lsrdvl Soundfonts 2/3

"Here on the map, traced out by spiders, there be monsters of the under-earth;  another 40 unique and original soundfonts, free for the taking.  Har, ye maties! Neither the yanks Beloved Presidente nor Herr Royale Mage-stye will catch even the slightest whiff of the caper before we're long gone with the booty."

- crazy drunk and doped up music pirate guy (known to his friends as Captain Broken Foot)


Note on Get Bent:  I'm having so much fun working on it.  I really don't want it to ever be finished.  But there's that law, "All good things, and whatnot."  I tell you what.  You best get off the six square feet of grass I call muh lawn. Damned urban wasteland...
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