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Cibo Matto and Virgin Mega Whore are two great bands. Cibo Matto is all about the beat and the grooving sounds of the singer's beautiful voice. "I Know My Chicken" was the catchiest song of the record, so much so that the names of the much higher quality singles are eclipsed from my memory at the moment. The album is an experience in itself. It's very easy to slip it on and let your mind float while working or sifting through difficult times.

The sampling from VMW makes their self titled album more complete, but it's the tongue in cheek use of four track sounds that brings the enjoyment home. "All Lubed Up and No Place to Go" propels the sound into the pop arena even as the attitude of the musicians makes it impossible for them to be successful there. "Stomach Full of Glass" was also very soothing, if one enjoys the skate scene sound.

HP Debuts webOS Model

The world of assembly hacking finally gets some new material to play with. At long last there will be vast new lines of normal equipment that can be converted to uses not intended and removed of limitations that should not exist. All hail big business! Job security for programmers and technorati! Microsoft will get a new competitor, and Dell, which has already allowed Linux into their web book market, may expand into the smaller portable devices (but that's only speculation).
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