The "Monsegur" Five

Who cares? Who the fuck cares? Oh, StratFor owners, employees and clients, most likely. Yeah, them. The stroy:

The FBI and the U. S. Attorney's Office brought charges against five people loosely aligned with Sec and Anon groups. The defendants are called The Monsegur Five because Hector Xavier "Sabu" Monsegur, a.k.a Fuckhead, snitched on everyone. At least one party responsible for the StratFor Christmas fun is included in the bunch. One PayPal-Wikileaks revenge DDoS coordinator is included, but that was seen coming weeks and weeks ago. LulzSec is mentioned repeatedly, perhaps with the intent of tainting the jury pool in some unknown future action. LulzSec warned of this way back on February 29th, as you can see below.

HBGary execs will finally be able to sleep peacefully now that the faceless baddie will be brought to justice. Says everyone, "Yep. It was him. It was all Monsegur." His Guy Fawkes mask usage has been revoked. I, uh, don't know how that ED link got here...
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