Sinks, the Slow Beholden

anchor tied to
the string of bodies
below the surface plunge
beyond the plank's end
muerte de dias, quiero mi amor
tome of defeated spirits
left ankle snugly affixed
a drowned man on an upside down crucifix
ocean holds on closer
no air to breathe
beneath the waves died long ago
right ankle chained to your final words
the nyads ponder the spectacle
as the weight defies the pull of fading light, drags me down
to the locker where Davey saved no one
and weight still pulls, the funerary man goes down
beneath the beautiful azul
two hundred meters below the dark ocean floor
the currents trace tracks in the sand, all spreads out
swimming fish stop to measure our fates
yet still kicking to be
free, the horror of the earthborn sentence
sentience gives way, and long ago the seconds ran out
I see the surface, and I swim for it
and blue skies, wind and wave
in the distance azul forever
swim though it be in a drunken painting
cast about for the color of the horizon
heart beat pounds
fingers slip on the slippery pastels
water all around sucks through my gills
I set my course for the Ivory Coast
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