Weigh-in: Neo-Feudalism, Baby Factory X

  • The goldfish Wilbur passed away today. I did not know Wilbur, but I am told he was an exemplary resident of the tank. that he was a good fish. He will be missed, but has left this plane for the never ending space and safety of the great goldfish beyond, where swim all the most graceful, attractive, contemplative and interesting pet fish of all time. God speed, Wilbur, and hail! [a dark 9:40 P.M. - dead fish more interesting than news]

  • Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Republican Goon Squad have locked Title X in their crosshairs and desire to slash funding for federal family planning grants that include birth control and preventive health care. A typical Title X patient costs about $257 a year; a birth averages $12,613. The Catholic and ultra-conservative line on birth control is that it should never be used. House Republicans can deny that religious beliefs have anything to do with their intentions, and instead can shake their fists at an imaginary leviathan government they insist needs to be smaller and less functional. To recap, in order to save money the GOP thinks patients should get pregnant and hand the country $3.4 billion a year in costs instead of having family planning for a fraction of the cost. Like everything else from the Party of No, it makes perfect sense to drunkards and Alzheimer's victims in the severe stages (so beloved because of dearly departed Great Leader, Bedtime for Bonzo's Reagan, The Man). - 6:30 P.M.

    [Here's to adult abstinence among single couples - a dinosaur belief. How will the woman get the man married if she puts out early? Do you want your daughter single and sexually active? Some of you understand this... This is failed humor, and in poor taste at that. Some of us feel that way about the old fashioned beliefs described - no sex until marriage. Some of us are offended that they are old fashioned now. The thing is, the religious subjugation of women has been a minority practice my entire life, in my little part of the world.

    Since I threw up this waste of space Mitt Romney checked with a woman's husband to see if it was okay to put his arm around her -- same school of belief. A woman is less than a free individual in the conservative religious world. A married woman belongs to her husband. Daughters reach adulthood and escape parental ownership, but never lose dad's guardianship. This is a non-issue, thankfully, so there's nothing to defuse or continue explaining.]

  • By far one urgent complaint among working class people here in the United States involves the evaporation of the middle class. In places like Norfolk-Virginia Beach, so desirable a place to live to so many, six and seven day work weeks are common. The critical problem is that generations of workers do not have anything left over after rent, utilities, transportation expenses and food. Many men and women are faced with either working without earning any long term gains of any kind, or leaving the place where they live in favor of a location where rent and other costs are significantly cheaper.

    The situation in modern America in many ways resembles a very real neo-feudalism ruled by corporations. Families are separated due to inescapable economic facts. The working class spends a large portion of their lives as slaves due to numbers that have been shrunk down until they fit individuals like a glove: One person can survive on this dollar figure, therefore they equal this number in value. Included in that survival... survival only. Proactive wellness and stability only exist for those people lucky enough to live in the economic tiers above workaday.

  • Paragraph rules be damned!

    An unwritten rule here para mas o menos trece años has been to temper negativity after a period of time to keep posts from being needlessly gloomy and dark. I have no problem admitting to being one of the people skewed enough to have stumbled into that weird corner of the interwebs where admission of knowledge found there brings frowns to the faces of the very staid and narrow minded. That huge disapproval probably exists because the hyper-conservative don't realize that often the worst of the worst of what they will normally find in those channels comes from children left to roam the Internet without any sort of parental control at all. Setting all that aside, the point was that the current correct term for a person who surfs imageboards is an @channeler. The narrow view puts a number in front, incorrectly, as @channelers don't have the attention span required to remain loyal to only one imageboard, and very often visit imageboards in other languages. It all started because of 2. 2, not 4. And the most embarrassing thing about being associated with 2 is not the pornography (it's called a human body, some of us have seen one without clothes on it), it's the fact that visiting admits a bare minimum of tolerance of ignorance. In our defense, as there must be somebody out there who also needs this verbalized, there are stupid people everywhere. We all have seen a curse word or racial slur written somewhere on private property. That doesn't mean we do anything but register the existence of such a thing, nor that we could make it impossible for ignorant, stupid people to stop writing such things. As a matter of fact, a lot of the pornographic photos (which only seldom get posted, hence the calls for more) are refreshing and socially beneficial. One can only wonder if Google even now conducts an all encompassing study gauging the proportions of socially unacceptable material to, at the least, harmless conversations and at best positive material. Gloom gone yet? Have some pics.

  • From the arena of ideas surrounding Occupy Wall Street a member of the Daily Kos community voiced that which is required to stop the nation's unemployment crisis: A massive government jobs program with a $5 trillion dollar budget. That could first be seen at the link as part of a graphic that addresses specifics in providing populist solutions regarding Wall Street and the out of control profiteering in the finance industry. Also on tap - instead of even contemplating a return to the already inadequate Glass-Steagall style regulations, nationalize the banking industry and entirely eliminate earnings from speculation on subprime mortgages and the high risk credit industry.

    Pensador continued to call for prosecution of the people who walked away with millions and tens of millions of dollars during the government bailout, and further back. There was a nod to shutting down the incessant broken record calling for public austerity measures that real people do not actually want. It's too bad Occupy Wall Street did not write something similar to what this Kossack did and then release that, instead of the statement that did come out.

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