The Walton Home

The oldest house in Benton County, Arkansas. Almost two hundred years ago the simple brick home looked out into an orchard with beautiful tall trees in the distance. Good people attended the home and worked to gather the fruit that provided an income for the owners of the estate. Walnuts grow in abundance there to this day.

The walls of the residence are eighteen inches thick. The polished wood floors hold the stories of many generations, and the walls bear witness to the labors and gratitude of many occupants. Not far away the Trail of Tears wound through the valley, and in the forests one can still find adobe from long ago. The homesteading of the area enabled common folk their American dreams, while a small river flowed through, bubbling over the polished rocks in the valley.


The play by Jean Paul Sartre begins slowly, with ultra realistic descriptions of moving angles of perspective. The direction evolves into characterization after the picturing of one bare foot. The primary action of the play revolves around Nagaro, George and the only female character. The other characters play a centrifugal role to the brutal openness of the racist and sadistic speech Nagaro directs at the Malay George. Eventually it becomes clear that the worst villain of the play, the female character, intended to make millions off of the misfortunes of everyone else in the play. Jean Paul Sartre more than likely cut out the last page to keep the ending of his play positive.

I give it a "pleu." Arlette Elkaim Sartre wrote the introduction to the work. There was so much more involved with the play than can be described in one short evening. Also, the hard copy of the play is elusive, and I had no way to take notes when I read it.

The Pontchatoula Strawberry Festival

Like the Groovin' on the Grounds concert over the weekend, which had the best music I've heard yet at our own open music festival, the Pontchatoula Strawberry Festival is always a place of great fun and entertainment. Louisiana has the best festivals and food in the United States. Finding our free music festival might be impossible for outsiders, but there are plenty of great times for the family here. Anybody who wants to have a good, clean weekend getaway for the family can attend our very best events. Don't believe anything to the contrary.


I have no idea what this says. I just liked the amalgamation of still cells. I am an optimist who believes in the good nature of my fellow human beings, so my hope is that it says "Most wonderful words and pictures." I have no traditional education in Asian calligraphy and no translator, so I just feel it is sweet and beautiful, like the series I mention in the title, which is Love Hina. The series is so soppy sweet, as described by more than a couple of friends, that I could only watch it once.

Fat Freddy's Cat

The very best of the hard to find comics in this world were produced by Last Gasp publications, but they are difficult to come by. The chronicles of Fat Freddy's Cat and his wild band of unkempt humans never failed to bring tears to the eye during my young adult years. "Zippy yow, I am having fun," was the quote that sardonically said everything that needed to be said about the dust cover of the graphic novels. The late great Robert Crumb never knew just how much joy he would bring to all the people and fans as he died laughing one night very near a roaring fire. There could be no better way to immortalize him than to reference the short meal Fat Freddy, Phineas Fogg and Freewheelin' Franklin made for the fantastic but humble feline one night after an unfortunate incident in the closet.

Check Your Code Stacks

On March 19 the PHP wiki server was attacked and wiki credentials were collected. The attack involved a Linux rootkit injection and manipulation of a Wiki code vulnerability. The incident is still being investigated. The credentials of the wiki posters could only be valuable in an attempt to track programmers upstream and find zero day code exploit possibilities. Or, then again, it could have been a harmless inter-office prank (programmer foreplay or counting coup on an associate).

Missing Teddy Bear

A man in Langley, B.C, has offered $1000 for the return of his daughter's missing teddy bear. It may not be possible for you to find the actual teddy bear, but if you have one exactly like it you may be able to keep a young girl's heart from breaking. It's kind of a frumpy teddy bear, but it means a lot to the little girl. Here's a picture:

KDE Strikes Back

With the speed and agility of super ninja data assassins the programmers at KDE have provided all of the QT4 gzips anybody would ever need to install every point and click program imaginable. With their Trolltech™ documentation and their Developer Pages nobody should have any problem installing their excellent work. And in all honesty, if you don't go KDE you're a sucker of epic proportions. Now if Linux were just available on public computers in this part of the United States, or if there were no Cradamantium™ firewalls in place, it would be incredibly simple to either unzip the material or port it to a USB stick.

Cherry Blossom Pertest

As Arielle Fleisher (no relation to the wilted pansy who once roamed the halls of the White House) points out this afternoon, Cherry Blossom Season coincides with the Tea Party Protest this year. What better time to think of tea baggers than while nature is putting out fresh, new blossoms? The tourist display from Georgetown to D.C. will be jammed with oldsters dragging around huge amounts of flesh, clothing and odors. How wonderful to be in the nation's capital this time of year. No political aficionado should be able to stay away, considering the glorious scenery.


Somewhere on the other side of the planet a small marmoset leaped into the jaws of a crocodile, which was quite a disturbing turn of the events for the crocodile. the crocodile had finally cleansed himself of the bad karma from eating so many helpless creatures over the course of hundreds of years as a whale, and was about to achieve ultimate enlightenment. The tiny marmoset plunged down his throat, choking him, trapping him in a state between life and death. Such a state could only be described as purgatory and Australia combined. Luckily, because the crocodile died, pornography came to exist on the small prison island and a generation of young males were able to continue living with the stifling boredom, free from notions of jumping off of buildings due to lack of any sort of pleasure while females (safe in their whitewashed world with no information) condemned them for petty crimes.

Microsoft State to State

In the mega-corporation's never ending quest to throw out anti-trust laws and bypass all reason on its path to owning all global commerce, the executives have taken to influencing law on a state to state basis to make their business practices "legal." They want to make it possible to sue United States companies for receiving parts from overseas suppliers who use Microsoft software to produce their shipping orders. In theory they could use the tactic to sue General Motors for receiving parts from a supplier in England using Excel. In practice they want to make it impossible for computer makers to use any other operating system than their own in the production of computers domestically. No, Microsoft's not greedy. Thank goodness the punitive measures of our anti-trust laws here in the United States are so effective.

Pedernales Gurgles

In the summer one year, after camping on one of the tributaries of the Brazos River, a friend and I passed through a section of Texas very near to the area that becomes Pedernales Falls. There were literally hundreds of does and yearlings migrating through the open plains of hill country. The next evening we camped on the Neches River. The incredible beauty of that trip will never escape my memory. Bathing in the water left me feeling clean and exhilarated, and at the time the climate was just like being in the tropical highlands. One day I hope to see some of that part of the world again.

Komodo Dragons Escape

Three Komodo dragons escaped from an Indonesian zoo. The Indonesian city of Surabaya issued a terse warning about the deadly nature of the lizards, saying, "They vamoosed, they're on the lam, they have ixnayed." Bali has been placed on the alert to prevent any casting calls from being held during the crisis, because, although Bali is some distance from Surabaya, Komodo dragons have been known to attack extremely talented and respected actors and actresses.

Orthodontal Diagonal Programming

C and C++, Basic and Fortran, Delphi and Borland CGI, Qt and GTK GUI, Perl and Ruby, Mach and Unix, Microsoft and Linux: .hAck-- kernel streamlining is simple. Calculus geek counseling is unavailable. Religion is available for those who need it. Ohm outta hear.

Bread State Stale

"Front" pager at BlabbedyBlah, Ben Domenech, advertises: Brad Jackson and Melissa Clouthier debate the merits of a sitting President based on incomplete evidence and data. Domenech insinuated President Obama is not an executive, so I was forced to correct the post for their site. There isn't enough truth at Red State today to make it honorable.

Recommended Listening

Cibo Matto and Virgin Mega Whore are two great bands. Cibo Matto is all about the beat and the grooving sounds of the singer's beautiful voice. "I Know My Chicken" was the catchiest song of the record, so much so that the names of the much higher quality singles are eclipsed from my memory at the moment. The album is an experience in itself. It's very easy to slip it on and let your mind float while working or sifting through difficult times.

The sampling from VMW makes their self titled album more complete, but it's the tongue in cheek use of four track sounds that brings the enjoyment home. "All Lubed Up and No Place to Go" propels the sound into the pop arena even as the attitude of the musicians makes it impossible for them to be successful there. "Stomach Full of Glass" was also very soothing, if one enjoys the skate scene sound.

HP Debuts webOS Model

The world of assembly hacking finally gets some new material to play with. At long last there will be vast new lines of normal equipment that can be converted to uses not intended and removed of limitations that should not exist. All hail big business! Job security for programmers and technorati! Microsoft will get a new competitor, and Dell, which has already allowed Linux into their web book market, may expand into the smaller portable devices (but that's only speculation).


One day.


Gold Medal Museum Curators: Roger Neich, Mick Pendergrast, and Dorota Starzecka for their work on presenting Maori culture independent of political influence. The first two spent decades working at the Auckland War Memorial Museum and Starzecka is a former curator of the Oceanic collections at the British Museum. Some of the finer surviving carbon pieces are Maori fabrics. The definitive Maori weapon has been minimized in the collection, as the tribes used the war club in defense of their homelands.


Hindu culture can never be envisioned in one place and one time, and the realization of the religious experience takes more than just language to explain. Some of the holiest and most profane sights and sounds converge in the awareness of those who take a pilgrimage through the utmost practice of multilingual awareness. Amritsar and Haridwar always exist in the same world, yet understanding the Hindu lifestyle culminates in those things continually being absolutely unneccessary for the devotee. This post may not be clear to those who have not studied enlightened Asian cultures, but Krishnamurti had nothing to do with murder, everything to do with sexuality and a great deal to do with bloodless combat. Descending from the stability and awareness of a Buddhist monk can be frightening, but ultimately the truly global God will not allow hideous things to befall one of splendorous peace and generosity.

{Batik of three trees with fruit on one}

- once again, your author remains, as before, as always.

Atlantis Review

Mozart (Deadmau5) -- PiRSquared
Deadmau5 composed a classical transition from instrumental violin and harpsichord and later engineered one of the world's great dub-step albums. Song One, entitled "Some Chords," brought sneezes to the nose, however, and was blunted by the lack of comfort available to the ears. Song Two, "Sofi Needs a Ladder," dedicated to St. Sophia, brought in a much higher energy level with pure hypnotic vocals and mind piercing accuracy. Song Three, "A City in Florida," was too terrible to listen to, even for a veteran of the Moldavian chronicles. Song Four, "Bad Select," conjured the best of a live performance DJ show without any of the fuss of having to listen to the entire thing, which is what DJ's are best at. The black vocalist was uncredited, however, and that is simply inexcusable. Song Five, "Animal Rights," featured Wolfgang the Gardener. It was a yawn. I give this album 1 yellowish-brown star, even with the technical music mastery involved. I'm no Sally-ear-ay, but the vinyl sucked.

Shaw Exhibit

The art show at the M Exhibit in the Shaw Building art gallery in downtown Baton Rouge currently houses the area's most acclaimed art and private artifacts, even if ownership can not be attributed. Also currently exhibited are nationally famous sculptures (some painted steel, some presumably jadite [authenticity unverified from my perspective] and one extremely fine wooden telescope), a grievously beautiful pistol, a very small ceremonial sword from Japan, and one of the nicest looking cabinets I've ever seen. The ornate pottery and sculpture displayed at the museum also humbles the simple observer. This post will never be updated with the names of the artists, as my breath was taken away when I neared the information desk to ask for a writing utensil (and I forgot to go back). The names of the artists involved with the more historical pieces were never available, however.

The Clime

Led to believe were they. Some were led to believe that Lie was owed. Sewed with misinformation, those inned against zen listness. Four skulls on the far reaches of the crossed beams faced the inquest, and fourteen, turned in to the four inner corners, conversed, the dead between the dead. Inadequate and shaken, the sure showed the damage dealt the undeserved: A narrow series of cubes and rectangles, screen grated, turned back and forth at right angles in the length of a horizontal climb; all to break bone and grind nerves. Eighteen of the best thought to free a suicidal's victim, yin lured into a steal trap, only to shove unwarranted pain onto the champion of the unvictimized, one who would save another Ophelia. Explanations fell from lips through the air to clang on the floor. In a cold concrete room a prone marble statue still welcomed curses and little dances, quickly delineating and listing every ill will for every vice, in series, to push through into the beyond and sever the effigial prisoner from all hope and means of social, even physical, survival. One teardrop could pull down strings, and then waves of sadness, but not this time. The catbird recompensees, so believed, snatched and plucked hard earned fruits of labor from around the accused, careful to describe the act as liberation of ill gotten gains. All this, the untaintable covenant in practice, shamed by a 22 year running deceit, a 16 year fatality wrought by it, and good people nicked by the brazenness of scum gaming the hints, a warrior fears it not. True, noble, innocent, no matter how once mistaken or mislabeled, those adamant qualities do not tarnish once polished and honed. The light of that spirit burns into those dark corners of silence where latchers on practiced nasty gibbering from envy, and for oozing, bubbling joy. Balanced on the two hanging plates of a scale set atop a centered podium, pastillas for humanitarian need. On the one side malcontents in big finance leveraged the administration process to torment the man, a perceived threat, and the gift of pain relief became a snake oil, chirping enders of silence once fulcromed, magnifiers of internal contemplations and doubts, while in opposition the benign effects of common pseudo-endorphins expanded into yawning gulfs of ulceritic churning that swallowed all serenity, and even strong artistic thoughts, willed into existence with care only to vanish without the slightest cosmic ripple. The entwined serpents witness no broken vows, yet the treachery slithers, taken hold amid simple misconceptions and thriving on the viscosity of social tendencies, remained in motion. The hierarchy of the truly pristine witnessed and could only tut-tut, for the grand of burden find humor in the weightlessness, and those weighed to have carried no share point to what thought a mountain and triumph in the efforts they stacked in that place.


In other news, George Bush issued an arrest warrant for himself in Geneva in order to suspend writer's sense of humor indefinitely. Writer dies laughing. Case dismissed.

- Bless-her-revelry

Recipe for Romantic Evening #3 [Update: Dinner Drink]

1. Guatemalan Ensalada de Antigua:
(number of ingredients follow ingredient) Small mint sprigs (13). Iced lavender stalks 1.25 cm long (12). Brightest part of arugala shoots (8-9). Diced light green bellpeppers (1) Fresh cubed highland meleton (.5), washed and cleaned okra (2), bed of iceberg lettuce with small ring of grated carrot around outside edge, red pepper dust in three spots on trisection of bowl, olive quarters in thirded sections of ring (3). To be served with 14 year old Balsamic and spicy olive oil.
2. Appetizer: Small bowls of traditional Rollins Cajun/Creole crawfish bisque with two stuffed tails per bowl. (Recipe is family secret. Makes 18 bowls.)
3. Canelloni with crab meat stuffing:
- Glazed raspberry and blueberry curry syrup: 18 raspberries, 15 blueberries, 4 tbsp. olive oil, 1 onion cross slice, 1/3 teaspoon sugar. Light brown quickly over high heat, swirling rapidly in small sauce pan (2-4 minutes max, or longer and slower for new cooks)
- Crab meat stuffing: half pound of fresh crab meat, third cup of bread crumbs, one egg, (1/4 - 1/2) teaspoon of Tony Chacheries (based on dietetic necessity), 1 pinch of basil, 1 small pinch of rosemary dust, 5 tbsp. Romano cheese, slivers of white asparagus. Add glazed raspberry and blueberry curried syrup to stuffing. Cover in mozzarella to taste before stuffing.
- Boil canneloni al dente. Stuff. Top with custom mild green chile sauce: mild green chile sauce, 1 tbsp. ground cumin, 1 tsp. onions, 1/2 to 2/3 tsps. of minced garlic, 1/4 tsp salt, frost with Saffron powder.
- Bake at 375 degrees until light browning appears, then turn to medium low for another 25 minutes.
III. 3b. For drink with dinner: Marco Negri - Chardonnay from Moscato D'Asti
4. Turtle Dove Cheesecake: Semi bake cheesecake. Inject caramel sauce 1 cc per pocket in eight pockets around outside edge of cake, 4 in closer circle to center, finish baking (20 minutes or until any trace of browning appears). Let cool for 35 minutes. Cover outside edge with large chocolate flakes standing on end. Cross divide pie with two lines of hazelnuts halves (3 on each line, one in center), on diagonal with two very narrow subsecting cross lines of nearly pulverized pecans. (Two slices for couple [myself and a discreet female])
4.b Apertif: Drambuie or Cognac. One shot in sniffers.

Bon appetit!


The most innocent and enjoyable of all the Asian animation that I have seen is a series called Kamichu. It was almost like having children, if a person who has no children can have any idea what it's like to have children. It was so good that as it approached the end there was a deep sense of loss that there would be no way to watch it again for the first time. The best of entertainment, for children and the young at heart alike.

Counting Out Darknesse


These songs contain many sounds produced by spent artillery shells, knives and other military gear. Also heavily represented are cleaning products, tools, plastic containers and canvasses. It takes longer to create music using everyday objects than when using musical instruments, but it's a lot of fun.

This release is called Counting Out Darknesse. The next one will be even longer in coming. The sample work has moved into complicated territory. That means I'm running out of objects that can be easily moved to the recording “studio.” I will have to move microphones one day soon. Efforts have been hampered by a complete lack of mobility on my part.

All language samples are Asian based animation Easter eggs. There is also a heavily modulated sample of Jim Hawthorne's voice (the voice of the LSU Tigers), and scanner and radio chatter. Many voices and beats produced live. Nothing was reproduced haphazardly or lightly.

Every song available in every major format:

Th-Harrde Syx

Slershhd Marpeds

Urbayser Bl0nk2ous

Brashpheem Ishtuhwee

The Mouths of Braybes

Fore Give God

Humor Less Human

Peauxrque- I decided not to upload it. I'm more interested in sharing 100% originally created sound, even if the song was completely my own work after a lot of work. It sounded nothing like NIN or anyone else, btw.

::Grave Capitalism::

Western civilization can't cope with this idea -- “Everything is free.” It IS all about our money, and everything else. We all have free doom. I was going to discuss it in my words, but this is better:

Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form;

so it is with sensation, perception, mental reaction, and consciousness.

All things are essentially empty, not born, not destroyed;

not stained, not pure; without loss, without gain.

Therefore in emptiness there is no form,

no sensation, perception, mental reaction, or consciousness;

no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind,

no color, sound, smell, taste, touch, object of thought;

no seeing and so on to no thinking;

no ignorance, and no end to ignorance;

no old age and death, no end to old age and death,

no anguish, cause of anguish, cessation, path;

no wisdom and no attainment.

Since there is nothing to attain, the Bodhisattva lives thus:

with no hindrance of mind; no hindrance, and hence, no fear;

far beyond deluded thought,


—The Great Prajna–Paramita Heart Sutra

Some nasty old man taunted that my bills must get stuck back in the mailbox. "Welfare must be great." I wouldn't know... I know a lot more about chronic pain. Maybe money and good social standing will comfort some people in an afterlife. Let me know how that works out. The safe money is on materialism's fleeting deceit.


I have a new story to post, but it's not completely finished. The piece was very long on plot. It wasn't my intention to post a romance novella, so I'm paring it down. "More sex, less talk" may not work in relationships, but it's a good rule for erotica. Next time I get to an Internet connection I'll have it done.

Here's the 1st couple of pages of the revised version:

The chilly breeze lingered around Maya's ankles and snaked its icy fingers up her skirt as she walked hurriedly from her car to the door of the house. In the sky the clouds of a new front promised cold rain and gray skies for the rest of the day. “It'll be a good evening for hot chocolate and classical music,” Maya thought to herself as she opened the door of her home and stepped into the warm interior. Arriving at home felt even better than it normally did.

The lure of a hot bath won out over eating as the first order of late afternoon business. Maya had not eaten breakfast or lunch, but relaxation and purity ranked even higher on her list of desires than satisfying her hunger. Mental and spiritual peace had always been among her foremost priorities in life, ever since she made her own way in the world. Her quick morning shower was long past and hardly enough to usher in a weekend without work worries. She proceeded directly to the bathroom and began preparing the bath immediately after locking the front door.

Maya took her clothes off and folded them neatly before sinking down into the steaming water. The warmth eased the tightness of her muscles and allowed her to sink into a meditative state that pushed troubles from the forefront of her awareness. She allowed the hot water to trickle as she relaxed and the constant light splashes resonated in time to the flickering candle lit on the windowsill high above the tub. Maya considered it the perfect way to start Friday night.

A long time later she emerged from the bath feeling refreshed and energized. After going through her post-bath routine Maya went into her closet and got dressed for an evening at home alone. She chose a delicate black and red silk nightgown to grace her clean body. Looking at herself in the mirror she decided she exuded feminine allure, then sighed and pushed the thought from her mind, in light of being single and alone for the night.

In the kitchen Maya busied herself with making hot chocolate. She put on a small pot of milk to heat before she set out her cup and spoon on a diminutive mahogany tray she bought in Boston the previous year. She added a saucer with four big oatmeal raisin cookies on it to complete the arrangement.

Maya briefly considered how fattening her supper was before shrugging off the little voice that nagged about such things. She hardly needed to worry about her weight. She worked so much there wasn't any time for extra calories to get a foothold with her metabolism. Just to prove she didn't care she added a little more sugar than normal to her cocoa.

After putting on public radio and setting down her tray on the living room coffee table Maya turned on her laptop to catch up on current events. She carefully avoided the bookmarks related to work, and decided to first look into weekend entertainment in New Orleans. She was halfway through a Times-Picayune article on a local band helping Katrina victims rebuild when she saw an ad for one of the local jazz bars. Maya took a deep breath and closed the lid on her laptop.

The last man Maya had been involved with, the only man she had ever really loved, played piano. She hadn't seen or heard from him in two years, and considered herself well over him, until she saw the ad. He was the headlining act Saturday night at a tavern just down the street. Maya's pulse rate went up as a flood of stored memories washed through her thoughts and occupied her mind.

Shawn Reilly entered Maya's life in the summer of 2006. She had just been promoted to a senior partner in the import-export firm she had been running, mostly by herself, for three years. The increased optimism in her daily life mingled with her physical and mental attraction to Shawn and produced an unstoppable desire to get what she wanted, once and for all. She wanted the career, the relationship, the money, the comfort, the security – she wanted the whole package deal. That summer Maya felt that not only did she deserve to have it, but it was all right there in front of her for the taking. The good feeling was really good, while it lasted.

In 2007 she and Shawn began having troubles, mostly because his music career had vanished during the months the had been closely involved. He didn't seem capable of managing his own life and having a relationship at the same time. Shawn devoted all his time to her. While Maya loved that about him, his financial reality became something that slowly dragged them apart. She wasn't worried about supporting him, but the idea of it made him bitter and resentful. It never stopped eating away at him.

Not long after the first cold front that year Shawn told Maya they needed to talk. She had seen it coming. She knew her perfect life was falling apart, and there wasn't anything she could do to stop it. She started crying before he even said anything.

Shawn told her that he needed time to work on music. He told her all the right, nice things that all amounted to him walking out of her life. He made up his mind before they ever sat down. It became obvious that nothing she could say or do would make him change his mind.

Maya hadn't said much of anything after she realized it was the end. He tried to cheer her up before he walked out, but she didn't give him the satisfaction of thinking she was okay with his decision. She didn't bother lying to him or to herself about how much it hurt. And then he was gone.

The memories of the months after that threatened to ruin her evening before it even got started, and then there was a knock at the door. Maya's heart leapt into her throat. She immediately knew a life altering event was about to take place without any time for her to think or plan. She took a little sip of her cocoa before mustering her pride and resolve, and getting up to answer the door.

Peering through the peephole Maya was not the least bit surprised to see that it was Shawn. She opened the door without thinking about her state of dress, but it immediately sprang to mind when she saw Shawn's eyes drink in the sight of her. Seeing him staring at her made her nipples stiff, and she could feel them rub against the fabric of her nightgown as her chest rose and fell with a few breaths before either one of them spoke.

“I'm sorry I couldn't call ahead, Maya, but I brought you roses to make up for it,” Shawn said when he found his voice. Maya saw that it was true. He was indeed holding a dozen roses, with Baby's Breath.

It was Maya's turn to take in the sight of him. He was handsome as ever, with his nicely trimmed auburn hair, tan complexion and muscular build. Maya always wondered how he maintained his physique when he never did anything but play piano and compose music. That thought fleeted from her mind as quickly as it came because she smelled him, and he smelled just the same as he had the last time she saw him. The moment was almost overwhelming.

“Come in, Shawn,” Maya said as she regained her composure, “I'll get something to put the roses in.”

Maya let Shawn in and locked the door behind him before taking the roses and going to her kitchen. The silence was thick enough to slice as he followed her. It only took the short walk to free Maya's thoughts and tongue, but she didn't say anything until she had the flowers in a vase full of water.

“What are you doing here, Shawn?” Maya asked.

Ancient Eidetic

Suleiman captured King James I on the beach in Lebanon. Withering arrow fire from the Bedouin archers in the cover of the great cedars drove the Crusaders up the beach into narrows with no cover. As the knights and squires reeled southward towards Jerusalem the forces dwindled and hope became lost when the Ottoman forces closed in. The knights fought to the death against impossible odds, but ultimately could not save the king.

The horde spared His Royal Highness and two other men. During direct questioning to prevent his vassals from death the king confessed to having had one mistress besides the queen in the course of his lifetime. Thufir, the questioner, then cut out the tongue of one knight and plucked the eye of the other. That action delivered the message, "We do not turn a blind eye to your sin, and you have spoken too much of it to be capable of defeating our land's spiritual clarity."

The captivity of a woman very dear to the king in Zanzibar prior to the Crusaders prompted the frontal assault that led to the two pronged sentence handed down by Sharia. Because of the judgment King James transcribed the word of God to repent for the suffering that had come about because of overwhelming pride. He inscribed it on papyrus affixed by wax to human skin, and the pages survived. The Islamic Empire released the woman in Zanzibar after the king had redeemed himself. She later named her royal son Charles II.

Suleiman lost a daughter and two sons during the earlier French Crusade under Charlemagne. The French king wanted to take back the Holy Land to restore the life of his bereaved mother, and killed the loved ones of the Bedouin chieftain. The two sons died in fair combat attempting to take Jerusalem, and the child was kidnapped (later found to be dead). Suleiman succeeded in achieving vengeance against the Northerners for that action, but later was found to have been hanged by the Romans.

Long Live Our Language

Beryl in X-Windows

The FugsBawgs has been touted by some, but they are misled if they think it could ever have had anything on Beryl. The smear campaign conducted on the Beryl website caused developers to abandon the project direction and tone it all back to Compiz. Compiz has never been anything but a poor substitute for the original and best for eye candy.

One can still only wonder why Beryl's developers were so smug about their product, though, since their website was so wide open to attack. It only took a little Curve to throw the whole thing wide open [hoax alert - hoax alert - hoax alert]. Who needs buffer overflow when the developers become too lax?

Non-related knowledge: Keyboards can be eavesdropped on from up to 300 meters away by simply recording the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by each individual key. There is no privacy in the computer world.

IceWM: Farg Yeah!! doooooon't doooooo itttttt de accidente.

Tarumarrha Legend

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Crow Station squares over Whitefish hollow
in Yosemite deep woods a deathly silence
the last good men get lost there
language becomes one
outside: baby population catastrophe
enumerous gargantuan
false manipulative bicameral deification
Marseilles - a grotesque aerie
Vocaloid catydids
collect fibrics and descoupage
dwarf star becomes quasar at God's
stone lizard
with full body leather affront
Canary Islands rock formations
orion Olympic miasma
obstinate gyroscopes loose letters
nonexistential malice magnum
gargantuan relissimo coagulates sap
succubi incoherencia
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Hypocratic oath binds logic.
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messiah messenger automation
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subversive neuralgia front.
Asia does not sink into death
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devastating dethronement
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shed skin, regurgitatute last meal
seal the tomb cavern from the inside
and wait
burn bitter brandy and wine
the pain throbs for decades
constance gigantis
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hypocrite hematoma unreal
judgment of the prince crowned in hell
justice deportivo, reigns unbound
aggrigious harm departs
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Octavius brought global law
and the Venus statue
lacks her right arm
from below the elbow down{

Venus D'Milo humbles Raphael,
Mars voltage burns the ram's head.

- The interim heir dies well
but deep fisticuffs won't save the new king. -
Minority government is a trifecta,
The Triumvirate perserveres.

Erasmus hyacanthus
Fiere uno doloriste
rebozo -- non -- Lorenzo

Megafaun exsanguination
spotted from glorious salvation
sera innocentia minimus
obligante recuerdo
corpus medusa
chiaro oscuro.

I am free and clean here
and seeing pentacle tine.

Open Range

In the West Texas town where William (Billie the Kidd) Bonham was buried, sidewinders sometimes make their way out into the road. There's almost no sand there, but they find a way to stay alive regardless. Once one of the snakes has been killed it's quite a difficult task to skin them. The effort is well worth it, however, as their skins make great headbands. All one has to do is salt them and hang them out to dry. The meat left afterward is tough, but very tasty. It is especially delicious when roasted over an open camp fire before a thunderstorm. (Even the grave is marked incorrectly.)

Thoughts of this Lead to Higher Awareness

I wrote a characterization of Xheesos as a young man. I portrayed him as an everyday character, a purveyor of family produced goods. Having grown to adulthood since that portrayal I considered the messiah, the life of a man not the least bit imaginary and very alive, a son of God. Intense pain, and the fear it produces in normal men, makes the awareness of a messianic complex intensely real. There are just too many angles to go into in a discussion of this. The savior as a judge and a highly successful member of Judaean hiearchy also rings throughout. That avenue of creative exploration is forever ended.


If one thought Jobas shouldered all of the burden of condemnation involved with the place of skulls, then a few details may have been missed. The caterer for that supper lied about the pork, calling the cuts very thin T-bones, and claimed it had been fresh slaughtered. It has been conjectured that the sharpest of knives was indeed used, but the meat came from a swine, and a full day in the hot sun earlier than met the eye. Such a food supplier already could not find one thread of God's long robes within sight or hearing or touch, and only the smell of hemp dried on the stalk when the glorious shade over the garden lifted away reached his darned nose. Hollow echoes of the cosmos crashed down upon ears deaf from stoned, something people confused with a good thing. How anyone ever took the concept "stoned" and decided it was good will never be understood. The People know that hazy twisting of simple positive and negative terms will always be detrimental in the long run. All that aside, thankfully nobody got sick from the pork. The meat man was a bum for what he pulled off, the worst sort, the sort that dickers about endlessly. The good folk didn't need to worry about it though. They just had to use a couple of matches and some extra paper, which was bad enough.


A very eventful family dinner: All of the most important people were there. They got all the attention. Real family members were wisely not crammed into the corners of the commemorative painting made of the occasion. The important people were Xheesos students and friends, and even educated him in some ways. Their names will never be forgotten. Relatives hovered and sat feet-tucked where they caused only limited space issues. Time bent its knee at the event. One warrior singer drank too much that night, and became something of an embassment, but he didn't t-t on the table. One of Old Joe's favorite rugs suffered from the incontinence of the rallying cheftain's over indulgence, and would have taken mildew if the crier hadn't cleaned it up very well. Luck, which the chieftain did not believe in, as usual snuck up behind him and kicked his petunia over. While Ma bravely plumbed the depths of lamentations and filled the red sea with the salinity of grief, this guy turned up right in front of Old Joe's face trying to get white powder (drying and deordorizing) out of the rug. Yosef, as elder's called him, had already called death down around him with the fury of father who has seen fatal injustice done his son. Just his eyes burning on the back of Yeshue's head seared the man's soul. Zeke saw it, which was not the least bit unheard of since Zeke had been known to have healed from certain blindness during Xheesos teachings tour. Isaac perceived it. Isaac was all the way blind, and what he witnessed scared him. The whole family found out about it later. It was a big relief when Xheesos woke up three days later, because it meant Yeshue wouldn't writhe on the end of a shishkabob for all eternity for tinkling on a rug. There was a lot going on right then. Old Joe didn't even get a scrape on his knuckles. All High God became angry, and that's something to fear. Just knowing it exists is bad enough. Knowing when and why it exists prompts immediate attempts at explanations. The sooner God, who already knows everything to begin with, can be filled in on the details from a nervous soul the sooner He can point out the explanation is some sort of confession, bracing, whether or not the individual meant for it to be so.


Disappointment break
Shallow whole
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