Science Humor

-Afterbirth in test tubes? Some of us thought it happened inside the test tube. Awesome. Science! There's nothing a perpetual thinker can't find a way to continue expounding upon.

-Sorry, science, somebody got filthy politics on a clean method. Thank goodness no humans were harmed in the process. Perhaps a Kaypro would have kept things cleaner, but only a short time ago the machine became part of the court reporting complex.

-Miracles happen: Old confirmed species eventually become forgotten so that a new Ph.D. can be approved. Your author still wonders how a Manta birostris could be named the Lesserdevil birostris and be considered new. Not all of the markings were visible in the pictures, and to be quite honest, becoming a marine biologist has, regrettably, never been one of my goals.

-Placentas make great omelets -- lower cholesterol and plenty of protein.

-Math humor: Show your work. Uh. Hmm. Oh, the numbers part. Say Pi!

-Concerning the heliocentric orbit of mars: It has been said that there were a great amount of mathematical equations involved with the theories of physical cosmology. Indeed there were. Astronomy can be resolved in real dimensions and with diagrams. Ultimately, proving all the theories becomes theoretically impossible. Stephen Hawkings has written a number of fantastic treatises on the subject. I just played with a spirograph and called it science.

-The Unified Field Theory: Making love is wonderful, but sometimes love play is better.
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