Status: Ice Cold on the Horizon

Get Bent should already have been released in its entirety, but since it is the last beat driven lesserdevil album for the foreseeable future I wanted to leave a lasting impression.  Although yet to be deleted from "Archive," the original A side has been scrapped.  With more than enough completed material available to simply push out one or two hours of music sitting on this hard drive (and on tape backup), holding off on delivering the payload is somewhat frustrating.  Looking back at the last few years of releases, however, it occurs to me that much of it would have been epic, or nearly so, if impatience had not won out over perfectionism.  Luckily I consider this album important enough to quiet the little voice in my thoughts that forever wheedles about how much more should have been accomplished by now, needs to be accomplished, before age and time makes accomplishment impossible.

Setting aside a significant amount of finished music, I initiated a side project to flush out the idea behind Get Bent and create something profoundly polished.  While I have compiled dozens of original instrument kits and soundfonts since 2009, I sometimes cut corners with the samples involved, editing existing sounds rather than creating them entirely from scratch.  From 2006 to 2009 I used no samples for drum kits, instrument kits or SF2's that were not absolutely a product of my own labor.  After the release of Empty Warehouses the difference in the quality of sound between those years and more recent years struck me as horrifyingly apparent.  Without going that extra mile the sounds involved fail to be staunchly impeccable, in my opinion, and do not satisfy my drive for brilliance.

At the current rate of production all of the homegrown instruments and beats should be assembled for use within a day or two.  Since I always say that and it is never as quick as promised, realistically it will be several days.  At that time the songs will be freshly arranged in the fashion that makes my best work teeth chattering, ice cold, frozen blue* mini-dynamos of beat motion.  That's quite a claim to make, but those people who understand what I just said know that it is true.

Thank you for your time.  There's nothing left to be said.  The next thing you find here will be what has been promised.

* Breaking Bad reference
** I do not get along well with deadlines.  They have the opposite effect. Get Bent will be finished when it is finished.  If not for the promised release date it would probably be out already.

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