Microphones and Alter-egos: How Not To Win Friends

☆★☆ Alternate Title - Humor: Doing It Wrong ☆★☆

"Tens of thousands of people in Mexico have been killed in a conflict centering on drugs. Throughout my life drugs simply held no appeal for me, until I discovered that casualties from the drug war are set to top 120,000. Everything changed when I got that news. So far 70,000 Mexicans died so that I can get high. I now feel that it is my duty as a compassionate human being to get high.

Every citizen of the United States should set aside their petty political beliefs and prejudices and snort a massive rail. Tens of thousands of Mexican mothers lost someone near and dear to them in order for yankees to get high. 70,000 people died so that you could get high. Don't let their deaths be in vain!"

- Josie "Calla" Vides
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