Murky: It Really Isn't

  • "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings." No, that quote has nothing to do with Senator John McCain, but anyone who knows their civics would already know that. In McCain's case it was why she was chosen. The quote is from Roger Ailes, Fox News Chairman, who actually hired her.

    Regardless of what one may think about the former Alaska Governor. she understands money. She understands that money is something she receives for saying things and looking good. Considering what she has to say, looking good has more to do with the money than the quality of her opinions. One can only wonder if contemplation of the aging process and its detrimental effects on appearance worries Mrs. Palin. I won't tell her about it if you don't. [2:48 P.M.]

  • Local divorcĂ© and housewife experiences massive bout of anxiety at prospect of no longer being the center of attention, hatches plan to remain in spotlight. Friends and relatives fail to notice the twelve point plan and any and all effects. They go on with their lives as if nothing happened and do not understand any questions involving the experience due to their complete lack of involvement and awareness of it. Taaka racks up another sale of a fifth. [1:17 P.M.]

  • Senator Jeff Merkley on attending an Occupy Wall Street protest in Portland: "It's worth exploring." They aren't all bad. Still, don't expect to see him.

  • The first episode of Fate/Zero just came out. The anime series is a prequel to Fate/Stay Night. For discussion nothing beats watching the action on a week to week basis, as it comes out. There are people who can't stand waiting a week between episodes. For normal people Fate/Zero is at ground floor. [4:10 P.M.]

    Clarifications: Very picky about animation - no One Piece, Naruto, Pokemon, Dragonball, Inuyasha or anything mech oriented. Time is too valuable, and the rare occasion I have the time to enjoy other people's work does not get wasted. I can not recommend or denounce Fate/Zero or its predecessor, as I do not know anything about it; I noted it's arrival. Do highly recommend Stein's Gate.[7:30 P.M.]

  • Taking down operating system for three hours for a kernel and version upgrade. The new version has gotten the best reviews the SuSE team has enjoyed in years so I feel confident the upgrade will be pleasant and totally unsurprising. Before moving my Linux was up 5 days with absolutely no grumbling, despite the use of almost every application during that period - not a record, but quite satisfying. I was loathe to shut down considering how smooth it was going, but I definitely wasn't moving without it. [9:00 P.M.]

  • Computer scribbling -- Eleven (point) four is noticeably improved. The German Linux developers really have outdone themselves with this utilitarian beauty. It's not Gentoo. Deutschland's Suser Jengelh has konsole every fucking where too, though, or xfce or IceWM or FluxxyBoxxy, or whatever, if you feel using anything besides Vim is corruption of master race masterpiece. Some of us don't need the 3% boost in performance from hardware specific compiles. It does everything Gentoo can do, and anybody with up-to-date hardware doesn't need the optimization of a portage build.
    - Note for the interested- Right now CustomizeGoogle is missing from FF add-ons; it is currently listed under OptimizeGoogle now (and I tried spacing variants - perhaps a temporary glitch?). That add-on, which makes it to my desktop every version upgrade, is notable for blocking Google analytics and rewriting links to point to Google cache to improve anonymity. Maybe zee Goodle's gots to dem.
    - Power management under KDE drew a red flag from SuSE, something it has done with me for 3 versions. Easier to disable. Previously ridonkulous number of steps down to a couple. The laptop friendly feature went too far, steps to debug and improve it apparent.
    - Build Service vendor packaging is reminiscent of late night off the air television screen. To each his own. Quickly chucked.
    - Icon changes in corner very much an improvement, for those who keep factory.
    - VLC apparently deprecated, twisty considering embedded Firefox player was once very handy during the days of divergent flash forks.
    - Install and update extremely fast and easy.
    - How could anyone use something lesser than SuSE, Debian or Gentoo with KDE? No, seriously, how? I understand some people make their money keeping office cube computer stations too simple to damage, but all of that can be done with an advanced build like this.
    [11:45 P.M.]

  • "You get what you pay for" and "Money talks:" I have not finished a new chapter for Mist yet. For one thing I'm adjusting to new living accommodations. For another the fact that every single thing I've ever written has been provided free of charge to interested readers proved a sore subject in financial discussions recently. I can't imagine how giving away my new novel could be used against me, but other people can. I have been urged never to give one away again, and also to really make a promotional impact when releasing the installments for this one. So, to promote the release of the next chapter... Chapter Seventeen: Smudge on a Clean Slate. To do this properly I should have that set aside, like above this somewhere, and with a date next to it, perhaps. Okay, now it is that way. [8ish pm]

  • sitting up = a huge amount of pain [late]
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