Faith - Updated

Through Faith All Things Are Possible

I believe I will find another good woman.
I believe I will get another job, a good one
I believe when people say that it's gonna be okay
I believe it's fine on rainy days

I'd never turn away a person in need
I'd take a bullet for my friends
I believe that's where courage and other good things
Start, and where they end.

I'd take the place of a condemned man
If I thought his sentence was wrong
I'd stand on the gallows and smile and sing
I'd do it because I can
Even if it wasn't for long

I'm thankful every day
when I wake up and I'm alive
I guess I don't know what else to say
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Notes: Stanzas removed and most of this "notes" because nobody saw it. I checked sitemeter.

Let It Not Be Said

Before the dawn rests
A time of empty thoughts.
The sunlight brings activity
But now there is only the praise of God
Reserved for such still moments.
When did all this begin?
The origin holds the answer
To all questions about the end.
The great beginning,
Missed by every generation since
Spectacular like the rising sun,
The hope of every traveler.
It is a far voyage
from day's end to the next.
Before sight vanishes
one takes the longest steps.
Intents focus on reaching safety,
Quickly, before darkness comes.
Some people love darkness,
A close friend to the astral plane.
Early morning clouds often streak the sky
With daintier colors than man could ever hope to copy.
The clouds are blown in by the wind,
Herald of the fiery chariot,
An old god too beautiful for Yahweh to destroy,
The sun is just too nice to do away with.
Though God is jealous
He also recognizes true value.
The only reward of the night voyage
Must be the light at the end of the long wait,
The breeze across a lake in the sunshine
After many hours spent awake,
The sensation of being among the minority
Who worship just as well after midnight
With eyes open and mouths shut, alone.
The guidance of the pastors
sometimes curdles the beauty
Inherent in reading the untouched Christian philosophy.
The interpretation of the material to justify selfish ends
Is a sick trend meant to indoctrinate weak minds.
The prejudices, the biases,
Evil misconceptions, cancerous faults,
Escape from the preacher’s mind through his mouth
And slither around the room into the open
Ears and minds of his audience.
In them he instills his own poor judgment.
One mammoth goes over the cliff
And the rest follow.
He speaks of trust and faith
Until his head bursts on the rocks below.
He preached to his easily led flock:
Abortion is murder.
Niggers are animals.
Jews are evil and unclean.
Drugs cause all crime.
Sex before marriage is sinful and vile.
Obedience to your husband is the path to holiness.
All other religions are damned.
Muslims and Buddhists are terrorists and murderers.
Foreigners are stealing all our jobs.
The list of detestable preconceived trash never ends.
When the holy words come these words will be treated
As blasphemy deserving of the harshest punishment
And this author will become a fugitive.
I will be described as a scum dog God wants killed.
They know because God told the preacher directly
so he says
To hunt down and kill everyone like me
Because we let the babies die,
We have befriended the black peoples and the brown peoples
The yellow peoples and the red peoples
We have corrupted women into thinking willfully.

He preaches:
Kill the abortionists!
Kill the drug addicts!
Kill the minorities and burn their churches,
They’re only animal churches!
Take the rod to your wife and make her obey!
Kill the Satanic Jew cultists!
Kill for God!
Purify his perfect creation for the true race!
Good people fight this war!
Good white people!
The future:
His flock gives their amens,

“We have faith!
We believe!
We understand!
We will hate for God!
We will strike for God without hesitation!
We will kill as God has ordained!”

Do you really think we don't know?
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