Bucky Larson: Born To Be a Star

Christina Ricci brought some light to Nick Swardson's latest release, Bucky Larson: Born To Be a Star, on DVD. It could be argued she managed to make the movie almost tolerable for someone who wasn't drunk, stoned or twelve years old. Even though the movie may have been one of the worst ever made, and it would be difficult to imagine a normal person sitting through the entire movie of their own volition, it had saving graces, of which her role was one. There were other bright spots. Swardson is a genuinely funny guy. The viewer got to see Don Johnson in a truly horrible role, and being unable to hide what appeared to be feelings of extreme discomfort about it at times. Finally the American public can feel they got a little payback from Johnson for what he put audiences through in Nash Bridges. The movie would have been a lot worse if it had not been so bad.

There's a business bearing the name J Day in the middle of it. Thank God it was in Bucky Larson and not one of the gaggle of worthless horror movies that come out every year. Seeing that was no pleasure, however. Considering how much differently things may have gone down for a writer with those letters in his name had the publish button not been so easy to hit, that scene felt like a knife in the stomach. Thank God all of my plans for success aimed at posthumous recognition. Having a name similar to one on a marquee in Bucky Larson is so far my claim to fame.

To be very honest this movie may be funny as hell to some people. It's impossible for a person such as myself to know. I couldn't sit through the entire thing. Whereas little of what I write makes it to the public anymore, shamefully I don't even save most of it, I do a hell of a lot of it. I watched 45 minutes of the movie and went back to typing, because I knew I could get laughs out of that. Yet despite all that negativity, overall, seeing Ricci in a different kind of role made Bucky Larson worth the time I spent on it.

Chapter 17: In Need of Ewers, Truly

Relocated due to disturbing content. However, it was written with comedy in mind.

This version of Chapter Seventeen will likely never reach the completed work, just as the last one is also gone forever. It went too far in the ghastly direction. This title was chosen because I intend to wash my hands of it the way it now stands, just as most people I know will. It's too out of place with the rest of the content. Have a lot of very good ideas along this storyline, though, so there will be salvaging. [the work continues to pile up, book should be called Set's Back]
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