Thoughts of this Lead to Higher Awareness

I wrote a characterization of Xheesos as a young man. I portrayed him as an everyday character, a purveyor of family produced goods. Having grown to adulthood since that portrayal I considered the messiah, the life of a man not the least bit imaginary and very alive, a son of God. Intense pain, and the fear it produces in normal men, makes the awareness of a messianic complex intensely real. There are just too many angles to go into in a discussion of this. The savior as a judge and a highly successful member of Judaean hiearchy also rings throughout. That avenue of creative exploration is forever ended.


If one thought Jobas shouldered all of the burden of condemnation involved with the place of skulls, then a few details may have been missed. The caterer for that supper lied about the pork, calling the cuts very thin T-bones, and claimed it had been fresh slaughtered. It has been conjectured that the sharpest of knives was indeed used, but the meat came from a swine, and a full day in the hot sun earlier than met the eye. Such a food supplier already could not find one thread of God's long robes within sight or hearing or touch, and only the smell of hemp dried on the stalk when the glorious shade over the garden lifted away reached his darned nose. Hollow echoes of the cosmos crashed down upon ears deaf from stoned, something people confused with a good thing. How anyone ever took the concept "stoned" and decided it was good will never be understood. The People know that hazy twisting of simple positive and negative terms will always be detrimental in the long run. All that aside, thankfully nobody got sick from the pork. The meat man was a bum for what he pulled off, the worst sort, the sort that dickers about endlessly. The good folk didn't need to worry about it though. They just had to use a couple of matches and some extra paper, which was bad enough.


A very eventful family dinner: All of the most important people were there. They got all the attention. Real family members were wisely not crammed into the corners of the commemorative painting made of the occasion. The important people were Xheesos students and friends, and even educated him in some ways. Their names will never be forgotten. Relatives hovered and sat feet-tucked where they caused only limited space issues. Time bent its knee at the event. One warrior singer drank too much that night, and became something of an embassment, but he didn't t-t on the table. One of Old Joe's favorite rugs suffered from the incontinence of the rallying cheftain's over indulgence, and would have taken mildew if the crier hadn't cleaned it up very well. Luck, which the chieftain did not believe in, as usual snuck up behind him and kicked his petunia over. While Ma bravely plumbed the depths of lamentations and filled the red sea with the salinity of grief, this guy turned up right in front of Old Joe's face trying to get white powder (drying and deordorizing) out of the rug. Yosef, as elder's called him, had already called death down around him with the fury of father who has seen fatal injustice done his son. Just his eyes burning on the back of Yeshue's head seared the man's soul. Zeke saw it, which was not the least bit unheard of since Zeke had been known to have healed from certain blindness during Xheesos teachings tour. Isaac perceived it. Isaac was all the way blind, and what he witnessed scared him. The whole family found out about it later. It was a big relief when Xheesos woke up three days later, because it meant Yeshue wouldn't writhe on the end of a shishkabob for all eternity for tinkling on a rug. There was a lot going on right then. Old Joe didn't even get a scrape on his knuckles. All High God became angry, and that's something to fear. Just knowing it exists is bad enough. Knowing when and why it exists prompts immediate attempts at explanations. The sooner God, who already knows everything to begin with, can be filled in on the details from a nervous soul the sooner He can point out the explanation is some sort of confession, bracing, whether or not the individual meant for it to be so.


Disappointment break
Shallow whole
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