Gold Medal Museum Curators: Roger Neich, Mick Pendergrast, and Dorota Starzecka for their work on presenting Maori culture independent of political influence. The first two spent decades working at the Auckland War Memorial Museum and Starzecka is a former curator of the Oceanic collections at the British Museum. Some of the finer surviving carbon pieces are Maori fabrics. The definitive Maori weapon has been minimized in the collection, as the tribes used the war club in defense of their homelands.


Hindu culture can never be envisioned in one place and one time, and the realization of the religious experience takes more than just language to explain. Some of the holiest and most profane sights and sounds converge in the awareness of those who take a pilgrimage through the utmost practice of multilingual awareness. Amritsar and Haridwar always exist in the same world, yet understanding the Hindu lifestyle culminates in those things continually being absolutely unneccessary for the devotee. This post may not be clear to those who have not studied enlightened Asian cultures, but Krishnamurti had nothing to do with murder, everything to do with sexuality and a great deal to do with bloodless combat. Descending from the stability and awareness of a Buddhist monk can be frightening, but ultimately the truly global God will not allow hideous things to befall one of splendorous peace and generosity.

{Batik of three trees with fruit on one}

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