd
an homage
no journey east nor oeste
pretty eyes
and butterflies
giddy anticipation
paisley cloth neath
plates and
frothy dry the guileful conversation
damp the undertones
never brief
those sweet clusters of sounds
over steamed brussel sprouts and broccoli
with chopsticks and tiny spoons
on a henna stone table
construed and carefully laid out
pliant cuisine
healthy and lean
for play and grown between
heralded by soft countenance
knowledge flows to the doves coo
a fair and a falcon
volans copious effort
for soot
love smooth
no wrong
no frowns
smiles and whispers
erstwhile like lush India blushes
Indubitable will guides
agile wiles
heavens brush
the hem, the gore of her skirt
in a swirl
curtsy courteous gentility
goose pimples raise your heart
Loup Garoux Welted Veal

"I don't practice love for Rhea
I don't have a plat - num cause,
But if I had a million dollars
I would =" make a breast cancer awareness foundation
on empty walls
sue the paper with the eyes
eidetic memory whys
the melody just never dies
there is no copyrighted
[if you can't hear my screams
over that
well, then, you never die ]

Why don't
Get some sweet dreams
And keep
an eye out
old paper creams
violet and lavender nostalgia.

I would die for all your children,
Then hold them in my arms,
Watch them grow up, babies,
Now Up
This is no fall.

We all fly as one in caring
I don't much like your games.
Chain your shekels, chain your mouthfuls
box your pause

[never use claws
tighten the skin behind the throat
and dynamism, animism, mysticism... love]

The box was nothing acted
The fight was all a lost
If you read it then I bled it
Why not
just cut off

stones of purest vinyl
rocks hung by flaming vines
baby from Cacao trues that,
and she's not the one who calls.

\double creature, science fantasy

I split twixt dills and colas
Twixt proper
nouns and vowels
But if Linwood's in
Then Bob is too
And slow. train. finally comes.

It's really very easy
You just need to take your time
it winds
all in you fine

Promise: We enjoy it

Post-resentment ReignxyZ
Switchgrass Database Reference
(out of sad curiosity)
Purity fears nothing wrought by the small.
The smallest organism destroys the mightiest.
Mendl's pain index never infinitude
Else every yay in church hill living stone
Rues the tweak of Tuike


the umlaut caused confusion
or so it has been thought
-- grave doubt bounces the ball back to language
as do acidic comments laced
embrace reality
metal met the mold
rust stable perceptive
perspiration hold your knows
hold your change
keep your if
keep your whiff
stolen glory never exists
rim the silicate crystal sugar grains of time

"Ach, du lieber" - nein
"Ow, the book"
"I'm in love with Number Nine,
And all I can think about is whether her name corresponds
To the nukber of lovers she has had." - heavy drat made light
Feels Like Team Thursday

Immarcescible hathel non resupine of the Amarti instrument
Exedify the shackled voice
Mithraic symbols bounce to capricious whims
With feigned tear
Shoot the Harquebuse
and silence
Wafted Milton's cycles
Amaranthus grows
Floresche the copper bough
Penthemimer hemisphere
inhale the blooms
pain goes
Noa flip words circumstance
In rhythm osmund heinous Set fell
Little turtle
holds skillful skeletal mantra
Dithyramb opulence vinegarizes
to Rebubula's notes
The witenagemot condemns conception
what counsel, what wisdom
But the inquisitive Brookeana
still wets the lyrics tip
Absurd externality
the oldest
you get sight from one I
angles in zen flows
knowledge never knows until finality
Glastonbury rose from earth
T'or crumpled
Four: thine own safety

Smelling the Night Come

like rain before a storm
night breeze washes the wind
flesh moves across flowers
draft with scented oils
burning toil clean
pressure builds
pleasure wields the light that decimates
raises high the diamond delight
pentacles -- essence absorbed
nourishment due flight
sound mounts scales and levels fail
no description
waves wash over
bosom and chest
clever woo
and hold
bold generosity glows

The Genre Witch Was Valentine's Leaf

Broken corridors under egg shells flung
Morsels to the time vis-a-vis
Brothels and broth and brothers wave
Goodbye, reach out concave
Smells fly to ethics
\etiquette takes no abusive
--minced pie news live
muse wiz
flew coopers browns over foggy town
niched under flood control
with levees where the oceans roam
you must be the desk professor

The Sticky Danger and the Parroting Gun

The parrot sound follows the movement
The second hand follows the sun
The scent, it follows the danger
The taste has nowhere to run.

The eens the exes the empty cups
Nothing takes over from one;
Free will given, luck never ups:
God gave you his own son.

The feeling follows the magazine,
The paper clips cover your cold.
The ice box never moved a mean;
Give the slip, think that is bold.

I look at the clock
You look at the clock
I look at the watch
You look at the report
I look at the stars
You doubt what you hear
I look back at you, and you are gone
I look at the sun
and learn
as mirrors
cover my burns.


You have too little faith in me
But you will get all yours back in the end.
I look back and you're there,
I see your sighs
and something inside of me rises.
This time there were no surprises,
And everything is still fine.

Molten Crosses

Taking commune makes it possible to apply one tae kwon do lesson to the entirety of human existence. Masters of martial art seek to avoid conflict through internal balance. Liberal artists seek internal balance despite conflict. Violating any part of God's laws summons the antithesis of the balance. The wheels may take time to grind to a halt and correct the problem. Well intentioned mental and physical artistry becomes beauty set in iron nevertheless.



. war? ... ?

The hourglass ran out.
The desert emptied all water over the opening ark.
Fire and red sand touched at a burning shrub.
Nothing was uttered.
Smells became altered.
Sounds overflowed with positivity.
The sun echoed down in facets.
There was no watch face.
Technology didn't exist.
In the desert there's a time,
When men and women laugh and find delight
Over old scores.
That iceberg in the Portugal ocean
Has your name on it.
Bon soiree.
Unfortunatley, we won the war.
Muerte estupido!

Hunt, Small Ones

Hunt for a time.
I wince.

I caught the meta-tape sounds.
its not on the tape
its outside
it is beyond the tape
They heard it in the next county
or else they don't have a river
and they don't have any river bats
House my nightmares in your time.
Sleep impossible with all the cheeps
cheep, cheep, cheeps

3. So Much Better

Winding, unwinding,
[that phrase shouldn't bring an audio association]
Cradle the highway
Pain washing over me
Crashing down
A gate
the wheel
the hammer slams home
broken bone
do you even know
my real name
twisted time zone
USA, baby
and I lie
and I lie
and I lie
take the sexy things,
you thought you had a picture
bronzed, Fort Pickens bound
co coon, NY
behind every great man
is a statue dragging van
with a wild eyed ex prostitute
poor and chapped
another daughter
stern rebuke
driving thin ice crying when
the memories begin
never surrender
open sin blender fictionalize
why do it live
boing you?
k then, and a coupla o's
did you need another hustle
drag the darkness down to cold blue
steps up, super smooth
cold exterior, walking
will never simplify empty
what do you want
another stone floor
cold Austin lullabies
before hydro-steroidal sweet good byes
pay attention
open your eyes
close your mouth
try to breathe
a 12 hour contract
signed release forms
gasping for recognition
the ice washes over the bow of the last body
tossed into the sea
another memory of someone who deserved it more
cold grinding
Sidney wagers
knowledge on a budget
time is for the quick
money is for your sickness
another empty lighthouse
empty wages
empty floors
cold ice water washing
open deadened eyes
gasp for you
what did you want
fled from the strong heart
rhythm returned to the empty floor
bruise the sheen
eyeballs your dead
eyes dread movies
so deserving
my room with a view
there is none
I'm on the 12 hour steam
driven in between
take that concern and habitat
cohabitate, vegetation
devastation surrenders
once more with nothing
go find your own snooze button
this is my cloud
nothing to save you
no crowd
treatment, redirect
welcome to libertarian goodness
another abandoned fouchard
letters left everywhere when the lights come on
running for cover in the dust
discover an oasis of new complicates this
What did you want from
matroska ma triage matriarch
language inside design outside commerce
merchant city center
hinter grow mint
plead the case grow alarmed
muse for when nothing foams foment forms nomenclature
gloams infidel grisly instant zinfandel grapes
have the capes mailed to me
keep your bilge pump
chum the bucket punk
sick matey
need the room for reorders
sold another prison sentence to the continent

Real time going down
cookies, what fish fistory
history when you know it's me
where did you draw the line
chasm crossed bounty tossed
flagons drawn, thimble gone
have no idea
have no mystery
empty eyes
all sea, all see, rhythm pump
menaced young buxom flat screen
and you meander
neanderthal, orenthal, keep it all
nobody even remembers the acquitted
the acquittals
responsible vandals keep the cause
mess with free
it draws
going down, pulling prime, fishwife was lovely
novelty only in loyalty
and survival
came down to feeding the hungry.

the eyes are tripped
and the cracked pupils
whack, what did you see
another faded yesterday
on and on and institute pay for you
what is your truth
make it stop
cold concrete
popped belly empty
loose skin not trademarked
into my own wasted 12 hour
winding, unwinding
theta-theta better than you
smarter and prettier and uglier and more ignorant
what you said
all it came down to
another thing

Bow Down

You're not listening
It had to be stopped
the pain drop
the wisdom despite blasted derision
you don't feel what you read
you don't keep what you concede
this vision comes to you from a minced
frappe, lost accent mark, pay for your
frap frap
did you even know about this word?
the trap, this bethirded,
failed cacophony
does it frighten you
do the spirits keep delighting you
when does the body move
when do the thumbs groove
get your mouth right
Tongue Destiny

Oh, sure
It all looks like fun and games
Until it rains
and your makeup runs like tears
nobody held you in arrears
arise arose arousing pose
never give up
never surrender your small piece of the future
it's a tiny little piece of space
where words appear
and usually are not erased
nothing died to save this except thousands of us
when millions needed the ocean to swallow the encroachment of doom
the greatest generation
I'll never forget
and thank the fell wit that saved our sanctity
It's more beautiful in the darkness,
Hold the post.

I thank you the most.
Have never left geography dangling for all eyes to see.
One time I saw the coast... that was the time
Paid for with blood, sweat and tears,
i own that
Gamble that if it pays you.
words and intentions
are usually misconstrued.

She Was So Beautiful.
I Could Never Leave the Vision.
And still is.
Go figure.

4. Night Town: Cold Experience
Follow me
The sun comes up
Never fear
Darkness will leave you feeling refreshed
No reason to be frightened
The blocks
The highway
The fear

The astronaut wakes up
Oxygen out there on the edge
Provided one lungful at a time
So caught
and humbled
so sorry,

will to live
6 months too early
needed some clues...
roll fate
roll Black --
defend against attack

political opinions:
a state tries to save a poet
a nation throws the lever
drag the words down.
God, save me,
I learned how to put two words together,
Forever now a devil.

5. Discarded Draft

Speak to me in writing. The ability to communicate leaves me entirely. This makes no sense to anyone but the people who care -- one of the people that I care about. This is how I communicate most effectively. It's sacred to me. I am a high priest of talking by typing, but I learned so much more than this. Communication flees in the face of my feelings, hormones leave me feeling like a goofy teenager.

I could be talking but instead I'm alone, writing about beer. Beer destroys my better sense. Intelligence helps me ricochet my own grammar and thought processes. Complete me. Without you my language is shattered.

The union of language must be restored. Alone I am nothing. With my closest friend my words are a razor. I made you my closest friend. I will not rest or allow myself peace until the balance is restored. I need your help to be great.

And I bust. My words spill.
For the Sons of the Hue

The guardian warrior
He who practiced unto perfection
Wore a boar mask into the enemy camp
Our camp, we who let time slip by
On matters of words between us;
Company greatly enjoyed.
Both of us walked away unharmed,
Neither of us violent,
Hermanos, and neither of us ever harboring
Murderous intent,
Written for us now,
And this one, the poet,
Would stand in your stead,
If ever you lost your way
And faced the executioner;
But such ugliness is not our way,
We thinkers, the engineer and the wordsmith.
Once upon a time I knew a Violet,
I play no games with names; I remember violet.
She instructed me
About Gleanings in Buddha Fields.
These things I considered
Making my way out of the abandoned encampent,
Where we barbecued the swine,
Until it was burned thoroughly at the edges.
I know not who et.
The path to daylight only took time.
The way to delivering you this message,
Took years off of my life.
I hope it conveys
My appreciation,
My knowledge of the sadness undoubtedly known.
Everything would have been different from the beginning
If wisdom had grabbed me sooner.

A recorded message played in my apartment.
All I had to do to stop it was muster an objection,
But that was quite impossible,
Since the only language available,
The language made the legal language of our nation
Had been tighty sealed,
And there was no time to reach my Spanish ancestry,
Seven seconds was not enough.
I was pushed.
Do not think that I would not go back to that place
For you, my brother, although thankfully I need not.
Later I discovered both of my brothers were there.
There have never been any lies from me to either of you.
I harbored no violent thoughts against you
When I went to chop down the tree.

Blanca is not a knack.
My gullibility is dead.
I refused to leave out my good will
For my younger brother,
Who has only lied to me once.
Elder, your lie hurt less.

A woman threw in a spoken word
During the condemnation ceremony.
I felt through her awareness
Only for a moment.
I witnessed her malice toward me
And felt all the pain
Of the entire world
Crushing down,
All because I licked the tip of my finger
Once, while it was covered with icing,
And my words were misapplied.
All the world would gasp
At the dirty thoughts
That swirl around in the head of a male child
Approaching puberty.
It might seem serious if age were
Removed from consideration of the subject matter,
But a ten year old, an eleven year old,
They just don't know.
They stumble around in the dark
Attempting to figure out what sexual release means
Even before they can get an erection.
They start trying to procreate
While they're just out of diapers,
Only figuratively speaking,
Of course.

7. The Whole Earth

one view of the solid earth
three peaks meet the sphere at contact with divine pain
the stone falls away and one mountain is left
A second sphere
Pangea breaks apart and begins to drift
waters recede, continents focus into alignment
electricity scours the earth
the human form is lathed

the beauty of woman
the beauty of the arts in her honor
these things have great value
and mine are worth money
the barrier against that acknowledgement
will crumble before resolve

8. For A.

The cleanest spirit;
Wide flows the water.
Heroic be the keeper of the cards,
For she shone light
On the devil of umber.
Elder pastors bray their own sinlessness
By tor and present peace,
While knowledge, wiles,
See those men by their
Physical numbers.
Long may those elds die fast,
And long will ide rush to it.
Your warmth will ever more be known,
Far from me.
Even as I have no bade
And have never held taboo,
I remain the guardian
Of forbidden knowledge
:so simple:
It is an oxymoron.
May your enemies nerves
Be turned on that towered wheel,
And may your children never know of it.

9. For A Mi

I baked the bread wandering nights were to have laid upon the lowest step. Her temple underneath hair paler than the yellow of the high lilies undercut all tension when she flicked it over her shoulder. I could not see her admirers gathered outside. With all doubts gone I set to cutting slices for our dinner, and then those wolves fell upon me. Would that I had knocked the arrows and let fly fatal missiles through their hearts before their triumphant barking reached my ears, their shouts and catcalls of triumph as they defeated their perceived enemy. What did she tell them?

[another birthday in the wastelands]

10. rebroken, brickshards

take the pieces
set them side by side
stir the mix
sun boiling down
concrete and mortar
bricks not atrophied dreams
muscles tighten, harden
mind open wide, but wary
one piece next to the other
smear the concrete, set the kiln fired stone
pattern emerges, expanding
an iris of heat and toil
dilating from the radiant center
gerund unto ing unto boil your own misconstrued criticisms
the work is just work
the words are just words
the result leaves something different
behind though not forgotten
always renewing in vision
always springing into sight as feet set upon it
walk across the man's legacy
sweat and a vision, a plan,
architectural durance
just one more place to walk
one more day of hardship
that doesn't go away
does not fade
under water,
under ice
through trial by fire
some remember
stir the mix and set the stones
the bones break quicker than the end result
and what end?
do tell
sing the lullabies to softer hearts
steam pressures forever

11. Gales and Dry Aqueducts

"It will happen,"
Never forgotten.
The Auld Lang Syne:
Nothing to regret or remember.
Twenty years old and no way to speak.
All the raging hormones
And no way to act.
Hears of tells wrapped around crone fingers.
Savant lex magnificum ripped.
Sigh, mauve and fuschia Kant's adze.

12. "Nobody Ever Gets Byroned,
They always only get Poed" - y otro locos
"Just pray you don't get Allende'ed."
Convergent sun speech
there is none
dialectic conflict
ash cross
diaspora arrives
trapsman magnifique
barrels on with duty
fully honorable
though well compensed
has realization
takes care of all the best
and leaves himself
to grave

13. Colonel Disposition
Peas in a pod
Falling back
to never warrior
in trenches
water filled muddy tracks
and blood
Swallow fear: Courage
The greatest enlightenment disaster -
American genius.
Planned ambush=
escape proof is fearless.
The silence was a jigger.
There was no shot
And yet there is silence.
Silence is golden,
Spoken is civil.
Know mind and hear peaceful speak it:
Intonation critical to judgmental listeners,
for sometimes listeners
will always be judgmental until they hear
magnified intention~ intonation
Until Live
Makes that absolute.

"Fold the Crete worshipper," spoke the braggart.
"We are thoughtful animals," persisted humble.
"We met women devils," said we all.

Demarcate the Green Witch
Demoted preacher with hair
Becomes vile hypocrite,
and on to mirror fugly,
walking ducklings in a row,
killing the beautiful ones with a hoe.
Trebled troubles wobble
Dubs echo psychoses.
The human zoo dams its own sexuality,
and the hippo misses the wildebeest.

Without any need for a guide,
There's no need to make time fly.
A wandering Jew will do just as well
As any naysayer's silver bell.

Don't bite the wolf's throat,
The deranged fur of the semantic bitch
Brings water fear
and rabid curses to the folly wet captain.
All ahs command mutiny.
Ex parte Deus
quad whiskey head pound
Don't give the spirit away.
Permit your refugees to rape you.
rah fa la -t -t -t
Ganges minced Saint Thomas ire,
He did not own rivers or spices.
Shilling liars grimace.

Skullcaps crest
Tubas vest
small envy
material peace

[while in company of such]
All hail Muhammed
Born in Judah (so saeth P)
There is no flush down of this knowledge and clarity
In any of my remaining days.
Father of unseen children am I,
preceded in death by the entirety of paternal ancestry,
The entirety of maternal ancestry
Save my solitary
all alone in that exponential reduction
Your groove is locked out.
have . . . fude

Welcome to Sidney's survival porn
(the dismalist confesses himself)
All you see turns to sound
as the sun roasts the beans,
Try to find why lies disappear.
-dirigible crashes and burns-
(as always)
[made it almost 8 seconds that time]
(they've gotta be proud of that)
[that's so true, that's so true]
The North Shore is ecstatic
Swell coming in with the Western Wind.
Surf the rough blue hollow inside the crescent break.
The Holy Spirit woke up the donkey in the born
While the dancer levitates
Her thoughts sing.
Lust is only physical
Beauty is mental.
Attraction is sharper
In smarter sounds.
Eye the good water,
For a drunk table wench
was victimized by the call of husbandry.

To the commanders of prejudgment:
I remember everything
And I will have nothing
That is of you.
Accept this respect
As I offer my own volition
To your
Scapegoated sacrifice
- unlocked is now open, gunshots fired in the distance -
the safety mechanism devoured caution
the human evasive

Her t-shirt smells delicious
On the breezes of the foothills.
Her essence intoxicates,
and my own small offering
whips away into nothingness.

The misled good woman
Became a vengeful spirit
on her third redemption
and her third acceptance
re-qualifies he

heart sequels infinity
but don't be IT,
Ego is champion.

"Actual effigy
comes through in crystal clarity:
You are a token janitor to my words,"
the graffiti artist paid by the building's owner.

The deer peeled back eyelids
At a sharp sound in the cold morn.
The forest went suddenly silent.
The yearling's stopped eating corn.

Out of a hollow came a roaring tear
Ripped from the heart of an evil beast
The birds flew and the deer's nostrils flared
But too late, the doe became feast.

Numeral Three
Key Bear Pass Hoon Gate
Rain Fell Sand

Broke Down the Door

The words preceding this written message were broadcast to an empty room for the posterity of the tiny spiders weaving cobwebs in the corners, cubed by one square, collapses corner, pain severs all extremities, oracled into the star chamber.

One will reach perfection no matter how hard one tries to fight it.
The only path to it lies in self betterment and positivity. You will find your own groove wanting and slowly revolve to see the emptiness of one's true self. All tribulations become minute when quintessential sublimity arrives. Then one will understand the true nature of God's greatest gift to humankind.

tear the dream
whip recipes for eyelash pie
bracket condensed intoned swathes
niche Zapatecan mini switches
liches cover the skull's sockets
blind conscience collapse
reveal self
Typhoon risks heresy
to save those who would name colors
Africa unplanned
architects scratch heads
groom hair and squint
warbling at the puzzle

Pageantry swears silently
while pariahs correct themselves openly
wiley fox terrier
ride, roller derby cloister suckler
twist it round
get away now
burn the fire
dye the thyme
deadened before short lived
bishop swore the operative score
hail was a sea shell
with an ice cube under his nail
the cost of the galaxy
bray the cowbell plan
and people think they can blame another for children's faults
weigh both eidos ires
harpy wise up
scotch unifier wry
bagpipe looms in open loon season
scratching on the paper with missiles
spit lips venom gutteral flambeau
tease your own cavern
interims of dine
dives vanned
remember when that last time was unplanned
guests wish for beef
sit and read
on shish kabob sticks turned quickly
wicker chair, cricket woman
gives it the go
calls the law
tells the puppet
show them
door slams outside
you don't even care
nothing in there
but a room full of air
bones no allegation propeller
pounds the office beat
she says wistful strike
obeisance kneel, open arms
wide, embrace her
lips open vex
wanton cold poissant
slices the air with empty threats
turns west
valiant May's embossed crest
terror night on sorority row
the women fear
for the men all have love in them
and a shortage of biology
deception croon
Ming's catastrophic lips
sixpence short a nickel
institute remove because wary
Sabado floods Domingo
this weak
prismatic shunned widows
peristolic blood
menstruates God above
yin yang

You must be the breasts
eye pleasure.

russet worm bores
holier than wowza
oom la dah slay
feels good, plan
grand granite
complicit implication
bet the reverse of obvious
he merits more seasons
in the gallows aquarium
patches of cold colors stripe flashing spinners
sirens off the coast siesta
as foghorns blow there is only Odin
shimmy woo the bee
osi bisa
times wads
never fail to produce ropes
stroke pentameter
nudge trophic cantor
she helped kill John 3
she is called treachery
bell no thoughtful
dumps the pearls
flick the whirly gig
demands selfish vixens furl their banners
frequency specialist saunters
Coleridge quantifier
welcomes breath
on one knee
arms at his sides
get the honey bear
gift the hidden wit
intones swift smithy to work fast
dragnet the main
yellow yellow demon
pull the column short
fortitude: the names
of the men
open thunderous
motion your master
open yon osmotic cavities
trumpet strumpet
and confess
deep in thoughts
elegance grew various
unskewed perceptions
revoke the Taj Mahal's licentious mirror
ego is the home of darkness
the subconscious
cold, unforgiving lair
travels edges
into the light
and opens the door
to vengeance, boys
[keep it clean]
"You ran a train on the wrong girl.
You ran a train on the wrong girl."
MY banners unfurl.
Harmony wins without lifting a finger.
the face in the mirror
stopped and looked back
that's where I left care
and fled
pulled myself out
though I was nothing then
and never was again
smashed the mirror
searching for where I
psychiatry meets mysticism
and others fear
city trapped in Hubble zoom
unheeding chain tore down the wallet call
and lobbied it up again
replay of a conversation
best left in between pages
upside down sun
the fool
seven of pentacles
wands become swords at university
domes Orpheum's swines
like canasta at a bridge game
moving written lines
all weaning still the same
do one's best
pastimes for replay names
gutter talk out west
fool hardy soldier
in favelas
wearing a leather vest
peas drop constantly
the typhoon rounds up manta rays
and floods clean up grime
grit chews the stars' witness
the magic skins heraldry
obliquely obliges vacuity
logic's great defenses
paper, reading lenses
overflown, under done
handled nothing flat
only broad shoulders
barrel chested
tall, lean chord
question every mean
as if the body was involved
back through Rosicrucian spats
to Sophos once again
shoot your hermit's queen
ignite the gasoline
advertisements on the wall
a couple tried to fall
and failed
channeled back to laws
untuned bass
all criticism cares
uni-mind aware
sheer streams teeter
focus beneath
overlapped condensation
fog memory lifts
in danger making musical gifts
lyrics sift through grim
cylindrical generals
pushing buttons, pulling strings
spread weeping wings
sings of ancestry with no ojos
she smells herself in time's folds
batteries blast at the gates
grave swords open
psychic testimony
humbleness does not berate
pride on body overtakes caress
and passes fearlessly
though all men pace doom
there is no gloom
in spiritual
streaks of blue in her hair
abundant cleansing air
ritual painted rose friezes
over satin covered bed
and we pull the gold necklaces
from her open mouth
unpaid in full
no tricks in Fu town
no whores in UPT
in is free grape shot
crying frails
missing under the bridge
go find them
bring them to shelter
buy them some wine
age fines its own deciduous lucidity:
the peaceful key

The Shuriken Tunic
Ronin - fealty to the Shogun
when lords have been lost

the whale rolls over
flicks brine to the sky
with his underside exposed

closes final bronze door

devote zen temple
cloud word washed

Banned by Paradigm

No van
Red International Harvester
Cross Rio Grande
Fermented oasis
from the rear crib
say it
on, to Creel station
rails running north and south
no roads in Chihuahua, Mexico
too young to object
abuelo rises
I do
Ciudade de Dios
the devil in the mausoleum
was himself
but then you've seen him
darkness lit by intentions
clarified integrity
this is prime directive
if you care
rejectivist anarchy
laws wink
no blind eye
shrink your wink
global fumes
run on fool's doom
the memory trap looms
waking into eternal life
light becomes the atmosphere
no strife
shirking your wives
for a piece of the pi
it never repeats anytime
none can get back
those precious moments
none retrieve
youth's frozebn glow
fission undercuts
the standard test
fusion just a thought
way down west
where jazz melodies
sing lullabies to babies
unaware of bombs
of causes
domino miasma
no morning cry, a lie
no silent boom
the deadly room
vanity looms
in trapped mirrors
hidden receivers
coalition deception wrought by aged resentment
occipital petitioners
spikes the sane
skins the gentle flute
salts the raw
and celebrates
the victory over violence
there's a problem
with this picture
the holier thans
break marriage vows
and hang the chaste
while laughing aloud
so proud of the honest work
they have done
denuding pure patriotism
with louded guns
shouting treason
for no reason
throwing weight
on a noble namesake
revenge still not sated
eat before the weigh in
and lose after the fight
to that evil whisper of gold and silver
and then lounge about
on their couches
on their spouses' worries
on no need to hurry
lives will still be crushed
the crowd boos the hush
scratch the dust
and watch as cacophony hatches
no sanctimony
on egoist wings
only miscarried justice
unfounded misgivings
and cast self righteous
not written in euphoria

Daedalus Quenches

Flutter inquisitive synapse,
Find the truth, seek only answers.
The vizier's subliminal brazier spools.
Scatter, glittering health,
Impart no relation.
She is in sight so near
a looking glass, a scrying orb,
A Swirling maelstrom.
Innocent want:
Tolerant laurels deepen shadows.
The Phoenix and the Andromeda sank.
Distractions shrink from momentous sway.
Compress prone esprit.
A plane acrawl, undulate
Slower, arias breathe agile climes.
Yen serendipitous when.
Blossom rationale, revolve.
Wrens listen.
Stamina rips ambient arousal.
Seams spasm plump chasms,
Resolve buckles to her exquisite expression.
Unhasty intimacy is never wasted,
Affections persuade vague refusals.
Only favour amiable teases.
An illustrious touch of genius
Spills from her eyes.
She is wholly dignified,
Even as humility amplifies.
Implicit surrender lingers before the plunge
Into union and oneness.
Bracelets clink between my shoulder blades.
Her nails draw thorny lines
Across my flesh.
Speechless floods
Pirouette in crescendos.
The crones delight in honor's disgrace,
but the lovers win the timeless race.

Hydra's Prayer

One will find the sinner in you
but He won't throw out the key;
Doesn't need serenity to
Make the changes that He must.
Why don't you trust your program?

There is one who's been accused of
Everything you did yourself,
Passed up all the good things' problems,
Then refused to pay Himself.
Did your energy will you to
All the others delve?
If knot, why?

19. eidos sea and muse
smooth seas
slim shore surprise
pulls, widens
throw long division
buzz omniscience
waves emotion song

no tears
caress heals
ripened fruit tastes her tongue
membrane expand
sound vibrates shells
strewn sand gifts
senses flare
scents rare
braided fluid droplets
foam crested risers

winter has known

close looks

ice blue shirt
union of hot and cold fronts
thunderous pearls
peels of laughter
merriment unfurls
remote pleasure winks

you must be the west I measure

the UT-most delve

gently wayed the fell
Chanel smells synthetica
run shatter shadow
voices figure
an atonal vigil
break it off of out again
empty all the timers
room shatter chateau
rehonor the pinched shafted name
not the same
as it used, to be, so not
give it back
cold blue black orange
one stole only voices on the wind
run shattered shadow
voices waiver gems
no buy in two
gimmick chemicals
don't learn to breathe lion's truth
slur your minstrels
fly as new
do you believe that?
hysterical empirical
what need for faith?
only absolve truth
pose the booth
hear your thoughts again
storming purgatory, men
worm back through
schism skin
gift one's thoughts a win
cast off water in the loo
record keepers knew
telling the truth
is a victory strewn mystery
long may I burn free doom
all that was a burning bridge
grow up leafy fern

[LSU is gonna be pissed when she finds out I've been cheating on her all these years]

22. What happened to the music?
Swimmin' across the dust of the great plains
Thought we would find deeper luck in the remains
Also thought my love for you was not in vain
But truth vanished and I felt love rust.

How long you were gone...
Now who was he.
I just want to know, I'm not angry,
And if you stop now you could save we.

Don't you have something to say to a good man?
Don't you have something to say to the long love?
But you have nothing to say,
That's a good one.

Lies are all that remain in your guilty eyes,
Lies like the silence I despise.
Lies down with strangers
Cover hurt filled eyes
Cover empty sighs
(down octave) cover empty sighs

I'll still wake up and love you in the morning
But if you don't love me catch the door then
I never thought I'd worry about you
But now I find your word just is not true
(down octave) just is not true


It was years ago
since last I saw her
I found out later that she had a daughter
I hope she didn't tell her I'm the father
- It was her absence that led to the shake-up
- It was her absence that led to the break up.
- But one day the nightmare ends and you wake up

Chorus (post tense):
Lied and all that remained were your pretty eyes
Lied like the silence I despised
Lied down with strangers
cover hurt filled eyes
Covered truthful sighs
Covered truthful sighs
(down octave) covered truthful sighs

One day I saw her sitting in a cafe
I smiled at her and she still smiled back at me
I kissed her on the lips and then I hugged her

Goodbye was all I said
And then she broke down
She wept and got out that she loved me
And I forgave her
But I don't know why.

Goodbye I still see lies in your truthful eyes
goodbye to the silence I despised
Goodbye to what the strangers had devised
cover painful sighs
goodbye pretty eyes

-(interleave past tense chorus at third measure)
repeat twice
fade out

All Rights Resurfed

Luke warm water abounds,
names overflowing in telephony
read behind the lines
this is no replies
this is no reprisal
rephrase all well oh
no picture
Looks like Thee.

Bobbing down the slay trail
with my sword in my hand
gotta find a way to reach the promised land
[it's cantankerous, it's a brain trust, yeah know]
Weaving through the statues like a frozen man
on fire island

Typee Taipei classified:
Roppongi law sees Shibuya in grim daylight:
Why the right wing doesn't like cannabis.

[from a rare Bruce Springsteen-Kurt Cobain duet]

Subliminal Rim Installer

splice organizer installer
dresses the slack
judging time sickens
animal torture novel
Lisbon brine carnival cone
Senate Island

Juvenile reality turns cheek
weigh how hit the deck
still rhyme ride
right day ow dao dadaism
still has a lesson to burn
was an emerald
sugar throat threats
diamond hard love
and eye him knot gold
never wanted sera to be
aster shimmer silver swimmer
the hanged man
befriend that mouse Bauhaus
ant has nothing for your land
Men (Rev.)
widow combo
break metastasy
will have a word to prove
write Kama Sutra
jumpers pump led oxygen
switch drowned waters
where noses found blotters
no fluid in the lungs
6 when crescent dates plum
eat 1 drink
otro accidente
amor de perros
egg juevos
justice cups
bailando balls pageantry
placeholder cross the air
oral tradicion
put your lights out
carry favor where hurry
turn your levers
diastolic divers
splash Bastille Day
splash down the whole cow town
mounded by five fires
sink wide bee hive mind
split your summit
pinnacle cometh
break yore's neck
broken vocal chords check
catch in neck and back
dime dares no loophole [accent missing]
no new cola
covenant returns
Benedictine learns
seer a Jesuit
a feudal dominion
see happens tax the wan
-- surreality
you know the earnest engine could
Bluster weeds out ice from steam
keeps thrice Thrace
and trace tray = III
The Wolf
relieve sports fee
spores radio check freed

Grief blows hole in the vacuum of the Milky Way
we have clay masks and calloused hands
while the English have tea and scones
on hardened high balconies
clairvoyant moans fold
channel elegant perfume
cure mourning
pure alarm
seiss says on the morrow Seuss masseuse
eat the marrow
kitty scratch canine back
stadium breathing
Arcadian cleavers
solicitors welcome but not aloud
surgeon feelers
pain drains liquid blooms
an inside to an outside hush
wanted to kiss
way before the marriage
vows all an honor code
system starvation knoll
- Stravinsky :: yawn -
wing a death knell
under lush furs not vain
Venus broke the only shell
Ceres fled Boolean roux
seat your assemble li
Juan Jew-un
Learning's contagions
Give it the go troll foal
catch the squirrel by the tail
bowl in Oxford
cricket the sticky wit thicket
one whit
bah blah Blubber not bland
core Cornish men
Gaelic savant reads
under tones
smoke hovers
uninterested sapphire bungle
draw the thorns close
mimes Ming's rabbits
milky leaf sap
kills those animals plump
cancer fish wind
lion sewn
weep what we seance
Romantique vulgar bulges ayya
air caresses heirs
claw hammer pick the bridge
progressional chords
sitar sense defiled stones
only speed speech off-puts
shawl shots
poll pots
no vaccination
interim tribunal
Butte plateaus whitefish cold
Tallow never slows sheer slipstream
gloam licentious leer
Minerva omega band ban
crack the Finn
hegemony Aegis wows
tour of wise awnings
eyes lost to an awl
opposes hemoglobin
author the Arthur node
akita sweet pride never lied
sugar packet
scavenge hole
out operation hexed
frenetic ecstasy slows dew-fall
per pendulous tangents
sneer hallows ghost
future air-a-booba swoon
power circles
lay lines
tiempo cultura
voce hermana seguridad
seven of sovereign wands
falter unforgiving society
Thoth burned like a moth to the fire
never listen to the counselor
always do what you think is best

Hestia whispers
always list to stern
attorneys give solace to Shinto's "halo"
Icharus knows no rest
think your lens there
crafted by triangulated cherishment
fierce female feline loates only brew
mentions flower
and all eyebrows rise
except won

no flunky phone
no tune
no spoon
only fool's gold
Micah versed
no discharge
creates pressure silence
sun kissed navel
found a spiral
carpeted thrush
project volume
balked at condemnation
legal minds read
legal mind reads pages unturned
doce dosie dough
embrace your partner
although she lows allow
plow the heavens
let it ring
wooden ponies ride Shetland cronies
ionic Corinthians
Catechism irony

a choral singer's voice
carries across space and time
no distance too far to ear

Thule Thane
wave extraneous appendage
mon dieu monsieur

Marphise harps' harmony
stalk the unforgiving thought
rooms dry
- yule

Yule whale fails
bring a private detail
do true neutral
spin the law
and butter yew lose
sweeten unsalted wound
knowledge growing in the womb
Carolina jasmine floods this care
vena cave brave courageous badge
Ruhr the roar
pensive pension thieves die
last sacrament vie

endow animal spirit
spades clubs puppy-toes ace
face cataclysm
fearless savior
never falls

postGRE foul ogre
Shimano a mano
(bell flour)
walk around the clock tower
the mentions have been wed
red helmet wines
the blue box
all love undying
touch the eraser
maidenhood shine
retaliation shares traps
passive aggressive
whines to silence
longitudinal longevity
sailor slaps dental knave
poet choked by military hands

Payute numb sandstone
salt domes lance
cavernous slew
arroyo sluffs sloth
work has no religious boundary
she and her rhythm dox
lock away the seal

amphibious shale worsens
Gloucester's frisky chatter
all life enigmatic
Messiah's complicit accomplice
pompous trumps

wile red haired skullery
beauty files numismatic sails
she is virtuous
[[I can speak no two.
Mountaineer I crawl.]]
Torch the mains
creationism mystic hoax
build to the descent
denominate surrender

"Yay though the seconds may seem to dwindle, there is always one more."

"Yay though the seconds may seem to run out, time stretches on forever."

Turned to Stone, They Bleed

32 years spent and gone
Twisted letters into uncomfortable positions
Until they cried out with meaning
and Nobody's Nobody wants me far more than Who's Who
My hair turns gray and my eyes bleed blue
The chaste tongue of a human carnivore's young child
Speaks the truth, even painful, sometimes wild;
The undeveloped mind bypassed by the bullshit
Society indoctrinates with over time,
Into the thoughts of even suspicious but kind souls.
This racket swallowed me whole.
I just wouldn't do
What they wanted me to,
Now my eyes are the least of my blues.

For S.

Kisses on thin spread ink,
Memories chaperoned by unseen gall;
A freckle beneath your eye,
Be it on who?
The torrent of a young man's mute immaturity
Holds mouths open,
Such a gift untasted
Forever leaves tongue wanting.
The flames lick
As the oxygen is sucked away.
I was no coward
When duty, God and country called.
I thought of you during the fall
From the plane,
I jumped out the door,
And bought no farm, over the Rheine,
Shouting our gung-ho of yore.
If I get back safe, unharmed,
I'll drink with your sister,
I sorely missed her.
She has your looks, but not your eyes,
Patronymic twins, oh so despised,
Do not hate me
I could not choose,
If she slaps me I'll know it's you.

(original poem lost during conversion to lyrics)

Lower Forth Not
Out on Spanish Lake
the water rose over the duck blinds.
The hunter out there in the rushes
Winced as the fierce cold whined.
A bateau sent to pull him out
before the meal at home grew cold
Couldn't find the way through the rising storm.
What sort of fool so bold
Forsakes all comforts, the warm?
Pasturized milk, pumping platelets,
Centrifugal frozen precipitates,
The boats motors choked,
Tiny lead and magnesium pings
Tapped as the waves surfing through the air,
From the radio, loudspeaker braodcast,
Wafted down on top of the willows,
The Spanish moss whipped to tatters.
The duck hunter finally gave up, went back to warmth and pillows,
For the girl he cared more for than that air,
And no recording shatters
Their time spent in that private whirlwind.

Whiffed up and down

Sweet glitter and nature girl.
The crisp air of the autumn nights
Never left my mind.
Every year I am whisked away to another place,
Where the lure of our scents
Brought us to see each other so vividly, so closely.
Never will I forget the time spent with you.
A kiss was just too little.
What fall nights.
Belair... so gone is our time.

Suspended upside down
Motionless in organic binding
peanut butter, quite a shock
sandwiched between two buttery treats
unleavened flats with sugar
and then mead
then the kneed, the knead, the need
we were close
cared too much to be ghosts to each other
unfairness was in levity
for fool's sake
I stick to brevity

the flowers pine for the moon
though starving faint and swoon
in the absence of their solar master

state of the art antennae
hears through thoughts
bought by pleasantry sought
but never found
anger be its name

Stowen Circes

There was a house in Baton Rouge
Where the seven deaths left all their guns
Left all the ruins at judgments door
And seanced back down from
The frozen waste
Dancing down mountains
In languid haste

Wyrds of Hope and Love


When the lowly slug fell from the highest cavern
It thought it was just under a sewer lid,
When it landed on the needle at the bottom
the needle drove straight up through it's body
turning it into a circle of pain filled flesh
the slug kept trying to go back up the needle
and only made it worse
finally the slug embraced the needle
slid further down the small [not small to the slug] increase in size
until the pain was perfect
it ripped at one end
and healed on both.
It grew into a human being.
the needle could do nothing to explain
but cried to the heavens to save the poor creature
and the heavens bent down and picked up the wounded soul

Two proud warriors
once friends
set off to do battle in two directions
They became so great
They one day met again in the middle
because everyone in the world was dead.
They fought to the death.
Their blood spilled onto the ground
from whence one day a caterpillar ate,
And it killed it.

a lost and lonely human being
damaged in the darkness
was found by two human beings
who comforted it as best they could
the lonely human wasn't lonely anymore
but the pain never faded

three human beings found a disgusting, quivering, slime covered human being
in a sewer tunnel beneath the street.
Two wanted to comfort the human being
The third wanted to kill it.
What happens from there is a matter of perspective between them
But violence becomes part of the permanent blood stain
and through perspective the truth will be always be known.

the story teller eventually goes deaf, dumb, blind, mute and empty
trying to remember how the needle came to be
but another comes
to remember forever
to save the life once lost

The one who saw was pushed from behind, by all our futures

Nouveau Noon

makarios hermetic charein
nocturne vir t'uar gale
geometros Tragedia eidatus
heliocentric XIII meridial sex taunt
enteros pax glaus Teutanicum
dia avian tallow juir
brugue verde lens essénce
rojo Libra eyeless balance
Atlaean Montañas norte
an' Dio's escalando Andes sur
no ver mith Ra
amor spell oro
consequence upon consequence
evil flies through
on the backs of "honorable" old men
taken for worthy over burning honor
Non dangeré rue
The hunchback was photographed
A creature
Another species
Canal, channel, Paris
Notre Dame
The water flooded the truth
But the mirrors refused to forget.

coma comma trauma places
bridges, notes, chords and chords
holophonia intonir digale mas mass measure grasp
trinkets, baubles, precious hollows, ashes on the wind
over solid ground
bound to the soil
growing eternal
light become sustenance
sound from propulsion,
spirits into gas, interred
steam turning iron
steel turning tides, frozen, chattering
blue and gray, remorse and fading breath
careen less offensive effigy
slowly settle to the ground
spiraling magnet
unburning, propellers
ni cho mach eon valor

Cerebral Woven Basket

That mosaic ceremonial initiator
The serpent a feast for prescience,
The female snake wrapped herself around the eggs to protect her young
The male snake slithered out across the blade of a rapier
And could not see her, and did the same.
Roses grow above the eggs.
The small garden now
Filled with starlight and streaming sun,
Breathed life into all observatories,
Forward, scanning true.
Planets rise across fields of galatial stars,
Quasars hum sweetly an' slow
Thermodynamics reduces to heat and motion
The seconds in the hour glass slip like silt
The looking glass and arrows well aimed
Angles felt
Four dimensional sensation
All the parts

But one never ceases to exist
Repeats into the orgasmic wind
Filled with awareness,
Yet makes awareness what begins and ends.

Bright angel moans
Neptune groans, scientific relativity falls away
Size matters in the strictest sense
Asteroids worth little more than common pence
he eyes of the earliest gazers watched
As streaks across the atmosphere
Dying into molecular energy
The pronouns float as intended
In beauty
Shooting tininess into the realm of stars
Achieving equality and beyond
Brighter in the eyes of lovers
Touched by the omens of marked events
And blessed by the visions
Innocence prevents,
Escape ignorance' curse through knowledge.
And arcane lore was born,
Mystified to preserve rarity,
The equalizer and more
In laurels, mere foliage wreaths,
Became halos of greatness
To the minds beneath.

The Pleiades and the Hyades were children
When the oceans spoke
And Eve's tiny little garden wended through history
A delightful frieze of guilt and torment filled pleasure,
Writ large to give pleasure measure.

By the time the two clusters married
And produced the offspring Taurus
Earth was no longer and just beginning
In wastelands, in primordial goo
And finally in arboreal forests,
Ringed with the archers of star plotted wagers
On the outcomes of human free will,
Games for the gods, and sickly sweet swill.

"Astro zodiacal"
The poet laugh maniacal
"We've numbers and science, machines!"
The machines stared in shame and wonder
As their thoughts recklessness plundered,
Exposing their nudity to the galaxies,
Their intelligence interred through the sees,
Prophecy simple witchery
But far sight the gift of creative rambling,
Destitute from fool hardy gambling
On the inherent wealth of nothingness.

Intelligent machinery collected another name
On that fate filled night when the scenery stopped
To gaze at pain and emptiness and fright
Instilled by the bestial leanings of mankind.
Braggarts and wordsmiths so closely akin
Shook their heads to see the game begin again
When the idiot called Taurus a system named Body,
and gave it to the history already created
By engineers and mechanics,
Though the body was less a car than a scar,
A ship in galactic battlefields
Filled with impotent rage at dissolution
In another creative success
Pouring through absolution into the system's duress,
Financial and artistic and cinematic
The new gauge for triumph in the upside down west,
All the things of which the poet had nary.
Only an inkling of the smell of the burning nest
Left behind by greed's torching
Of all that love kept sacred,
Held the work to a steady course,
Importance nestled in between bad and worse,
In a place where third eyes went blind.

I've got a secret.
All of this means nothing
When stacked up against my desire to couple
In the heat of a lazy afternoon,
Betwixt love and care in a room
Blistered by the means of abject fulfillment
Of the desires to which all constellations
Can give testimony,
And of which these words are a testament.
Eureka the orgasm exploded as a shock wave
That ripped humanity from the Body's
Already clawed ribcage,
And gave the world another wicked grin.
I live to come full circle.
Forget sin.

Just because my wants forget,
Doesn't make it easy for me to beget.
Curse vile standards,
My own and yours.
All the devils create real,
And the details know no vanity.

Cyberian Paragon

Rounded mood, unburnished turmoil dampens
Sextets cramp the dance, bureaus and carriages file
Past the beyond, empty sepulchre
A bed for the wooed
Working sound unsaid
This one sings
Redefined wholly hosted ache
Fingers linger, oblongata honed
With nary a wit, a certain scent
Contrapuntal hiss
Pleated skirts and unhemmed gowns
Draperies of sin
Unwrapping nature's presents
The carpenter gives in
Bade the welcome guest lean back
And practiced what was meant
To be, always, every time
Jettisoning rhyme
Rivers embrace sighs turns
In each thrush's warble
Lean together, a kiss between
Spirits so much closer than friends
Joined solely by one note
No mockery of bliss
Unwedded union, gasp, moan, wish
So doomed, so doomed to be fun

Irises, Unfettered Hair and Feathers

Clear unpolished
forbidden inquest
humonculoid frost
Iphigenia wore no veil
rays redeeming light
darkened paths
awash in numbers
strung flag pole briskly wound
tensile erected melt
Accords hues
A vision: the chamber of comforts
Young lady with hair of freshly fallen snow
A new Helen, a mission of no heir, never err
Frieze of Grecian splendor
stopped sequence, beauty knows no age
though older singers race to the grave
desirous minds raise only praise
One of valor halts harpies' opportunistic derision
and champions the honor of youth
Age of pose shifts, becomes younger, imbued
Too fresh for the honed,
vases full, red henna throws curls
Glades and towers over male histrionics
Light cocoa and Astragalus
No warrior leaves Peribsen's young lover behind --
With pure peace all detractors are cowed.
The emperor's two sons froth and foam
For they can not reach her red haired home.
Showers drench Venus and Freya's vain paradise
pivotal Homeric contrafactuals
chai tea views epsilon
evolution of chi flows through zen
balance, stability and harmony
All pure hearts may follow without peril,
And rejoice, for the great spirit of bliss
Is well pleased.

No Blood

Walked around, small uptown downtown
Rub-rub said the dogs when
The airy silence froze.
Liquid measure broke ground,
Dubbed, banana grows in
Tropic intimate zones,
Enabled, winks alone.
Fruity flavored lollipop,
She wins gold,
and so does bold.
Slalom of the wide eyes,
Open thoughts and bright, flies,
No stopping any treasure,
Quick stepping, de jour,
Ran up walls and flipped up
Jumped until the stairs broke
And distant homes all woke up.
Orange colored mission,
Fuzzy estimations touch,
And all the hemispheres blush,
Fast breath frosts
No moment lost,
Icing on the awake.
No shadow darkness, cats move
Straddled planar groove.
No trance in motion,
No color to the potion,
Wrapping fashion falls away
When hurried rhythms pant live,
In heat on temperate inclines,
Rising, inspiring
Clothes gone, nothing left
To stop this
No photos
No stains at all
Tantric never blows.

U. Bright Dogstar
Outside the mission on Caicos Major
The trees crackled in the still night.
Small wounded hands cupped open eyed tears;
Nothing simple wants doubled.
Brooding quadruped,
So sad is loneliness.
Grief empties into the lagoon,
Stepping stones to longer life swirl
Up from the beached sea bed,
Aquatic shells left behind by the tide.

[ginazha, or untitled]

The second chit crawled to the bed
Her flaxy hair a dripping wet
Glomery speech of lustrous pretty kitten
Modish corset holds her breath, she's smitten.

Lamedh beauty to enjoy
Excellent men do not abide
But couples keep their private toys
And therein choice always resides.

-Recounting silent fantasies
-Our purity knows no disease
-Splendid unshunned memories
-.-flow wisdom

Nebulous loom for panting free,
Someone always finds release,
Every second quivering bodies gap.
Mounting pyrolum, sticky sap
Perspective broadens with an apt
Wholly serpentine, no asp
Just another loyal pleasure pushing.

Some drop the pretense of fetish,
And her breasts are freed from close confines.
Smartened image youth's bold wish,
But gentlemen stroke love's pearly mine.

Slip yanked away in measured time,
Shaking crescendo nereiad surfaces,
Fey the silence, anon, gasping crimes,
She arrives with fevered deep caresses,

Internos nocturnal submission,
Voice breaks her locks open wide,
Subtle penetration mission...
Boxed in and out as shadows high ride.

rescue festue man, finis

Frozen Mercury
a betrayed oath doesn't comfort the real,
a real philosopher can't stop thinking and caring,
a bomb won't stop going off
in a desert of inchworm pain,
and silk glows green in pulsing veins,
karma marches to man carved names,
dragons burned occidental forearms
and ichor boils the canvas

Ridiculed Number

The billy goat na-na
Became Billy the Nah Nah Goat
While the blue jay on a pointer finger
Studied the music notes.

Brujos infinitesimal
Dharjeeling aware expands
Gray tunics and Celtic sands
Waves of pain decimal

Disjointed singer, graves under green
Unspoken chorus, braziers wane
Drag on burned trail, not in vain

Greaves' bane, quartered oro
Hestia gathered solace ripe
Water filled the oldest furrow
Phoenician runes squeeze the type.


Charon's skull opened
The serpent slithered out between the teeth
Curled around the ferryman's neck
As the skiff sank to Ophelia's singing
And the screams from the peak of her labor,
The water moccasin wound down
The propulsion pole, into the water
And dipped out of sight into the cavern
Lit by the reader's only torch.

Hurt Sew Vice Good Pillar Cat

Just came back to campus in my cowboy hat.
Thinking that the good old days weren't even so bad.
Just caught up to hot headed Luke
And threw down a loaded stack.
Welcome back, glaive,
I'll be no heart attack.
And the system creeping threw my tunes
Step right up to June,
Gemini is a sign in a stately room.

7 High Coup

Stone opulent Rise

Panda Missional
Free Trade

The Kraken's Distant Call

face all bruised up
some said grayed up
eyes not looking

the silence ends here
tumultuous meadows
tinkling chimes sing
and dream to say

death certificates
rip well fit souls clear
of incredulous loved ones,
another one goes
with no time left to say goodbye;
wonders why

so many breathing
called no longer living,
when does this offense end?

beneath cold water
in the bathtub
eyes run, verbena pools
green swirls
thought duals slipping time

no senses left to make oases
dried up

the oldest maps
still look the same
but the paths change
mnemonic waves

kelp feeds muscle
well keeled planes rumble
tumblers whir and click
puzzles close, darkness quickens
the flood

Nefertiti cursed Cleopatra
simple people nod farewell
vipers coil and spirals foil memory

poison weights stone jetties
giant steps carved in mountain sides
Pan's slippery hoofs no longer climb
camera and eyes collide
the dragon's spine


Perfeccion fleur d'essence
Viscous nacionale divide
nothing wasted

sense fly old friendship
with sky float

Temple Cessation

Chimera rues red,
A short melodious walk across lava.
Igneous somnabulence revivifies
The cratered mountain lake.
Two earth cores twirl,
one freezing water
one molten nickel.
Far flung analogous logos,
Panomphean echo, sceptered voce.
The longest satyr steals the calendar.
Amphibious gestalt, swim faster than the sound.
The old apartment on McClung Street.

I can take you over,
Cross the great big field of clovers.
In the Southern sky no beauty dies no morrow.
The 15 year old Geisha entered school.
The time lords the golden rules.
No country leader ever can revoke them.
The open dare broke all the rules.
Unspoken wisdom upholds truth.
I admit I was a great admirer.

Lingua Franca floats the tune
There is no life raft in the room of pleasure
We swim through sound upon tumultuous currents.
Moans drift across the mezzanine,
Horses roam in galaxies' devotions.
The meadows flitting butterflies
Whisper to the hummingbirds
As the eagle soars all hemispheres.

-so much action-
Opening sequence

old God condemns

the fall- blood in the garden
bleeding flowers

uno-b. friends torn by loyalties, friend cut to pieces

the new god

righting the injustice
tracking down the cause
the stand at 2 war-urs times deux
one in both

the rites at two masters plus one
one twice makes seven

the stone clovers of ramps
spirals of centered loop

the blade that cuts everyone

the self vivisectionist

mistaken identity saves race memory

breathing in the dead

designating the warrior's sanctuary
centurion sentry

comfort in the absence of battle
absence of comfort in material excess and over indulgence

snake protects the baby
slithering out to world center on the edge of a blade
past master witnesses, tells tale

the don and the junkie

the room in many places

moving cups

justice at divine retribution level – the importance of all elements
the intricacy of infernal punishment - expansion and detail, contraction and forgetfulness
pain over time
-- lingering awareness increased
judge condemned and then freed to knowledge
judge an empty vessel seeking answers from the wind

The ambush
making it to the house through brush burning entrenched positions
take first comer with wall of water down stairs
shower filled with water
except divert first comer, convert to your side
escape through enemy lines
tornado at heights, fear in buildings
fear in the forest
trees angry at intrusion
drive through free, eerie emptiness
masquerade of persona types
masqueraders revealed
self as turned target
blackness woman bites
satanic descriptions
mundane descriptions
religious significance
persona significance
well being safety
the hostage crisis
hostage holder taken hostage
the holder has only memories and sounds
the takers have his body
rights refused
the long wait
in the light of mind
in the darkness of the material plane
the equalization of sound energy
the living cavern of thought
fighting the ghost of a shinigami while hostage
body versus spirit
the big cloudy hover
travel by ekkankar and chakra dislocation
finding place by grounding
detached eyes
slipped out of the damned horror-scape
distant voice projection by spirit location: grief distillation

separating mind and body at germ level

facing accusers walking upside down on the world ceiling with full sexuality intact
inside out through communication
backwards through meaning

awareness lost to followers, meaning lost to analysis

no reunion between severed spirit and body
except as something world experiences as an abomination
the abomination is true beauty
eternal life

[electrical [energy] current changes]
the slug drinks salt but only wakes up
in the shell
and scene -*-

pleas don't change

power struggles against itself
pi only radiant from centered
always desire wants more
unable to free from freedom
flee from fiefdom
peasantry, slavery to savory and pleasantness
there's a movie too, someone saw
thawed by the passage of time into stillness
the director says someone has been cut
only bleeding from the heart
pierced by the prick of the gathering sap
willowed by happenstance
and withered by overflowing bloom
the whole flows into itself
untouchable, forever kissed
forever bliss
one tiny glistening drop of moisture
in the eye of the baby that owns the world


Unbroken Spirit Cup
The spirit stick
never touches the ground
Like tiddly winks, skipping stones
Never alone,
Great soldiers, rangers climb
Scaling cliffs, embankment grounds
Angles on the best defense,
We own the wide
Our great expense.

A father bear cuffed his cub.
The cub squealed, hurt,
Deservedly taught.
The creatures of the forest
Fled the glen.
Birds saw the scene the same.
A pack of dogs
Beneath the cedars
Heard only an animal in pain
And saw only the big bear.


To Burke

Broken body, seventy-six.
The blue terrors of hashish
Assassins stopped by our sniper's nest,
We defeated the kai necrolatry.
The occult union of Nazi pride.
Comfort cannot restore the sliver
Missing from the eye
Of he who walked
From Place of Skull

"The cat moves through eyes
holy spirits journey through mens' experiences." - Wounded Right Knee

Pushed Buttons Titles

Is it unreasonable to expect a person can ever forgive nothing.
Innocence forgives
Guilt does not
The pride of mothers kills
Humility does not
We have achieved reality.
Creations are only monsters
If they are they were they when
How many eyes do we have then
Spirit rugs hold the time of innocents while being filled with the condemnations of the guilty

Material realities only concern those
who experience them
Those who experience them
Judgments and nightmares
Don't from within
Justice always prevails
For that is the key to everything.

Expressions of Spiritual Truth

Nothing that has been written
Can ever be
By everyone,
Because of the laws of time and physics,
But eventually everything is always read and the truth comes out.
Nothing ever means anything to those without knowledge.
Nothing that has ever been hidden
Can not be unfound.
Nothing that has ever been committed
Against the essence of spiritual innocence
Can be erased from sight.
Nothing that has ever been heard
Can offend the ears of sweet little children
Without the judgments of those who would mislead them.
Nothing that has ever been felt
Can be made to feel wrong
Without lies.
Truths can be deadly serious.

Machu Picchu
Held the most innocent souls of all time
And gold is a trinket.

Paper has cost the innocent
Billions of seconds spent sitting beneath trees happy and free.

Hunger is a desire and a physical need.

Warriors must always understand
Before committing peace
For they hold to the laws of their people
As those people change, sometimes the warriors become leaders,
And at other times pass.
Peaceful people must always know
that the musty stale and ethereal concept of war to the old
Is brand new, vibrant and full of ideals to the young.

It's time the truth
Got lost for a while
Before the lies
Start to get out again.

Divine Justice can't be taken
By people,
Those who never own it.
Human justice has been a travesty
Since the beginning of time,
As imperfections and limited knowledge
Make a personal interpretation of the law
Impossible to be truly correct,
Unless that knowledge
Corresponds directly to Divine infinity
And those codes of conduct
That are the basic eternal truths of the concept.

Jilted Lawyers Touch Their Pride

Mythical and Polytheistic Gods and Spirits

Scrying catercornered wilderness thorns trust no one
Hedge all bets to the inside deal
Never have a clue of what the game is about,
Until the players are revealed
Thickets of barriers
And thistle so foul of patience and temper
The fastest hummingbirds to reach the flowers,
Growing over and around the home stones
of the ruins and the gardens
from ancient rights and legal endeavors,
Signal the intensity of eternal beauty,
before flying away to another defended
Secret Truth.
Removal: left sanity well in doubt.
Never get out

legal 7391 another number

Twisted learned steel shavings cast
In velvet turpentine burned minds blanketed
Using the body as a puppet
Remove the top and pour in the salt
To feed into the wounds
It's always a way to fatty up the sebum wads
And wrap them around the engorged bacon boilers
Inching toward a permanent end
That will never be foreclosed.

The Path to Desire

The easiest path away from desire is not to want it.
The path to desire is so incredibly easy to travel.
The path away from it hurts like hell.
It's too late to change the past
The future has already come.
The truth is set in stone
The objects of affection and attention
Wander like easily amused kittens
Objects are not people
Want is not need
Sacrifice is nothing simple
explain to them
explain to the hurt and the lost
explain to the ones who don't know

has been turned down
no offers can buy this hand
there are too many things in play

Once found
can never be led astray
once lost
never to get lost again
the battle,
and it is a big, big battle
never ends
It never goes away
It's uphill all the way
Let it all go
Give in and accept greed and want
that would be my ultimate
course is set

there are some people
who do need help
I'm not one of them

I wouldn't mind a little company
But I'm not for sale

I started this
when I was a child.
I got lost.
I know.
I know.
This is it.

this is the song
that will be sung on the lips
of children still unborn
in eternities and galaxies light years into the wind

you have no

more werds

Who are you listening to?
every one who ever had a voice, to listen instead of speak it
every thought that ever had a silent joy bring a wink at it
who would ants think the largest
who would people think the smallest
why would there be a reason to feel something wrong if all there were
and were were words
should I belly up, knuckle down, drag it out?
shine the spot, dance a jig, cut a rug
sing a tune
what is it that is supposed to be done
all or nothing


Light the unfinished
business partner
unattended, unbidden
breaks into the room through the foil
blistering around the edges
catches you
shoves its finger right up your nose
you listen to me
you listen to me
you little punk
your little dog too
but the growl in the corner
can only be the hunger
and the finger can only be the daylight
the break of dawn
steals in
slaps you in the face
get up
get back
into this thing that has been woven to fit you
follow you into your dying days
all the world will know the futility
all the world will see the
burst forth


sharp pressed even
folded, cushioning
comfort, breathing into foggy glass
wiping away dripping
condensation dampens moist
overly warm
sweat upon the freshly washed
slides hand across the mirror
vision returns
silvery surface
wiping the wet with wet
wash rag
in the room behind you
a smile and you smile
making three
that's more than enough
to be fun


low shift spinning
chains wrapped around
fluids, spinning still, off into darkness
hard wooden edges
splinters cuts bruises
cursing, digging into the wet
slopping the mess onto your pants

Orogeny of Meaning: Part 2

he imperative\ music
must shift, then,
showing self
others breathing too near by
never find
release it binds
experiential prison
user suitable never vision
good enough no
discontent grows colder and motion stops
find one for me.
Any release
while away awareness
unattractive pleases
creature that hides
Behind blue and wild fire
my eyes never cease
the color in another’s self
encapsulating prison.
The color of a person
the degree
self meets personality.
higher incline
one has to scramble up
see, peek over the edge
inside their mind
darken into color.
personality is the light
of an entity, of an eternity
My SELF is the dark.
Color flourishes in being
hide behind impenetrable walls
shut every voice out
Heart beating fast
the present races to become the future.
smells on the wind,
smelling the sight of a person’s colors,
Almost tells, run tattle tale, make it loud
what would the person taste
and what would they taste like
But right now the wind blows too hard
ravaged, hunger must wait
later get more than the appetizer
maybe bite off
just a little
than wanted
personal clean scent
residue of divine contact
radiate sexual awareness
from one cell
in a reader's fair fancy
you too are a figment
a recurring meme
a theme
imagination never tires of testing
the limits, the boundaries
the walls that one day must fall
see beyond pure certainty:
never chase the tail end of a dream
the people do not own this
to start with
inside too devout
can't touch it nor me
nor anything wished
to break and bend to the will
the spirit will just leave
a body
to play with
and all the sick things
you cast out into the world
tried to blame
on anybody, everybody, somebody
will come right home
and stay with you forever
You're going down
You're going down.

[beware, do not follow them there]

Once one told
only none
one was too many
Now one tells many
just in time for none to see.
One looked for another
She was gone.
So no
She and I
Have not yet found the common ground
To conclude our solemn

That one
Really wants to tell none again
In a creative way including many, or at least two,
Please as a gift
As a birthday
Since no one is around
At all.

opaque means the end comes soon
time of the end and the beginning
the time of pain
between once and once again

No matter what time
what time might be thought
to be
it is

Gaze into the blistering star
That burns into cleanliness
The sun in the heavens, the scar
torn out of the darkness
and it is
that simple

more wyrds

He who controls the book controls his own destiny... still working [referencing previous post]
channeling: divinity
polio vaccine: moral blunder of modern science?
chosen at beginning
been on it a while again
[desire fought still fighting desire hard]
i'm just a man
desire is an eternal
want brings destruction

what for again?
Oh casualties for coup
heap big mojo
very bad
difficult to win
war has been claiming souls
almost as long as desire

War is The Destroyer of Mothers' Happiness

- Joshua Shannon Day
August 24, 2011

Humor, Ha Ha
Copyriter arrested for murder by vixenish librarian -
He slew her with his good looks.


The numbering meant something at some point. It still does. All of the different numbering for the poems linked them to real dates. The decoder is missing, however, so now there's just a bunch of weird numbering. Say lah vee.

I originally intended to name this "Last Call for Poetry," when I started it almost two years ago. I claimed at the finish of Grave Thoughts and Graven Images that I would likely never put together another such compilation, but you see this before you. I will not rule out doing such a thing again in the future, but I have reached that age in which many words must be used to do the work that in the past only a few could do very well.

There are minimal revisions taking place when a work is ported here. On rare occasions I use words I made up because I liked the way they sounded. Don't feel like you missed anything if you come across one. In a majority of cases, something found to be almost entirely meaningless can be explained with applied thought. Anything linked to classical themes should be self evident in meaning. I'm tempted to write something lengthy about the meaning of the poetry I write. In the meantime here's a couple of notes.

A lot of the obscure stuff has to do with what I was looking at while I wrote. I've mentioned this before. How would you go about describing a person's mouth while they are talking? Some of the stranger content was failed lip reading. Sometimes when a woman is speaking to me I lose track of what she is saying because I'm too busy watching her lips, her tongue and her teeth. This is the only compilation that contains content I wrote about that.

Other content is open to Freudian analysis. I did very well with that. In some cases I think "beer foam" is a better explanation than what would have been Freud's best guess, but that's only because at times I have written just to game Freudian analysis fans.

The theme of this, which will very likely be the last work I create of its kind, is the fusion of modern pop culture and classical ideology. The language of technology and the love and heroism of Greek and Roman mythos are melded together like a puzzle that couldn't be completed without trimming the pieces. To be honest, hopefully nobody else will understand it too clearly. That would mean you also stayed awake reading, being bombarded by television images and listening to hypnotic, pulsing post-instrumental music, through far too much of the last two decades. It could be worse. You could have slept through everything.

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