300 Milliseconds

The quasi-magistral philosophy Schopenhauer produced rebutted self-realized optimism and idealism. His refutation of societal determinate human will reduced the duality of human nature to identity driven contemplation, which by design becomes chaotic and legally conflicted, even if such a thing never happens until the idealist's pinnacle of achievement.

Schopenhauer examined in grand scale the reduction of pain through aesthetic contemplation and building a life's work solely on ethereal art to conclude that basic human needs, sexuality and physical comfort, could never be achieved in such a fashion. He spent considerable time in psychology and grounded his work in the cynosure of hard, concrete justice.

I'm glad I cuold reduce Schopenhauer's life's work to a few sentences. The important thing to remember is that Schopenhauer finally got concrete justice. He manaed to die fair and square. Hope this cleared things up for someone. In this case essence was the key word.
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