Saturday XIV

Beware of gift phones. They may be set up to spy on you, and not just a little. Anybody can do it, and every part of the phone's use becomes available for inspection through the procedures. (.pdf)

Facebook officially changed some of their "1337sp34k" settings so that females are no longer "54ndw1ch m4k3r5."

In case you missed the news, Coachella is on live on Three stages.

Harden you Android phone like a rock- secure, encrypt, anonymize

If Aereo can win this court case it will revolutionize device broadcasting. They may win on fair use because of the hardware they employ, or may even simply be exempt from interference. Futuristic tape dubbing via remote.

Neon Indian delivers a super-hyped, comfortable stage presence, but they still sound like shoegaze to some of us. They played Coachella today. They were even better at Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge in 2010. The amplifiers negated the pop sound almost entirely
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