Gone with the Win

  • RvB - "Red vs. Blue" - reportedly put out a new episode tonight, from Season 9, although acquisition of the short proved daunting. The comedic machinima derived from Halo gameplay has a cult following and easily surpassed all expectations of even the loyal with its longevity and success. The addictive nature of the miniature episodes can hook even casual gamers with the greatest of ease. It's impossible to describe the improbably high entertainment value of the vignettes. It's a b-yoob-tube phenomena.

  • Hank Williams Jr. destroyed too many brain cells during his long life. He had to be taken off the air for comparing the President of the United States to Hitler. The comparison just doesn't make any sense. A month ago a comparison to Nero would have been so much more rational, and it's batshit insane. One could still make a reach, consider the jobs bill a violin and struggle to make that comparison work, except the jobs bill won't soothe a savage beast and the political cacophony is horribly displeasing to the ear compared to a well played violin. It will do one thing: Create jobs. "I'm not crazy, you're the one who's crazy -- institutionalized."

  • Cynicism does not translate into print or your author's written opinions on GOP policy regarding federal action on the economy would drip with metal melting acid. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor rejected Obama's jobs bill outright with the expected, usual and customary pointless Republican obstructionism. Cantor takes his party line in insisting our government must not spend money to help the people who are hurting so badly because of unemployment and monetary hardship. The Obama Administration has promised to push back by courting voters to a Democratic victory. The Democrats had the entire government handed to them on a silver platter in 2008 and failed to act decisively and strongly enough to prevent back-to-back recessions. Maybe, just maybe, with a second term mandate and a massive GOP meltdown voters will get what they voted for. One can always dream that cows jump over the moon.

  • Anyone interested in a creeper anime hit should check out Stein's Gate. The series becomes intense and gripping, although it's grasp does not firmly close until one third of the series has elapsed. Once you've ventured into the storyline there's no doubt at all one will be compelled to watch the entire run. An underage self-described mad scientist discovers a process to send messages to the past from the present. Every message changes the world in some way, until the butterfly effect becomes a seven headed dragon. The ensemble of young lab members set out to change their lives for the better, but the process has consequences. It would take a human being made of stone to stop watching after the halfway point.

  • Some people like to hunt. Rick Perry has an affinity for hunting. He joined a hunting camp in West Texas. Perry paid for the right to hunt at Camp Niggerhead. No doubt the hunting camp provides access to world class game, because Mr. Perry joined even though it was called Camp Niggerhead. It could have been worse. It could have been named Camp Niggerdick or Camp Niggerass, or any number of other combinations of the word nigger and something else offensive, something as offensive as Rick Perry.

    The name was changed after Perry proudly joined the racist hunting club. It wouldn't do to have a membership in a hunting camp that still contained the word nigger in the name even after he joined. Oddly, though Perry is now a member and though the name would have fit perfectly, the name of the camp was not changed to Camp Detestable Rich White Scumbag.

  • Hundreds of protesters trapped on a bridge by "security forces" were handcuffed and carted away over the weekend. The scene was not from Egypt, nor did it have anything to do with the Arab Spring. It was a continued protest in New York set off by the out of control finance industry and the very wealthy who make money off of money itself. A big slice of the United States population is now made up of people disillusioned by the failure of the American dream and the complete lack of real action by their elected representatives, especially President Obama who many people considered a great source of hope in the midst of financial woe.

    hawt occu-pie, er

    Occupy Wall Street released a statement which outlined grievances very effectively, and proved they could make a statement. They made a statement, but they provided no solutions, no course of action. The protests are laudable. They are also highly reactionary. A lack of a message of positive radical change in the statement unfortunately undermines the impact of the live action. If action only solved problems what is becoming seen as a movement would be much more successful.

    Think Progress compared the protests to the original Boston Tea Party, a comparison that very accurately describes what the political Tea Party has failed to achieve. If a revolution were only possible with our current choices in the political arena the protests would be scuttling a real enemy. As it stands they are little more than a symbol of frustration.

yadda yadda - life changing move - beep boop beep - yawn, squirtle, yawn, squirtle squirtle
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