Somewhere on the other side of the planet a small marmoset leaped into the jaws of a crocodile, which was quite a disturbing turn of the events for the crocodile. the crocodile had finally cleansed himself of the bad karma from eating so many helpless creatures over the course of hundreds of years as a whale, and was about to achieve ultimate enlightenment. The tiny marmoset plunged down his throat, choking him, trapping him in a state between life and death. Such a state could only be described as purgatory and Australia combined. Luckily, because the crocodile died, pornography came to exist on the small prison island and a generation of young males were able to continue living with the stifling boredom, free from notions of jumping off of buildings due to lack of any sort of pleasure while females (safe in their whitewashed world with no information) condemned them for petty crimes.
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