Beryl in X-Windows

The FugsBawgs has been touted by some, but they are misled if they think it could ever have had anything on Beryl. The smear campaign conducted on the Beryl website caused developers to abandon the project direction and tone it all back to Compiz. Compiz has never been anything but a poor substitute for the original and best for eye candy.

One can still only wonder why Beryl's developers were so smug about their product, though, since their website was so wide open to attack. It only took a little Curve to throw the whole thing wide open [hoax alert - hoax alert - hoax alert]. Who needs buffer overflow when the developers become too lax?

Non-related knowledge: Keyboards can be eavesdropped on from up to 300 meters away by simply recording the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by each individual key. There is no privacy in the computer world.

IceWM: Farg Yeah!! doooooon't doooooo itttttt de accidente.
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