Ancient Eidetic

Suleiman captured King James I on the beach in Lebanon. Withering arrow fire from the Bedouin archers in the cover of the great cedars drove the Crusaders up the beach into narrows with no cover. As the knights and squires reeled southward towards Jerusalem the forces dwindled and hope became lost when the Ottoman forces closed in. The knights fought to the death against impossible odds, but ultimately could not save the king.

The horde spared His Royal Highness and two other men. During direct questioning to prevent his vassals from death the king confessed to having had one mistress besides the queen in the course of his lifetime. Thufir, the questioner, then cut out the tongue of one knight and plucked the eye of the other. That action delivered the message, "We do not turn a blind eye to your sin, and you have spoken too much of it to be capable of defeating our land's spiritual clarity."

The captivity of a woman very dear to the king in Zanzibar prior to the Crusaders prompted the frontal assault that led to the two pronged sentence handed down by Sharia. Because of the judgment King James transcribed the word of God to repent for the suffering that had come about because of overwhelming pride. He inscribed it on papyrus affixed by wax to human skin, and the pages survived. The Islamic Empire released the woman in Zanzibar after the king had redeemed himself. She later named her royal son Charles II.

Suleiman lost a daughter and two sons during the earlier French Crusade under Charlemagne. The French king wanted to take back the Holy Land to restore the life of his bereaved mother, and killed the loved ones of the Bedouin chieftain. The two sons died in fair combat attempting to take Jerusalem, and the child was kidnapped (later found to be dead). Suleiman succeeded in achieving vengeance against the Northerners for that action, but later was found to have been hanged by the Romans.

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