-Cobol and Fortran meet. They discover they are a perfect match. They attempt to take space shuttle cruise to a place with no operating system. Once arriving there the super-duper secure pressure sealed super-nova proof triangular windows glided smooth-wally out of the way, only to thrust them into a monitor full of nothing but empty Vim screens, IPcop discs and floppies full of spaghetti coed (gasp). Instead of existing as programs they decided to grow sexual bodies, human male and female ones!. Fortran became Fedora's swimsuit model and Cobol became a goofy, socially inept guy (who cheated used a Wang editor to communicate [scandalous]), used Python modules (still no physical connection) and longed for the era of electronics. Just then one of the awesome cool Mickey-soft people who had lots of money, Word Perfect, a personal trainer, a speech writer (who used Microsoft Word instead of openOffice), a car and a suave exterior {back on Earth} arrived and stole the girl *\/*. The villains name was obscured by the cloud of sand he kicked in young Charles Atlas' face (Borland escaped, the rogue!). C became the non-oracle of Delphi and C++ was born!
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