Swamp [Updated]

Cruising down 190, westbound through Lottie and then into Krotz Springs, in the dark, cool Louisiana night, all the years of absence fell away. It was like there was nothing about swamp lore to be forgotten in the first place. There's simply not much out there but mist and rutting animals, some of them human. Nothing changed between the last time I was there and tonight. Well, almost nothing.

It never ceases to be amazing how the greens of the vegetation become so deep so fast, in April, they seem they could almost swallow a person. The bird calls and whistles rival the depth of the greenery for what natural feature simply must have the most human attention Unfortunately, anyone driving through the rural areas should probably keep their eyes peeled for speed traps, because such things are very lucrative in this part of the world.

[Appearance: It's been a long time since I actually looked at the blog page. The giant, orange crocheted god's eye caught me completely off guard. Yep, completely forgot about that, er, unfortunate picture.]
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